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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: iandunning98


In Pastures Green Structure Video Audio Footage of sheep with lambs in field Dad's home movie footage Dad's Bolex camera End – back to sheep – filming with Bolex Farmer (me) walks out amongst sheep Voiceover explaining idea for film – question: why?? Voiceover linking personal creativity to dad's creativity Voiceover explaining idea for the end of the film – hymn The Lord's My Shepherd

Video Audio Black screen – title: In Pastures Green Sheep with lambs in a field. Country sounds – birds, sheep etc. It's springtime again and there are sheep in the fields with their newborn lambs. For some weeks now I've had it in mind to make a film about sheep. In the film I would show how sheep give birth to lambs and then I'd show the lambs with their mothers in the fields like this – except that over these images you'd hear the voice of the farmer talking about the economics of it all – how much each lamb is worth – how much they cost to rear and so on. It would create a kind of mildly jarring experience for the viewer, I thought – seeing the lambs innocently enjoying their first moments of life while listening to the brutal facts explaining their existence. That was the idea anyway. The problem was I couldn't get any farmers to let me film on their farms. They were all too busy, they said. The last thing they needed was some prat with a camera following them around all the time. So that was a bit of a dead end. Still, I thought – I didn't necessarily need to film the sheep giving birth. I could just make do with this kind of footage of the sheep with their lambs in the fields which would be easy to capture without requiring permission. And then, come to think of it, I didn't need to interview the farmer either; I could just do a bit of

Dad's home movie footage. research on the internet and deliver the voiceover myself. This is what I found out on the internet. But why did I want to make this film? What was the point? These are probably the earliest films I ever saw – my dad's home movies of our family in Northern Rhodesia – now Zambia – in the 50s. My dad filmed them with his clockwork Bolex 8mm camera and then screened them with a projector that he must have bought at the same time. It was always a big occasion in the family when the projector came out and we enjoyed a screening of his latest film – although as I got older I have to confess I always found them a bit disappointing. They were grainy and wobbly and without sound, but more than that there was no particular story or structure to them. They were just a sequence of random shots and when they were over, there was always a slight feeling of anti-climax in the room – like watching a football match that ends in a goal-less draw. There are a couple of other things that strike me about my father's films. Firstly – as the man behind the camera, he almost never features in them himself. The Bolex was quite a complex machine to operate, as I recall, and he rarely gave it to anyone else to handle, so the footage he filmed of the family is always the family as seen through his eyes, but without him in it. Secondly, the other notable absence in most of these films is me. I wasn't born until the very end of my father's posting in Africa, and

Sheep footage intercut with home movie footage. The Bolex so I only feature as an unrecognisable baby in one or two of the later African films. Is it facetious of me to see some similarity between my father's home movies and my sheep footage? In both of them the filmmaker is standing apart from the scene, momentarily capturing it from a distance. In both we see the spectacle of young creatures enjoying their innocence, quietly guarded by their mother. And in both there is the sense of a scene in which the young subjects are blissfully unaware of their place in any wider narrative – or any context in which these moments might be anything other than what they appear to be. This is my father's camera which when I found it recently in one of his bedroom cupboards had not been used for over 30 years. At the end of my film about sheep, I wanted to show the farmer walking in the field amongst his flock to the tune of The Lord's My Shepherd – which of course would be ironic as the farmer would already have been represented as a rather unfeeling character – only interested in his sheep insofar as they provide him with income when they are sold to be butchered.

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