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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: ArtistWay


PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome I am not going to tell you….. It’s easy… art festivals are a picnic You make tons of money with no effort Everyone will love your work and give you their money You will get into every show you want to be in The sun will always shine at a perfect 72 degrees. That your back will never ache You will not get heart burn from art show food Or that you will never get lost on the way to an out of town art show I will tell you…. If you have a body of work, this is an effective marketing strategy If you enjoy adventure, you will love this If you are not afraid of a little hard work, some obnoxious early and/or late hours, occasionally, You will do fine! If you enjoy meeting people and being around and in a community of creatives, this is an awesome lifestyle. I won’t blow smoke, it’s not all honey and roses, there will be some rough patches, but for the most part, I think it is worth it! I LOVE IT! PowerPoint Presentation: DO IT In the Streets Dancing in the Streets Whoopi Goldberg “Sister Act” PowerPoint Presentation: Who What Where Any artist in every medium that feels they are ready for an amazing lifestyle and more income from their work . Information that will empower artists to apply to, get accepted to, and effectively market their art in outdoor art festivals While working from home or existing studio You create instant credibility and marketability in any location you choose The 3 W’s Page 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Exposure  Gallery vs. the Streets Lifestyle Got a little gypsy in you! Sales  It’s all about the numbers now! Page3 PowerPoint Presentation: Gallery Street Indoors-weather not an issue Travel Just a few works of your art Gallery takes 50% of sales 30 day net pay Galleries foot traffic Who sells your work? Contracts and Agreements You replace work Little if any set up Little risk of damage Limited sales potential Outdoors-weather a REAL issue Travel As much work as your tent can hold You keep 100% of sales But pay to get in Are paid immediately Art Festival foot traffic You sell your work No Contracts or Agreements You replace work Tons of set up and break down Greater risk of damage Larger sales potential Exposure PowerPoint Presentation: Lifestyle Do you like to travel (in a van)? Can you keep a schedule, but be flexible? Enjoy meeting lots of new people? Are you handy? Can you relax, in a not so great environment? Do you enjoy being outside? Could you just have fun at an art show, even if your sales stunk? Do you have a cast iron stomach? Are you in good physical shape? Vans are not always known for their creature comforts! Make sure you allow for traffic jams, bad weather or mechanical problems. You will be meeting the most creative, helpful wonderful group of people! Not all hotels are great! Yep…The great outdoors, sun, bugs, rain, cold, it’s all there! Not all shows are winners, you will have much more fun if you just enjoy every experience. Art show food! There is a lot of lifting, pushing and tugging! PowerPoint Presentation: Sales   It’s all about the numbers now! Although, It is very important that you enjoy the experiences and the lifestyle that the outdoor art festivals can bring, it is also wise to keep in mind that this is an Art Marketing Strategy . Your right brain creativity and your art work is what gets you here, but it will be your left brain planning and business skills that will make you a success. + = PowerPoint Presentation: You apply to the shows you are interested in, by US mail ( reg. biz size envelope) with slides, application and jury fee check (sometimes entire booth fee) or on line with zapplication by uploading digital images and completing on line application and credit card payment for jury fee. The art show committee receives your slides or digital images and assembles a jury of qualified judges. Your images are screened and scored by this panel. The scores are tabulated and the artists with the highest scores in their medium are invited to participate in the show. You are notified and you send them your booth fee. You arrive at the show site at the designated time, set up your tent, and install your art work for an awesome weekend of art sales and possible cash awards! 