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Published on April 13, 2010

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Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2010: Ready, Set,
Go Team Philippines! by Christine R. Guison

SHELL EcO-maRatHOn aSia 2010: REaDy, SEt, GO tEam PHiLiPPinES! By cHRiStinE R. GUiSOn On JuLy 2010, yOunG EnGinEERS FROM ALL OVER ASiA WiLL GEAR uP AS THEy TAKE PART in A uniquE COMPETiTiOn THAT iS nOT BASED On SPEED, nEiTHER BREAKinG RECORDS nOR FiniSHinG FiRST. THiS COMPETiTiOn, inSTEAD, iS A RACE TO PuSH THE LiMiTS OF FuEL EFFiCiEnCy. A s the leading innovator for the new diesel, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas HUmBLE ORiGinS energy future, Shell has introduced the (LPG) or alternative fuels such as solar, electric, The Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at Shell Eco-marathon, an educational hydrogen, biofuels and Gas to Liquids (GTL). a Shell research laboratory in the U.S. as a platform that encourages innovation, friendly wager between scientists to see whose reinforces conservation and fosters the Through this friendly competition, Shell is car would give the best mileage. From these development of leading technology for greater encouraging students to build the cars of humble origins, the organised competition energy efficiency. Held in Europe for over tomorrow with greater energy efficiency and for fuel economy has been running in Europe 25 years and more recently in the Americas, hope that this event will continue to inspire for years, where the event has grown to the Shell Eco-marathon will come to Asia others to develop sustainable solutions that will include more than 200 teams, thousands of for the very first time in July 2010 at the meet the growing global demands for energy in spectators and widespread media attention. In famous Sepang International Circuit of Kuala a responsible way. 2007, the event was brought to the Americas Lumpur, Malaysia. with much success. Bringing the Shell Eco- Shell Eco-marathon 2010 will be the Philippines’ first time to participate in the annual competition. Representing the country are college students from Don Bosco Technical College, Mapua Institute of Technology and the University of Santo Tomas (UST). Can these top engineering schools in the country step up to the challenge and ultimately bring pride and honour to the Philippines? tHE cHaLLEnGE The principle of the Shell Eco-marathon is simple: to design and build a vehicle that uses the least amount of fuel to travel the farthest distance. Participants can design vehicles for the “Prototype” or the “Urban Concept” category. The Prototype category encourages a maximum of technical creativity and innovative, futuristic design, imposing only minimal restriction on the critical automotive design aspect. The Urban Concept category, on the other hand, is intended to be closer to road going vehicles in appearance and technology, addressing current transportation aspects and trends. As long as the teams adhere to safety regulations, the design of their vehicles is limited only by their imagination. For both categories, teams can use any of the following fuels to power their vehicles: conventional fuels such as aLL SyStEmS GO for the Team Leaders. (From l-r) Tim Orille from uST, Mark Lester Arrieta from Don Bosco and 20 SHELL WORLD PHILIPPINES Jericho Rivera from Mapua

team Grigio team atalanta Don Bosco Technical College Mapua institute of Technology marathon to Asia helps “This friendly competition is a chance for make this programme a true our talented engineering students to let their global initiative for Shell. imaginations run wild,” shared Roberto Kanapi, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation BREEDinG taLEnt, Vice President for Communications. “It cREatiVity anD is Shell’s contribution in encouraging the innOVatiOn creativity and passion of the Filipino youth to The Shell Eco-marathon is help meet the energy challenge.” a trail-blazing educational platform for students - aLL ROaDS LEaD tO unique in concept and rich KUaLa LUmPUR in practical experience. The At a curtain raiser event held in July 2009 to annual competition attracts specially grant select media and academics a thousands of participants preview of the Shell Eco-marathon Asia, five who are eager to offer real selected student teams - two from Universiti solutions to the energy crisis. Teknologi Malaysia, one from the National It challenges and inspires University of Singapore (NUS), and two from USt Engineering Eco-marathon team young designers and engineers the ITE (Institute of Technical Education) university of Santo Tomas around the world to develop College West in Singapore - took the vehicles new approaches of sustainable they had designed and built for a demonstration mobility, design and build run around Sepang International Circuit's north the most energy-efficient vehicle to track in Malaysia, the place where the inaugural compete against other teams' vehicles. event will be held from July 8-10, 2010. “It is a major educational project where "Malaysia has been chosen to host this first students work together to explore potential Asian event because of its importance among solutions to both current and future transport Shell's Asian heartlands. The country's excellent and energy challenges,” said Shell companies infrastructure and this wonderful facility in in the Philippines (SciP) Country Chairman Sepang also makes this an ideal venue for us to Edgar Chua. host the teams that will come from all round the region for the inaugural event this July 2010," The teams work all year round on a real said Tan Chong Meng, Shell's Executive Vice technical project, with the obligation to produce President of Global Business to Business. demonstrable results at the final event. From designing to financing the vehicle, student The preview also served as the ideal platform participants learn to manage the total project. for a forum on sustainable mobility. Conceived Through their participation, students build up as an open dialogue, the roundtable aimed at their skills in science, technology, mathematics, encouraging participants from different interest design, and business and are able to apply these groups and non-governmental bodies to engage skills to a “real world” situation. In addition, the in lively debates with a view to achieving students have an opportunity to showcase their a common vision. Over 80 participants, skills to potential employers and as they work including representatives from the industry, together to develop their entries, learn to think non-governmental organisations (NGOs), differently about energy and how it is used. academe and students exchanged views and thoughts on technological innovation to meet The search for sponsors for technical or financial mobility challenges. partnerships is also an excellent opportunity to introduce students to the real business world, aPPEtitE FOR mORE both through their efforts to market and All in all, the curtain raiser event was received communicate their projects, and through the as a great appetiser: media, academics, NGOs contacts they make with external firms. and, of course, the students, definitely now SHELL WORLD PHILIPPINES 21

