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Published on September 19, 2014

Author: joe_clarkie




Shot List Shot Number Scene Shot type description Time (seconds) 1 1 Black screen Black screen while the narrator speaks for around 5 seconds. 5 2 2 Close up Shallow focus close up shows the arm clock bleeping with Gibby in the background out of focus. 3 3 2 Mid-shot Mid-shot from a high angle above Gibby while dialogue ‘Gibby’ is being shouted. 1 4 2 Wide-Shot A wide shot in Gibbys room shows him sitting up alarm clock still going off. 2 5 2 Extreme close up Gibby quickly hits the alarm clock to turn off the buzzer. 1 6 3 Over the shoulder shot Over the shoulder shot as Gibby brushes his teeth and the emphasis is on his mirror reflection. 2 7 3 Close up Close up of bath basin shows Gibby spitting out his toothpaste. 1 8 4 Mid-shot Mid-shot of costume Gibby will wear laid out on the bed to emphasise how horrible it is. 2 9 4 Extreme close up Shows Gibby pulling his tie very tight to emphasise how stupid and nerdy he looks. 1 10 4 Close up Shows Gibby putting on his very round harry potter style glasses. 2 11 4 Long shot Quick long shot shows Gibby in his full costume standing in his bedroom. 1 12 5 Close up Close up shows Gibby quickly grabbing his bag from the table. 1 13 5 Mid shot Gibbys mum gives him a kiss on the cheek. 2 14 5 Long shot Shows Gibby quickly opening the door. 1 15 6 Wide long shot Gibby steps outside of his door and begins walking towards the camera. 3 16 7 Long shot Shows Gibby down a corridor getting pushed around and having paper thrown at him. 5 17 7 Mid shot Another angle of Gibby getting pushed around. 2 18 8 Mid shot Shot from behind Gibby as he walks towards the toilets. 2 19 8 Close up Close up of toilet sign showing female sign. 1 20 8 Long shot Gibby walks into the female toilets without releasing. 2 21 8 Mid shot Gibby is running out of the toilets while people shout at him. 3 22 9 Wide shot Shot shows just the back board at the avenue park with no people in the scene. 2 23 9 Long shot Shows Lynn Kirk standing with the ball under his foot. 2 24 9 Mid shot Shows ball rolling across the screen. 1

25 9 Wide shot Shows Gibby kicking the ball out of the screen and nearly falling over. 4 26 9 Close up Close up of Lynn Kirk sighing. 2 27 10 Wide shot Slow motion shot of the three friends walking down a corridor. 4 28 10 Close up Shows the characters as they move closer to the camera. 2 29 11 Black screen Narrator talks over a fading black screen. 2 30 12 Wide shot Still wide shot from the side of the road as car goes past 2 31 12 Over the shoulder Behind Joe Clark’s character as he is driving with music blasting. 2 32 12 Mid shot Female passenger from the side. 2 33 13 Long shot Shows Lynn Kirk doing some football skills from the side. 4 34 13 Close up Shows the ball close up. 2 35 14 Long shot Shows Zach Urn looking at clothes. 2 36 14 Close up Shows Zach Urn looking in the mirror. 2 37 15 Mid shot 4 characters around a pub table. 2 38 15 Close up As Zach Urn speaks a small close up. 2 39 15 Close up Another close up to show the dialogue. 2 40 15 Mid shot Shows Gibby stand up from the table. 2 41 15 Long shot Gibby begins to walk to the woman but falls over as he begins to speak. 3 42 15 Close up Close up of Joe Clark as speaks. 2 43 16 Title Screen ‘Gibby coming out soon’ 2 91

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