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Published on June 27, 2014

Author: microventures


Curated Marketplace for Personal Styling

It’s easy to buy clothes. It’s hard to put together a wardrobe that 
 makes you feel confident about the way you look. You can’t get great advice from a salesperson (too pushy) or a magazine (too generic) or a friend (too biased). You need an expert who understands your unique situation and starts with what you already have in your closet. PROBLEM

MARKET SIZE - IT’S BIG & WE’RE GROWING IT 40Mmen and women are going through life transitions every year and need a boost of confidence ! Once we style 200,000of them, we’ll be a $1Bbusiness. We can do that in 5years.

RETENTION 32% book a 2nd time 29% of those book 3 or more times Once you book a 2nd time, you’re more likely to book your 3rd and 4th times.

OUR TARGET CLIENT Women* age 25-65 who are • Going through life transitions • changing jobs • struggling with weight gain / body issues • dating and need to express confidence • Post-pregnancy and going back to work • Stuck in a style rut •$70K+ household income • spend $3K+ on clothing a year ! *(we’ve also helped men, but that’s been less than 25% so far)

FRICTION-FREE MATCHING Our algorithm matches each new client with a stylist who shares their style. It’s based on “loving” beautiful outfit photos posted by our stylists, so it’s fun and easy for the client. No need to browse endless profiles. Just 3 clicks and we’ll match you up.


REVENUE MODEL We keep 20%. Stylists keep 80%. Initial closet audit: $249 for a 2.5 hr in-home session Personal shopping: $75/hour (on average, varies by stylist) Ongoing advice: $19/month We’re half the price of a full-time personal stylist, because our stylists use our platform for side income.

OUR TARGET STYLIST We have 275+ stylists in 23 markets,
 and our best stylist made $1,500 last month. • Creative professionals (Photographers, UX Designers, Marketing Managers, Recruiters, PR consultants, Fashion Bloggers) • Freelance stylists growing their business • The go-to friend for style advice • Have worked as stylists or sales associates at:

STYLISTS LOVE US “I was just remembering the first night I met you and how I thought about always wanting to be a stylist, but how I probably couldn’t do it. Thanks for changing my life!” “I’ve worked as a J.Crew stylist and I just recently got recruited to be a stylist at Saks, but I have the most fun with the clients I meet through the Share Some Style platform.”

CUSTOMERS LOVE US Read more at 100%would recommend us to a friend “I really enjoyed my closet audit with my stylist! She helped me see more possibilities in my current wardrobe, taught me a lot of great styling tricks (a different fold of a cuff, a different tie of a scarf) and gave me a bunch of ideas for filling in some holes in my closet.” - Dawn (stay at home mom going back to work) “My experience shopping with my stylist was fantastic. She managed to make an experience I generally dread into one that I could really walk away from feeling accomplished. I did it. Thank you!” - Alex (starting law school and wanted to redo his wardrobe) “Totally easy and wonderful! Thank you SO much! I had been looking at other personal stylist for a while but their service menus are so confusing, I never could figure out what to ask for. SO glad I found your site.” - Claire (petite woman who needed help looking her age)

CUSTOMER ACQUISITION 30% Word of mouth / Friend referral
 30% Google search (SEO and Content Marketing)
 25% Press coverage & Nights of Style w/Retailers
 15% Paid advertising $500-$800 LTR
 $23 Blended CAC / $100 LTV

TECHNOLOGY = COMMUNICATION PLATFORM There’s more than just the matching algorithm Before and after the session, stylists and clients can communicate through a private shared photo board. We’ve built a lightweight CRM to help stylists easily follow up with clients and track their status. Of course, we handle scheduling, payments, messages, reviews, and gift cards.

COMPETITION We’re easier to find and half the price of full-time personal stylists. ! We give better advice than in-store sales reps or clothes in a box services because we’ve been to your closet and have a deeper personal relationship with you.

TEAM DIANE LOVIGLIO CEO 2nd time entrepreneur UX design and research GILMAN TOLLE CTO 1st startup acquired by Cisco full stack developer

! Mary Anne Masterson
 Brand, Product & Experience Strategist at Microsoft & Frog Design ADVISORS ! Christopher Ireland
 Former CEO/Partner at Cheskin; 
 Co-Founder, Mix & Stir Studio; 
 Author of The Rise of the DEO ! Derek Parham
 Creator of Google Apps for Businesses; 
 one of our first clients ! Gary Iwatani
 Co-Founder & COO, Topsy Labs (acquired by Apple) ! Michael Perman
 Dean of Global Innovation at Gap;
 Previously Global Marketing at Levi ! Adil Wali
 Co-founder, ModCloth

RAISING A SEED ROUND PRE-DEMO DAY $1M 400K already committed
 + Adil Wali Co-Founder
 + Derek Parham Creator
 + Fresco Capital Advisors ! - marketing spend
 - bring on 2 FT hires, 1 designer & 1 analytical marketer
 - acquire 2,000 more paying customers, totaling $1M in revenue

THANKS! Diane Loviglio CEO & Co-Founder !

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