Showing Care and Complimenting Other

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Information about Showing Care and Complimenting Other

Published on January 26, 2016

Author: Lilly_99


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2. Showing Care (Sympathy) Sympathy expression is an expression or feeling of pity and sorrow when we know and see people are unlucky, have trouble, or are in bad condition. • Media : - Letter/e-mail - Postcard - SMS - Orally • Example : Our friend is sad because his/her grandfather is sick. We can entertain him/her by showing sympathy. • Purpose : 1. Comfort people who have trouble or are in bad conditions. 2. Let people know that we care for them and we let our friend know that we care and want to help him/her.

3. Expressing Sympathy • Formal Situation  Expression : - I’m extremely sorry to hear that. - I was deeply sorry to hear that you’re sick. - Please accept my condolences. (for death) Response : - Thank you for your sympathy. - Thank you very much. - Thank you so much. They are so lovely.

4. Informal Situation • Expression : - I really hate that situation. It was really scary. - Oh dear. How terrible. - Wow, that’s too ghastly. - What a shame. You must be really embrassed. • Response : - That’s awful, I agree with you. - Thanks. - Yeah, I know.

5. Normal Situation • Expression : - You must be very upset. - I know how it feels. - I’m sorry to hear that. • Response : - You are truly good friends. - It was very nice of you to think of me in this time of sadness. - I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. - Thanks, that is very kind of you.

6. Example and Illustration • Letter of Condolence A letter of condolence may be written to relatives, close friends, and to those whom we know well. When the recipient of the condolatory message is simply an acquaintance, it is in better taste to send a visiting card with "sincere sympathy." Flowers may or may not accompany the card. But in any case the letter should not be long, nor should it be crammed with sad quotations and mushy sentiment. Of course, at best, writing a condolence is a nice problem. Do not harrow feelings by too-familiar allusions to the deceased. The letter should be sent immediately upon receiving news of death.

7. My dear Mrs. Burroughs, May every consolation be given you in your great loss. Kindly accept my deepest sympathy. Sincerely yours, Jane Everett. October 4, 1921 My dear Mrs. Burroughs, It is with the deepest regret that we learn of your bereavement. Please accept our united and heartfelt sympathies. Very sincerely yours, Katherine Gerard Evans.

8. Letters of Sympathy in Case of Illness Revere House, Boston, May 27, '75. My dear Walt Whitman Your kind letter is received and the sad news of your ill health makes this pleasant weather even seem tiresome and out of place.I had hoped to find you the same hale and whole man I had met in New York a few years ago and now I shall perhaps find you bearing a staff all full of pain and trouble. However my dear friend as you have sung from within and not from without I am sure you will be able to bear whatever comes with that beautiful faith and philosophy you have ever given us in your great and immortal chants. I am coming to see you very soon as you request; but I cannot say to-day or set to-morrow for I am in the midst of work and am not altogether my own master. But I will come and we will talk it all over together. In the meantime, remember that whatever befall you you have the perfect love and sympathy of many if not all of the noblest and loftiest natures of the two hemispheres. My dear friend and fellow toiler good by. Yours faithfully, Joaquin Miller.

9. Complimenting Other Compliment is an expression to appreciate or praise other people. Compliment is useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance. When to express compliment :  On general occasion,  When someone has done his/her best,  When you visit someone’s house for the firsttime,  If you notice something new about someone’s appearance. Can you think of other situations when you need to compliment?

10. • Expression : – What a wonderful performance – I must express my admiration to you – What a nice dress – You look gorgeous • Respond : – Thank you – Thanks a lot for your appreciation – Thank you very much – It’s very kind of you to say that

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