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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ideastackideastack


PowerPoint Presentation: Shared Web Hosting PowerPoint Presentation: Shared Web Hosting means that one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server are shared between many users. Actually, on the shared hosting platform each user has his own limit on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc. PowerPoint Presentation: This type of web hosting service means that your site, where your information is stored and where your applications are running, SHARE resources with other clients. Think of it as your apartment units housed in the same building. You take up your own designated space in the server and perform your duties within that confined space. PowerPoint Presentation: Shared web hoisting is widely known among web developers as the quality web hosting solution. Shared hosting provides the space for the web sites and ability to host multiple sites in an integrated set-up. All these sites have the same operating system. Shared web hosting provides you so many advantages. If you are going to set up your online business and have some new ideas then shared hosting solution is best for you. PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages of the shared hosting PowerPoint Presentation: Cheap The biggest advantage of the cheap shared hosting is very cheap rate. They charge the price of the single server but you can have the same price for the shared web hosting. You can acquire enough space in the shared hosting mainly due to the competition of so many web hosting companies. PowerPoint Presentation: Convenience You will have convenience in running your web site under shared hosting. Highly professional and skilled expert manage the shared web host and provide you convenience. You can concentrate on the website and on web business. The professional will maintain the business all the time. PowerPoint Presentation: Customization In case of shared web hosts the resources are shared cpanel hosting with other, and you are using multiple websites under one domain. Still the website is managed by the webmaster with the control panel tools. Control panel is very effective tool and you can customize your website with this tool. This control panel and similar tools help you to manage many features. Control panel helps you to upload files, images and check the statistics of your website. You can create specific email accounts domain name with these tools and make changes to customize your website. PowerPoint Presentation: Efficiency The most important thing for web hosting is the space and bandwidth provided by the servers. This bandwidth helps you to run your business efficiently. Shared web hosting provides you sufficient space and bandwidth. With more space you can add many resources in your website. PowerPoint Presentation: Choose Shared Hosting if you… Prefer to start small since Best shared hosting services are the cheapest type of web hosting service you can see in the market today. Are not picky about sharing resources with other customers Do not know how to set up your own server and need a host ASAP PowerPoint Presentation: Disadvantages of Shared Hosting PowerPoint Presentation: Does not give you control on what you can run (what operating system) on your server. Your site MAY suffer the consequences of sharing the resources with other customers and may lead to performance issues by shared hosting offers . May not give you the most dependable and stable server performance since it is dependent on so many transactions within the server. PowerPoint Presentation: Performance – These days performance is not usually an issue because software and hardware on the server is much more robust and reliable. However, if there is a site that has a spike in traffic, you may see system problems. File Restrictions – Because everyone on the server must be considered in order to maintain high uptime percentages and to guarantee the security of the server, some applications and functions may be restricted. You may not be able to run particular applications that are needed on your site. Resource Restrictions – Although many web hosts claim unlimited resources, if you read the fine print you will see this is not really the case. If your site starts off on a shared server and becomes popular, something in your site bogs down the server or you start eating up too much bandwidth you will likely be asked to leave. There is a chance that you may have outgrown the possibility of shared services. PowerPoint Presentation: The biggest problem is the limited resources at your disposal. Affordable Shared hosting is a server sharing system resources with other users on one physical machine and therefore every user has some restrictions on their service. For example, if any of the users on the shared server uses a lot of traffic, CPU cycles, email capabilities etc, you or other individuals on the same machine are likely to experience worse shared hosting performance. One more downside is not being able to install modules and programs on the server you need in order to run your own web site and scripts. The shared server is maintained by the companies’ administrators to satisfy the average clients’ needs. This restriction may cause you problems if you need a module for your scripts that is not installed. PowerPoint Presentation: Thanking you!!! For more info log on too...

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