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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: TinaHartnell


MAKE-UP AND HAIR For the make up we are going to make the girls look pale by applying a light powder to their face and neck. They will have dark eyes by applying eyeliner around their eyes and then smudging it to look messy. For the women’s make-up, we are going to apply eye make and the smudge it to show that she has been sleeping and is restless. The young girls hair we are going to make the plaits stay in place by using hairspray. We will also have bows in their hair which we will make out of ribbon. To achieve the messy hair of the woman in bed we will back comb sections of the hair.

COSTUME We are going to get the 2 young girls white dresses from a charity costume shop which specialize in old fashioned costumes. We are going to get the girls the same dress so that it shows the audience that they are the same kind of person(evil) For the women who is in bed we are going to the pajamas from Tina. These will be plain button up pajamas so that it does not distract the focus away from her face.

LIGHTING We are going to achieve the lighting when shooting outside by shooting when it is just starting to turn. This is so that the characters will be seen easily on the camera however it has be dark enough to give the scene a scary atmosphere. When shooting in the bedroom we want it to look natural however we need to establish that it is night time. We will achieve by having the bedroom lighting of and then having the door open with the landing light on so that the bedroom will be dark but light enough to see the character on the camera.

SHOT TYPES When shooting the female character we want to use a high angle to then zoom into her eye. We will achieve this by having the camera on a tripod which will be secured pointed down at the character. Therefore we will be able to achieve a steady shot and zoom. For the swing scene we are going to have a long shot of the two girls on the swing. We will achieve this by having the camera on a tripod and standing further away so that the girls fill up the majority of the composition. We are going to use the dolly to pan around the bed of the character. We are going to lower the tripod so that it is level with the bed and the character. This will carry on to the next shot of the character face. From practice when zooming, we have realized that zooming into the eye meant that it left us with blurred shot at the end. Therefore we will start with the shot of the eye and then zooming out. Then in Premier Pro we will reverse the zoom which will leave us with a sharp shot throughout.

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