1 2 3 Page5 Steps to getting into an Art Show PowerPoint Presentation: What you need   A “laundry” list of equipment and/or supplies you will need to launch a sucessful and profitable Outdoor Art Festival Marketing   Obviously-Great art works! A good, no…GREAT set of slides/images Art Show Tent Weights / Hula Hoops / Blocks Panels (if 2D artist) Pedestals (if 3D artist) Other display furnishings (jewelry, pottery, etc.) Art Bin(s) Hand Cart(s) Chairs Storage boxes (plastic enclosed) Credit Card machine Paper, pens, invoices/receipts, clip board Change Tool box Tools (pliers, screw drivers, etc…) Clamps, you will never have enough of these! Rain/sun Gear-towels, plastic drop cloths Cooler/snacks Packaging-stretch wrap,corners,bubble wrap,bags     Page6 PowerPoint Presentation: What Comes First ? Art Show Selection Applications Slides Tents PowerPoint Presentation: Selecting Art Shows PowerPoint Presentation: Choosing Your Shows What’s the attendance? What kind of work do you have? Is it the right kind of show? How far do you want to travel? Where do I stay? How much does it cost to get in? Application dates? PowerPoint Presentation: 2 basic kinds of shows Community Run by local community organizations Smaller advertising budget Prize money and awards Lots of big entertainment Lots of food Artist Amenities Sometimes- day before set ups Most of the time, less expensive Professionally Promoted Run by a professional promoter Large advertising budget No Awards-No prize money Individual Entertainers Few food vendors No Artist amenities Early morning set up Typically higher priced Page 8 PowerPoint Presentation: For Art Show info : Sunshine Artist Magazine PowerPoint Presentation: Shows are ranked Once a year based on surveys from the artists that participated. Sales, crowds, ease of set up, etc PowerPoint Presentation: A Listing of Art shows Dates, Attendance Types of work accepted Jury date Application info Web site PowerPoint Presentation: www PowerPoint Presentation: Terrific Articles PowerPoint Presentation: Applications Page 9 PowerPoint Presentation: 2 basic kinds of applications By Mail US Postal Service Gets lost-Do not know if it arrives Slides Slower mail notification after jurying Only checks accepted/MO On line Zaplication Not available for all shows Uploaded Digital images Email notification Only credit cards or Pay Pal accepted Page 10 PowerPoint Presentation: NO 2 Applications are alike Read Every word and comply Art show screening committees are looking for ways to eliminate applicants before jurying, they will cut you in a minute! PowerPoint Presentation: You should look for Application deadline postmarked or received by Slides how many how do they want them labeled Jury date when to expect acceptance or rejection What funds to send with application Who to make check to If accepted, when is balance due? SASE? PowerPoint Presentation: Slides/Images The most important part of your Application. They are what get you in to the show! Page 11 PowerPoint Presentation: If in doubt about your ability to take GREAT Pictures Hire a professional Yes, It’s that important! Yes PowerPoint Presentation: No fingers, friends, frames, tape or push pins. Shoot flat work against a solid non-shiny black background such as black felt or cotton or a flat wall or board coated with black blackboard paint or—less desirable—mask off the image with Mylar® tape on the original slide before you have dupes made of it. Avoid white backgrounds , because the bright white area affects viewers’ eyes so that they cannot see all details of the projected slide properly. Shoot 3D work against a solid gray or otherwise neutral background without any distractions. You can purchase very effective neutral gray graduated backgrounds from photo supply houses. In all cases—2D and 3D—the image should fill the slide as much as possible but no closer than about 1/16" from the edges to allow for certain projectors and the cropping that occurs when dupes are made. Nothing but the one work should be in the slide. Page 12 PowerPoint Presentation: No mats or frames PowerPoint Presentation: No background image should be straight PowerPoint Presentation: One image per slide PowerPoint Presentation: Fill Frame Image only Black or Neutral Back Ground PowerPoint Presentation: Shooting with a top of the line digital camera, then correcting color, masking out the background, then having the files made into slides does good work and can give acceptable low-cost results. More calls for art will now accept digital images than before, but never submit a digital image unless it is expressly allowed. Digital camera gives you more control Page 12 PowerPoint Presentation: Unless instructed otherwise, submit your slides in a plastic sleeve used for storing slides, cut to size and clearly marked with your name and address. This protects your slides, keeps them together and makes your entry easier to handle Submitting your slides Page 13 PowerPoint Presentation: Project your slides for about 10 seconds each, first to decide which ones would catch the eye of a juror