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Published on April 1, 2012

Author: shivamd


PowerPoint Presentation: MEG-Bike (motor engineered bike) Shivam Dehinwal New Delhi India PowerPoint Presentation: Motivation World today is facing the pinch of rising energy consumption. Energy prices are projected to continue a slow increase over the coming decades as reserves of oil are depleted High Demand of oil from Emerging Markets and developing Economies Therefore came the rise of electric bikes or the bikes that run on battery. But the batteries are also exhaustive, or if able to be recharged requires more electricity Electricity has its own limitations, therefore we need something that runs on itself PowerPoint Presentation: MEG-Bike The bike runs on a battery Although the battery is used up while driving the bike, it can RECHARGE ITSELF utilizing the model that I’ve designed. PowerPoint Presentation: an electric motorbike with rechargeable battery. a DC motor with fan on the shaft. two DC motors with small wheels on the shaft. some wires for connecting the motors to the battery. some tools like drill machine , nuts and bolts for fitting. Materials Required PowerPoint Presentation: The Design….. Wheel Wheel Fan Motor Motor Motor Connecting wires PowerPoint Presentation: Explanation We place a motor in the front, below the head light, a fan is placed on the shaft  so that when the bike moves the fan rotates because of wind and the electricity could be used to recharge the battery but this much of energy would not be enough so we need to place more motors . Therefore a second motor is placed at the front mudguard with a wheel on the shaft touching the front wheel of the bike so that when the bike moves the wheel on the shaft also rotates because of being in contact with the bike's wheel . Similarly a motor can be placed at the rear end of the bike touching the rear wheel and the electricity can be used to recharge the battery . Some more motors can be placed at the rear end that faces the wind away from the seat if one requires more power for a big bike. PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages The bike runs on itself i.e. its battery charges the bike to run and bike recharges the battery to work Since the bike would not require any external source of energy, it may be called as a perpetual machine at least theoretically. The bike accounts for all the advantages that any electric bike has. The bike is quite promising too because of being cost effective and energy efficient. Since the bike is very user friendly and the cost of making the bike is also very low, it might just revolutionize the industry PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you

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