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Published on March 25, 2019

Author: OnlineQuranAcademy


Slide1: Shia Quran Online Shia Quran Center Slide2: Shia Quran Online What do you need to start? If you are interested in taking the classes from an online  Shia Quran Center , you actually need the following things. A Personal Computer, Smartphones or android classes. Skype Headset Internet connection of a good speed Importance of taking online classes The classes to learn Shia Quran online are available round the clock for the students. The teachers are qualified and deliver the lectures in an organized way. It is the best way to take Quran courses because the students feel comfortable by staying at home. Based on the convenience of the students, the teachers offer 1 to 1 based classes according to the student’s chosen schedule. Slide3: Shia Quran Online The best  Shia Quran Center  is the one that has qualified teachers. The staff makes the reputation of the institute. So if you want a good Quran academy, make sure the tutors are experienced and qualified. There should be a separate teacher for every course.  The teacher teaching memorization course should be Hafiz. There should be scholars for the advanced courses at a  Shia Quran center . An ordinary teacher cannot teach Fiqh course. For learning the Holy Quran online, the students must have an interest. They should also be dedicated otherwise they will not be able to learn properly. The teachers teaching the kids should also be capable of handling kids. They must know how to keep the children motivated. It is the responsibility of teacher raise the interest level of children during lessons. Slide4: Shia Quran Online The main reason for choosing online classes is that Shia Muslims don’t have to go anywhere. They can find a Shia teacher online and learn  Shia Quran online  at home. The classes are hassle-free and simple to attend.  The students can not only learn the recitation but they can also understand the Shia Quran efficiently through these online courses. Some popular courses that the students can take online are Basic Qaida Tajweed Translation Tafseer Memorization These  Shia Quran Online  courses are for all Momineen including adults and kids. Men and women both can learn online. Qaida is a basic course that children usually take. But classes are also available for adults. The Quran centers belonging to Fiqh Jaffria offer some other courses to the Momineen . The courses are Nehjul Baalagha Saheefa Sajjadia Islamic Fiqh Slide5: Shia Quran Online Shia Quran Academy-The Right Place For You Shia Quran academy is the place that you actually need for you and your family.  All the teachers are qualified and trained for teaching online.   You can join this  Shia Quran Tutor  because it is the right platform for Momineen to learn about the religion and Holy Book. We offer a very comfortable environment for all the students at reasonable rates. So get enrolled in the course you want to study.

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