and then to determine if they meet the standards of clarity and accuracy and relevant material: sharp focus, good color, straightness of image, lack of distracting backgrounds, ragged corners, fingerprints. (Clean with air duster or soft, lint-free cloth or brush, as appropriate.) Project Your slides Page 13 PowerPoint Presentation: Online images should match the exact specifications . File type and size. Your images will be rejected immediately if they do not comply to the show specifications Double check the image specs you are sending Page 13 PowerPoint Presentation: Your 1 minute Of Fame The typical Jury Session Page 14 PowerPoint Presentation: All Images at the same time with as little as 1 minute to score PowerPoint Presentation: No Kidding That is it! NOW….. Do you understand the importance of Slides/images PowerPoint Presentation: A little Rough Art Show Jury Statistics On average a show with 250 artist spaces will receive approximately 750 applications. If each artists review takes 30 seconds, And there are no breaks, the projectors, all 4 of them work perfectly, it will take about 6 hours and 15 min. Many-Many shows have well over 2000 applications for those 200-250 spaces. Jurors tend to be more critical in the beginning of the session. Scoring is numeric and simple and is different from show to show. Some shows will score from 1 to 5 (1 being low) and the will eliminate the #3. Slides are typically divided and shown by category. PowerPoint Presentation: Grab & Hold Their Attention Use Color to your advantage, but be aware of how the colors in each of the sides works together Do not try to show your diversity. Think of these 4 pieces almost as one. They should, flow and have unity. Anything, that interrupts a jurors thought process can potentially decrease your score. You may even want to consider creating 3 pieces solely for slides. Remember that booth presentation is your only Opportunity to show your professionalism. Do Not Give them a junky full shot. Do not have your Name visible in your booth shot. PowerPoint Presentation: The Art Show Tent PowerPoint Presentation: The EZ Up AKA The EZ down PowerPoint Presentation: The Craft Hut (No longer produced But if you buy a second hand tent You can get replace- ment parts here.) PowerPoint Presentation: Trimline www. trimline - canopy .com PowerPoint Presentation: The Show Off PowerPoint Presentation: Light Dome   PowerPoint Presentation: Pedestals, Panels and other display systems PowerPoint Presentation: Pros Light weight Takes up little space Easy to install Art adds weight Cons Can tear Not great for heavy work No additional support Act like a sail in wind No shelf attachments Mesh and Canvas Panels PowerPoint Presentation: Mesh and Canvas Display Panels PowerPoint Presentation: Pros Sturdy Good for large heavy work Good in windy weather Shelf attachments Multiple configurations Cons Heavy Difficult to pack Additional assembly Hard Panels PowerPoint Presentation: Pro Panels PowerPoint Presentation: Graphic Display System PowerPoint Presentation: Possible Panel Configurations PowerPoint Presentation: Pedestals PowerPoint Presentation: Print Bins and Shelving PowerPoint Presentation: PVC Pipe Long eye bolt with nuts PVC End Cap Mix quick-crete and fill to top with Tent Weights PowerPoint Presentation: Hammer, Pliers, Screw drivers Rope/strapping Packing Tape/Clear tape Stretch wrap Black Marker-Pens-clip board Scissors Extra parts Touch up stuff Clamps you can never have enough of these WD-40 The Tool Box PowerPoint Presentation: Hitting The Streets Make hotel reservations well in advance Price map Quest show site to hotel-grocery stores-restaurant locations (what's around the hotel) Make sure your vehicle is well serviced (Keep up your regular maintenance) Your insurance and warranty info is with you Gather ALL the paper work Maps and directions-Show instructions and check in- Hotel reservation confirmation Pack art well in advance, with a plan! Practice-Practice-Practice PACKING PowerPoint Presentation: The most stress and damage happen When traveling, packing and unloading! Pack tight to stop shifting Wrap everything Strap it down Hand cart Tent comes out first Tent goes in last Unload everything And move vehicle Plastic boxes Have a plan! Relax PowerPoint Presentation: 250 artists in 4 blocks all trying to set up at the same time…. patience and a good attitude will save you! PowerPoint Presentation: 5 AM Set Ups- It’s Still Dark! PowerPoint Presentation: Not all locations are Level, and although Your tents will have Adjustments, they Will be in 4-6” Increments. Blocks of wood are Wonderful ways of making those smaller, but critical leveling adjustments. PowerPoint Presentation: Merchandising