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Published on December 4, 2012

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Spanish Courses in Malaga - Accommodation in Malaga Spain - Shared flats and Spanish families in Malaga Spain . We offer also a great choice of cost-effective accommodation in shared flats apartments and Spanish families home stays in Spain at Alhambra Instituto, our Language Spanish School in Malaga (Spain). Alhambra offers you to learn Spanish with a variety of Spanish courses in Spain. Choose from Spanish host families (homestays), shared flats, student residences, or pensions; we will help you.

Carefully selected accommodation in apartments or in Spanish host families in Malaga Spain and Study Spanish courses in Spain at Alhambra Instituto. The shared flats with international students are also carefully selected. The students ask us to arrange shared self-catering apartments for them, or accommodation in Spanish families or pensions.

Why study Spanish in Malaga?: Learn Spanish in Spain with one leading language schools in Spain Alhambra Instituto .

Welcome to our Spanish Courses in Malaga. Many thanks.

Shared Flats for Students Accommodation Internships Spanish Courses Book now 1 2 3 4 SHARED FLATS FOR STUDENTS IN MALAGA Student housing and accommodation for students of Spanish and Erasmus in Malaga, Spain Shared Flats for You are here: Home / Shared Apartments and Rooms in Malaga Students Accommodation Shared Apartments and Rooms in Malaga Internships Spanish Courses If you are searching for a shared flat with other students, you have found it:open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

PISOCOMPARTIDO.ORG is a company which rents out individual rooms in shared Learn Spanish in Malaga flats to university students, students enrolled in Spanish courses, as well as young professionals. Learn Spanish in Barcelona Learn Spanish in Alicante offers housing in Málaga Spain. Immersive home stays with Malagas families, shared apartments or your own studio-apartment. Que es un Itemid All shared flats are fully equipped and, in addition to bedrooms, provide a dining area, Book now a fully equipped kitchen and at least one bathroom. It is not the duty of the students to see to the occupation of the other bedrooms. The prices of each room range from € 300 to € 400 monthly in Málaga (the difference in price refers to the difference in size, quality and location of each flat). The apartments are normally shared by three or four roommates, in single or double rooms. is much more than an “Agency for students” because it does not confine itself to offering flats of its proprietors, rather it ensures the fulfilment of the contracts during their timeframes, so that the rights of the guests are taken into consideration. is a solution that combines the best of renting an apartment or flat with the best of student residencies through housing in a shared apartment. offers students the opportunity to live with other students of various nationalities while studying. In this way flats are established as "Erasmus Apartments", and language learning environments are established where students have the opportunity live and interact with other cultures. The minimum duration of stay is 4 weeks during the academic year (from October 1st until March 31st) and 2 weeks when the contract begins between April 1st and August 31st.. When staying with a family the minimum duration of stay is always 30 days. All landlords who are working with us offer their apartments at the conditions laid down in the contract provided by our organization that describes all rights and duties of the students, the owner as well as You can reserve accommodation in our office, or via internet by leaving a down payment of the deposit, along with a recent photo, a photo ID, and proof of studies. only charges € 77 per student for the administration costs of the first contract. (Students of educational institutions that have signed cooperation agreement with will enjoy 40% discount on the managementopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

contract). Also, contracts beginning between the dates of July 1st and August 31st will have a high season charge. This payment may be paid in the office upon entering the apartment. Moreover offers the possibility to accommodate oneself with a host family in Málaga, where the students form part of the family they are staying with. Spanish Family : Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture by having us arrange your accommodation with a Spanish host family. Almost 80% of students choose to live with a host family during the first weeks of their program. Spanish families are renowned for their hospitality, sense of humor and enjoyment of life. Students usually feel completely at home with their families and enjoy this unique opportunity to fully integrate into Spanish family life. The intimate relationship with the family encourages the natural use of every- day Spanish. You will find your Spanish hosts welcoming, kind, talkative and friendly. Many of our students stay in touch with their Spanish host family after leaving Malaga and become lifetime friends. You will learn the delights of Spanish cuisine eating typical Spanish dishes prepared by your Spanish family. Breakfast and lunch are included. We do not expect you to share your room with anyone unless you want to. You will have your own private room and the host family will give you a key to the house so you can come and go as you please. Of course we also have double rooms available for 2 friends, couples or family members who want to stay in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