hunger for the real event to start next year. providential for him whenever he found Chairman Edgar Chua during the launch To-date, over 107 educational institutions himself in danger. By naming the team of Team Philippines. from Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, India, after the enigmatic character, the school Malaysia, China and the Philippines, to name hopes to endow on both the vehicle and cHamPiOninG tEcHnicaL a few, have indicated interest in participating in the people working on it the same kind SUPERiORity the July 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Asia. of protection and blessing that Grigio The Shell Eco-marathon is also an excellent provided for the school’s founder. platform for promoting technical careers GO tEam PHiLiPPinES! among the Filipino youth, which is vital On November 18, 2009 at the National Mapua Institute of Technology is known for the country’s growth and development. Sports Grill in Makati City, Shell companies for its pursuit of international standards of in the Philippines Country Chairman Edgar excellence in mechanical Chua welcomed representatives from the engineering education top three technical universities composed and its investment of engineering students, deans in development and professors to the launch of programmes that explore Team Philippines, the group the use of alterative sources that will be waving the of energy. Known as Philippine flag in the “Team Atalanta”, Mapua inaugural Shell Eco- Institute of Technology marathon Asia. is comprised of Jericho Paolo Rivera (Team Representing Leader), Kenneth the country John Caraig, are engineering Willord Garcia, students from Don J e f e r s o n Nanao, Charles Edward Bosco Technical College, Mapua Institute Alviar, Albert Jarwin Cudal, Karl Anthony of Technology and UST. They are among Co and Richard Saul Turalba. Team Chua encouraged the students to do their the 107 educational institutions from all Leader Jericho Rivera explained the reason best as their successful participation in over Asia who will battle it out next year at behind the team’s name. “Atalanta is the this global competition on innovation the Sepang International Circuit. female athlete in Greek mythology. She is can inspire other young people to pursue the Greek goddess of running, traveling technical courses in college. Hailing from the best technical schools and adventure. She is also known to be in the country, all three teams are more a good hunter and is said to be the girl "The Shell Eco-marathon is a perfect venue than ready to face up to the challenge. with a strong, can-do attitude. For Team where Filipino students can demonstrate that Don Bosco Technical College is a historic Atalanta, the Shell Eco-marathon is our they are at par with other engineering students educational institution that has carved a adventure and we ask the goddess to be in Asia in terms of technical superiority. We niche in technical education, where young with us in this task,” said Rivera. have full faith in us Filipinos. We have full faith people are geared to champion technology in you,” said Chua. Lastly, UST, being the oldest engineering school in the country, has tHE cOncEPt produced world-class engineers During the launch event of Team that are deeply rooted in Filipino Philippines, all three Philippine teams culture, heritage, natural arts, excitedly unveiled the blueprint designs of and have a sincere concern for their competing vehicles, showcasing their the environment. The “UST technology, creativity and innovation. Engineering Eco-marathon Team” is led by Tim Mervin Pasoquen Mark Lester Arrieta, Team Leader of Don Orille (Team Leader), together Bosco Technical College, shared that his with Rizfer John Azares Cruz, team will be using lightweight materials Richard Ching Lao, Ricardo Martin for their vehicle. He added that the shell Camara, Audric Colbert Lao, Keith of the car would be carefully analysed to Russel Pilares See, Marion Andrew resist air drag. “We have the necessary San Pedro, Edwin John Perey, machines and materials to produce this Jarome Lopez, Kristoffer Lara, vehicle. We can do it!” he declared. Don Renz Austin Cruz, Jan Carlo Belen, Bosco Technical College Professor Paul with a soul. Tagged as “Team Grigio”, Don Carlos Colmenares, Lorenzo Anton Catalan said that they are planning to Bosco Technical College is represented by Bautista, Waldo Froy Rodriguez, Richard develop an electronic system to control Mark Lester Arrieta (Team Leader), Angelo Go and Candice Marjory Sy. the engine of the vehicle to make it Blanco, Derrick Ferdinand Figueroa, more fuel efficient. They will also do a Mark-Liwell Lontoc, Omega John Ruiz, “We, in Shell Philippines, are very happy preliminary testing to determine the Armin Lexter Tan, Edmund Angeles, Jason that we have three teams who will be optimised driving pattern. De Guzman, John Elvin Jimena, Janus representing the country at the Shell Magat, Geraldo Sadian, Primo Eduardo Eco-marathon Asia. I have no doubt Meanwhile, Mapua Institute of Diaz, Patrick Crespo, Ivan Patrick Puno that you have a huge chance to make a Technology chose a teardrop design for and the only female member of the group, good impression because you have your their vehicle as this lessens the amount Erica Vicera. professors and Shell to support you. This of friction in the surface of the vehicle, is your chance to show to the world that which makes it very aerodynamic, The school’s entry is named after Don Filipino students can rank among the according to Atalanta Team Leader Bosco’s guardian dog, Grigio, a name which best in this international event. Good Jericho Rivera. “We are very proud as Don Bosco himself gave to the mysterious luck, Team Philippines!” enthused Shell Mapuans and as Filipinos to be one of creature, which on many occasions proved companies in the Philippines Country the representatives of the country. We 22 SHELL WORLD PHILIPPINES