Clean & Professional Unified Get attention Clear pricing Mechanics in good shape You are well rested Appropriately dressed No “used car” sales tactics Have necessary sales materials & A Mailing list   PowerPoint Presentation: Location-Location-Location Presentation Presentation Presentation Retail market Art Show Market PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation Tent Framing You PowerPoint Presentation: After all of this preparation It is the one thing that has the most impact on our sales Yet…. it is the most over looked, Under developed thing we do Plan your 10 x 10 space! Tent PowerPoint Presentation: 2D Artists Got to Have Frame And it’s Not cheap Learn how to do it! You have a a resale tax number-buy wholesale! Choose a limited number of compatible frame styles If you can try to stay in standard sizes Invest in a mat cutter and cut your own mats Doing your own framing It will save you a bundle! It will allow you to price your work competitively Your cost to profit ratio goes up Framing PowerPoint Presentation: Taking Care Of You Make no mistake….. Art show weekend is long hours and hard work. Get plenty of rest Eat well. Art show food is like an anchor! Pack fresh fruits, juices, energy foods! Stay hydrated, water is best. But I have been known to regularly pop corks on Saturday afternoons . Lift from your knees. When ever possible use carts to transport Dress comfortably but neatly, change after set up If you need to. Keep an extra set of clothes with you. Breath mints on hand. Be aware of deadlines, be courteous of others But nothing is worth your health! PowerPoint Presentation: You can not sell anything thing If they Do not come into Your tent Rule # 1 PowerPoint Presentation: What Will Get Their Attention ? Uniqueness Color Display PowerPoint Presentation: Your Business Card PowerPoint Presentation: Your Web Site PowerPoint Presentation: Start an Email List let them know where you will be! PowerPoint Presentation: A Little Pricing Tip Never place your price tags/stickers directly on the work. Print them up on the computer return address labels and stick them on the tent panel Next to the work. c h e r y l j o n e s e v a n s l a y e r e d p a p e r p a s t e l s ______________________________________________________________ Two Pears $650.00 When the work sells, pull the label and stick it on your clip board. You have an instant record of your sales. PowerPoint Presentation: The Devil Is in The Details It’s the little things That can really Screw up A show PowerPoint Presentation: The OH S *** T Box Sun Screen/Chap stick Aspirin Bug repellant (for you) Ant Spray Flash light Rain ponchos Tons of plastic drop cloth Large plastic bags Fan Umbrella Extra tie downs & straps Towels- paper and real PowerPoint Presentation: Credit cards 95% of sales PowerPoint Presentation: How do they get it home ? PowerPoint Presentation: Do you Ship ? PowerPoint Presentation: Night Shows Lights ? PowerPoint Presentation: Your Space Chairs Coolers Staying Cool Shade Fans Power Staying Warm Food Booth Sitters Neighbors PowerPoint Presentation: ACK! Bring your own paper and Hand sanitizer! PowerPoint Presentation: Storms Happen Most show staff will inform participants if there is bad weather coming, but having a radio in your tent is always a good idea! If there is any doubt they you may not be able to “out run” the storm, batten down and stay put until it is over. Take all art off of walls Stack in center of tent, off the ground and cover with plastic. Secure your work! Pull down all awnings and any canvas that can act as a sail. Zip and/or clamp down tent sides* Pick up anything around your tent that could possibly blow into your tent or someone else's tent that could cause damage. Sit tight, these things typically do not last long. PowerPoint Presentation: Modified Garden Cart Stretch Wrap Cheap plastic painters drop cloth Rubber Maid Rough Neck Storage Boxes Loading Ramps Packing in the Rain PowerPoint Presentation: 2D Packing Protective Cardboard Corners & Stretch Wrap Pair together with same or Close size Then stretch wrap together Face to face 3D Packing Wrap individually Place in box then pad again If you stack them, be sure they are strapped down! PowerPoint Presentation: The Crowds! PowerPoint Presentation: The outdoor art festivals are absolutely the most marvelous fun and exciting way to make a creative life and living from your art works, but make no mistake, it is in every way a serious job. It requires record keeping, business sense and dedication, too. But if you are willing, the rewards are so much more than money! PowerPoint Presentation: The most fun you will ever have marketing art!

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