Shared Services and Procurement Collaboration Programmes - Lessons learnt from 10 years experience

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Information about Shared Services and Procurement Collaboration Programmes - Lessons...

Published on September 25, 2014

Author: procserve



The slides from Paul Clayton's Masterclass at the CPO Event, September 2014.

Many organisations are implementing or planning to implement shared services for common functions. Some organisations have already tackled functions such as finance and HR, but increasingly procurement, both direct and indirect is being targeted for the shared services approach.

With procurement processes varying by industry, category and often across an enterprise, how can the CPO ensure that their shared services programme is a success?

In this session Procserve will share its experience from the many shared services and procurement collaboration programmes it has been directly involved with. Providing honest insight into what has worked, what has not worked and the lessons learned along the way.

Click to edit Master title style CPO Event Shared Services – Lessons Learnt Paul Clayton Head of New Service Development © Procserve Holdings L Limited. All rights reserved.

3 Global shared services trends Added value Outsourcing? Multi-ERP environments Business functions

4 Lesson #1 - Know why you are doing this Clear Vision and Intent Is it possible? What are you sharing? Success; what will it look like? What standards? Consequences of non-compliance? Clear business model. View slide

5 Lesson #2 Implementation Procurement is a part business/part transactional function. Centralise transactions within the SSO i.e. Accounts. But category mangers should be utilised locally Implement business unit by BU with as many categories as possible not 1 category across the whole org View slide

6 Lesson #3 Know your enemy Different organisational styles require different approaches: 1. Hierarchical command and control 2. Chaos under the brand 3. Big bit, little bits

7 Lesson #4 Tech ROI V’s Change Management It’s not about the quality of the tech but the quality and longevity of the change. Projects often come with new technology – but don’t need to Process change should be seen as BAU Successful implementation is a long-term game (5 years plus)

8 Lesson #5 Use the believers Communication is key - use the believers to deliver the message Anything top down will always have someone trying to stop the ‘centralist’ approach

9 Lesson #6 Find the motive… Like all good TV cop shows, there’s always a motive why someone won’t do this. It’s not always obvious…

10 Want to find out more? Read the complimentary blog post which expands on each point on our blog by clicking here: Take me to the blog post!

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