Short Presentation at Annual MRC meeting @ Louvain

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Information about Short Presentation at Annual MRC meeting @ Louvain

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: PolKnops



A short presentation held at the annual Materials Research Center Meeting.

MRC  Annual  Research  Mee/ng  2014   •  Date:  19  Feb.  2014   •  Loca2on:  KU  Leuven,               Thermotechnical  Ins2tute.   This  will  be  the  moment  to  present  the  materials  research  at  large  at   KU  Leuven  to  our  academic  contacts  but  also  to  our  industrial   contacts.  The  presenta2on  of  the  annual  report  of  KU  Leuven  MRC   will  be  preceded  by  a  lecture  on  the  value  of  academic  research  for   industry  and  society  within  the  European  context,  given  by  prof.   Bourguignon,  President  of  the  European  Research  Council  Execu2ve   Agency  (ERC).In  the  second  part  of  the  aQernoon  some  PhD   students  or  post  doctorates  briefly  present  their  work.  We  hope  to   give  a  good  overview  to  the  outside  world  of  ongoing  research.   1  

Mineral  CO2  sequestra/on   Process  intensifica2on  with  the  Gravity  Pressure  Vessel   KUL:  Chemical  Engineering  Technologies   -­‐  Process  Intensifica2on   -­‐  Waste  upgrading   -­‐ Sustainable  processes     Exper/se:   -­‐  Gravity  Pressure  Vessel   -­‐ Own  patented  unique  process         Pol  Knops   KU  Leuven    Innova2on  Concepts  B.V.   2  

Mineral  CO2  sequestra/on   Conven/onal:   -­‐ Stable  end  products     -­‐ Slow,  geological  process     Gravity  Pressure  Vessel    -­‐  Auto  thermal  process   -­‐  Process  intensifica2on   Accelerated  by:   -­‐ Smaller  par2cles     -­‐ Lower  pH     Accelerated  by:   -­‐ Increased  temperatures       -­‐ Increased  pressures     -­‐ Addi2ves     Economics:   -­‐  CO2:  won’t  “pay  the  bill”   Economics:   -­‐  Valuable  end  products   3  

Two  steps   CO2   Olivine   Metal-­‐   compounds   Separator   New  type  of  reactor:   -­‐  Pressure  vessel   -­‐ Heat  exchanger     -­‐ Residence  2me     -­‐ Plug  flow       GPV   Silica   1200  meter   4  

Process  intensifica/on   1E-­‐4   1E-­‐5   2/18/14   Required  dissolu2on   rate   Achieved  dissolu2on   rate   5  

Valuable  end  products   SiO2   MgCO3   Sample:  U3:   2/18/14   6  

Further  applica/ons  /  research   Process  intensifica/on:     -­‐  Addi2ves   .       .                                   -­‐  Energy  recovery   -­‐    LCA   Valuable  end  products     -­‐  Silica:  Concrete   .       .                           MgCO3:  High  end  applica2on       -­‐  Metal  recovery     Other  processes:         -­‐  Asbestos       .     .     .                                                                     -­‐  Oil  shale  residue     -­‐  Steel  slags   -­‐  Red  mud   -­‐  other  alkaline  residues   7  

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