Staying with a host family is an important and rewarding part of the students learning process. The students receive their own house key and are only required to bring their own towels. Students can choose between half-board or full-board, and accommodation in a single or a double room. If there is more than one student with a family we will look for an international roommate in order to encourage the use of Spanish 24 hours a day. To select the type of accommodation that suits you best or to inform us of any special (nutritional) needs, you can indicate your preference on the bottom of the registration form. For living with a Spanish host Family: we ask that you reserve your accommodation at least 2 weeks in advance. Malaga is a popular tourist destinations and if you are booking your accommodation during high season we advise you to make the reservation as soon as possible. We do accept last minute reservations if there is space, please check accommodation availability with us. Important note: Students should arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday or Sunday. Accommodation is paid for per week. No reduction can be made for part of a week. What means to live with a Spanish family? * Sleeping in a single room, sharing the the rest of the flat/house with the family * Half board - morning and lunch meals. * Youll be integrated in the daily life of the family, youll form part of them, theyll treat you as their friend * Theyll support you with your exercises as well the can (they are not teachers, but theyre living the daily Spanish) * Theyll off to lead you wherever they go themselves: Cinema, pubs, dining with friends ... * If you have problems in the town theyll stay with you and help you. Select the type of accommodation that b est suits your needs Shared flat/apartment in Spain A shared student flat/apartment means sharing a self-catering apartment with other international students from Erasmus or learning Spanish in a Spanish language school. These apartments are not luxurious, but haveopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, providing basic, reasonably priced student accommodation., is the most popular form of accommodation among students " private shared accommodation". The principle is that a flat/apartment is shared by several people. Each tenant has his or her own room while the bathroom and kitchen are used jointly. The cost of electricity, internet and telephone are also shared. For a room in a shared flat, you can expect to pay between 250 and 400 euro per month. The advantages: Shared accommodation is much cheaper and more sociable than an apartment you rent on your own. Its easier to make friends and learn Spanish when you have flatmates..The most advantageous factor in flat sharing is its cost effectiveness. You can save money and get to stay in a home like environment. In duration of time you tend to get responsible, knowledgeable and more cultural. Though almost everyone is fit to live in a shared apartment however, bachelors, students and professionals are mostly found to be availing this option. Especially when students or professionals have to relocate because of their studies or job purpose, then flat sharing proves to be economical for them. The significant reason for the young people to be comfortable with staying in share accommodation is they are more flexible and can adapt in any new circumstances. In a shared living you will need to share responsibilities like dishwashing, cleaning, etc. Studio apartments Private studio apartments are self-contained mini-apartments, with private bathroom and private kitchen or kitchenette. These studios are comfortably furnished and are available as singles or twins. This type of accommodation is ideal for students who are looking for private self-catering accommodation. These studios are small but comfortably furnished and fully equipped. Please note:You should arrange to arrive in your accommodation on the Sunday before your Spanish course starts and depart on the Saturday after your course finishes. Having the right Flatmate(s)open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

As a student you realize how tight your finances can get, you also realize that accommodation is your highest expense. Discovering student accommodation, London is usually quite an highly-priced city. 1 on the ways you could save on accommodation is by discovering a straightforward roommate to share your accommodation. This not merely lets you share the cost of a flat but in addition assists you with sharing all the things that goes by using a flat. Picking the ideal flat mate can appear to be a challenging activity, considering that you know that you are gonna have to share your home with an individual else. You can promote from the flatmate for any space mate, but how do you decide on the correct a single from each of the replies it’s possible you’ll get. By undertaking a little bit of homework it would be doable for you to seek out that simple room buddies to share your flat. The first thing that you have to be conscious of is the fact that after you have a flatmate , it implies that the responsibilities that go in addition to the flat too should be shared. This not simply entails the chores but also the selections that may have to be made. Locating an individual that will get the job done as a team would really assist. Following because you’ll be sharing your house with a further individual, you may want that man or woman to possess qualities that you just would need in an individual to share your house. Producing a list on the characteristics that you just would need that individual to get and in addition the non desirable qualities, can help you decide on the appropriate man or woman as your flatmate. One particular in the important things that you just would wish to examine about your likely flatmate are their references. Take into account that you’d probably be sharing your home with strangers which you would have met only as soon as or twice prior to and obtaining them present you with references only tends to make for you personally getting risk-free when accepting them as your space mate. Checking about your possible room buddies personalized habits, ability to pay expenses on time and their personalities can help you in deciding on the best mate. You should also think carefully about what you need in a house, and then make a list of what you want. For example, being close to public transport may be a necessity, while a bath with lion-claw feet would probably be a bit of a luxury. Think about how many people you want to live with and how much you’re prepared to pay each week. When you’ve established what you’re looking for, tell us and we can find the available places for you. If you need more information please feel free to contact us for any further questions: Select Services*:open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API

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