Tim Mervin Orille, UST Engineering to be able to conduct testing locally Eco-marathon Team Leader, shared that before they head to Malaysia where they are focusing on three aspects in they will be vying for a grand prize of designing their vehicle: fuel efficiency, US $1,500. use of lightweight materials and safety. They designed the cockpit area of the tEaminG UP FOR tHE vehicle with materials resembling a EnViROnmEnt rib cage. They will also use pinwheels The Shell Eco-marathon is a visible to help reduce friction. “We are quite demonstration of Shell’s pledge to face head- confident that we can come up with the on the growing demand for energy worldwide right concept and design that will enable in a responsible way, and is an invitation for us to win the Shell Eco-marathon,” others to do the same. he confidently said. Celebrating their have the experience and we are backed quadric-centennial anniversary in “The reason for joining this competition is by research, a dedicated faculty and 2011, the team aptly named their not to defeat the other teams but to win back dedicated students,” he said. Mapua vehicle entry “Tiger 400” to dedicate mother Earth,” Don Bosco Technical College School of Mechanical Engineering Dean their hard work to the university. UST Professor Paul Catalan aptly said. Manuel Belino said that the students are Professor Raymundo Melegrito shared drawn to the project because they are that they are challenged to come up Who will go the farthest using the least very much interested in cars and engines. with a design that will embody the amount of fuel? Will it be Don Bosco, Mapua He gave an inspiring message to his ideals of UST. or UST? Who will bring pride and glory to mentees, “Here is your chance to prove the country? Who will win it all at the Shell to the world that you could build a fuel As of the moment, their designs will Eco-marathon Asia? Find out in July 2010. efficient car based on what you learned still undergo constant revision but the so far in Mechanical Engineering. To all teams are eyeing to finish their vehicles The race to fuel efficiency is on. Let’s give our the members of the team, good luck!” by the first quarter of 2010 for them support for Team Philippines! SWP Fan Pages aRE yOU FOR tEam PHiLiPPinES? SUPPORt yOUR SHELL EcO-maRatHOn tEam By BEcOminG a Fan! aBOUt Search for: tHE Info DeTaIlS tRacK Length 2,706 metres Minimum Width 16 me tres TEAM GRiGiO Su rface Tarmac Turns 9 ang International the North Track of the Sep T he race will take place at Malaysia. Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, t is home to TEAM ATALAnTA ang International Circui Officially opened in 1999, the Sep e World Championship and World Formula On the Malaysian leg of the Motorcycle Grand Prix. ible via highways city centre, it is easily access International Located 85km from Kuala Lumpur ala Lumpur uST EnGinEERinG closely situated to the Ku and railway links. Being ce for international events . Airport, the circuit makes it an ideal pla ECO-MARATHOn ess speed of more features nine turns with acc work of fibre TEAM With a length of 2.7km, the track ough a net is electronically linked thr than 130km/h. The track to multiple closed circuit TV cameras, ng the track optic cabling systems alo om. d at the Race Control Ro which is centrally monitore SHELL WORLD PHILIPPINES 23

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