Shoulder pain

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Information about Shoulder pain

Published on June 28, 2014

Author: physiolife


PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: Shoulder pain can occur for many reasons. The pain is unbearable and you cannot live a smooth life. PowerPoint Presentation: 1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place (Former OUB Centre) #23-04, Singapore 048616 ph no: 64388725 (Office) 97821601 (Direct line)

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Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint that has many causes. Determining the diagnosis can help guide effect treatment of shoulder pain.
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The shoulder is the most movable joint in the human body. A group of 4 muscles and their tendons, called the rotator cuff, give the shoulder its ...
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Shoulder bursitis is the most common causes of shoulder pain. Often called rotator cuff tendonitis, there are a number of treatments available.
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Shoulder pain is a common symptom in primary care. It can be due to an intrinsic shoulder problem but pain can also be referred from other structures,...
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Shoulder problems including pain, are one of the more common reasons for physician visits for musculoskeletal symptoms. The shoulder is the most movable ...
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A shoulder injury or condition hampers your ability to move freely and can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.
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