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Information about Sharepoint Online Training and Certification Worldwide
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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: biginfosys


PowerPoint Presentation: Ke y w or d : Sh a re p oi n t O n li ne T r a i n ing and Ce r t i f i c a ti o n Wo r ld wi de Sun I T labs O n l ine i n s t it u t e g re a tly an n oun c ing a n oth e r c ou r se th a t is Sh a r epo i n t O n l i ne Tr a in i ng throu g ho u t t h e W o r l d. I n Share p oi n t c o ur s e we a re p r ov iding m any concep t s , So m e of they a r e I ntroduc t i on T o S h a r e P oi n t T h is c ou r se co v e r s 4 m odu l es l i k e U s i ng Share P oi n t as an e nd user D esi g ning s i tes as D e s i g ner D e v e l oping ap p li c a t ions as ShareP o i n t de v e l o per A d m inis t e ring s i tes as an a d m inis t r a t o r I ntroduc t i on t o W indo w s S ha r eP o i n t S e r v er WSS B a s ics ShareP o i n t S i te C o l l ec t io n s and S i t e s Wo r k ing w ith P a g es and W eb Pa r ts C rea t ing Li b ra r i e s Enab l ing C hec k - I n/ C heck -O ut Perf o r m ing Si m ple and A dv anced Se a rch e s Web P a rt F ra m ework Wo r k flo w s wi t h V S 2005 A nd m any m ore……. Plea s e c a l l us for the D e m o C l as s es w e h a v e r e g ul a r b a tch e s and w ee k end b a tc h es. C onta c t N u m be r : I ndia: + 9 1 903092 8 000 , E m a i l: su n i t la b s @ g m a i l.c o m , Web: h tt p : / / su n itla b s.c om / sha re p o i n t - o n l in e - t ra in i n g /

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