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Published on November 30, 2007

Author: vivek


Slide1:  In this shopping Center women can pick their husbands with the qualities they like in a man... Slide2:  It was five floors high, and the higher you go, the better the quality of the man. Slide3:  But there was one rule, if you decide to go up a floor, you can’t go back down to the previous floor. You either had to pick a man on that floor, or go on to the next floor... If not you had to leave. Slide4:  Two good friends decided to go to this Shopping Center to look for a man. Slide5:  They got to the first floor and saw a sign on the wall that read: The men on this floor work, and like kids. Slide6:  “Well, it could be worse if they didn’t have a job and dislike kids, but.... I wonder what the men are like on the next floor?” - The two friends commented.... And decided to go to the next floor. Slide7:  On the second floor the sign read: The men on this floor work, like kids, have great salaries, and have great manners. Slide8:  “¿Did you see that?" – one of the girls said. “I wonder what the men on the next floor will be like?" -Rapidly they went up to the third floor. Slide9:  The sign from the third floor read: The men on this floor work, like kids, have great salaries, have great manners, and help with chores around the house . Slide10:  “¡¡¡WOW!!!" – one of the girls said - “that’s very tempting, but I wonder what the men on the fourth floor will be like..." So, once again, they decided to go up to the fourth floor. Slide11:  Anxiously they read the sign from the fourth floor which said: The men on this floor work, like kids, have great salaries, have great manners, and are very good lovers. Slide12:  “¡My God! ¡¡¡What must be waiting for us on the fith floor!!!“ Without a doubt, they went up to the last floor.   Slide13:  This floor was empty, and the sign read: Slide14:  This floor is only here to demonstrate that it is impossible to satisfy women. Please, find the exit, and have a great day!

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