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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: shannoncloee


Quality M.A.C makeup focuses on the quality of their products, they want their customers to look flawless so they will become a loyal customers if they believe M.A.C is the best makeup brand. M.A.C makeup is obviously expensive however the company does not focus on their price for products as they believe their products are top quality therefore no matter what the price, people will buy them to look good. Whereas Superdrug's own makeup brand is not all about the quality, they tend to make their products decent and ok quality but they don’t want their prices to be too expensive, as the makeup is cheap you expect the quality to be bad however depending on what you get, most of their products are actually good quality, as its deceiving people to believe the quality is rubbish as most cheap makeup brands are not good quality at all.

Image The message they are giving out from these images of celebrities is that if you buy the makeup the celebrities like Rihanna or Nicki Minaj are wearing then you will look like them, they give out these ideas to people because they know these celebrities have a huge fan base with everyone idolises them so they are aware that what these celebrities wear will sell more so by having these promote their cosmetics they will see an increase in sales. As M.A.C is a top brand of makeup they give across this message with the photography used as if the photography is professional then people will believe the makeup will be as well. As Superdrug is more of a shop for teenagers and young adults have One Direction make a range of makeup products, as it would improve their sales because as most people who shop there will be teenagers and young adults who may like One Direction and as they are so well known and popular everybody seems to want stuff related to them. However the image given fro the photography may believe people to think One Direction were not as involved like Rihanna was with M.A.C, although One Direction would not be able to actually wear the makeup to promote it they could have a better promotion techniques like pictures with models wearing the makeup or having a photograph with their specific makeup colours near them, as I think that would have given out a better image rather than their faces on the nail polish and the products making a heart shape.

Price As M.A.C are more focused on the quality of their cosmetics instead of their prices, because quality is more important to them, they decide not to put their prices on adverts and instead make people look on the website to find out the prices for their cosmetics, I think this is because once consumers get on their website to find out the prices they will start to look at other products buy M.A.C and buy more products from them. MUA are more focused on their price rather than quality, you can see this as when you go onto Superdrug’s website and go on MUA makeup, at the top you see the image on the left, which basically states that they sell most of their makeup products for just a pound which then makes people go and buy them which is also good for other products in Superdrug as once most people go inside they will see other offers the store has to offer and buy more than just the MUA makeup products which will therefore improve their overall sales

Value From going onto Mac cosmetic website your can tell from the first image you see that mac concentrate on the value and quality of their products. The images they use are high quality which gives it the professional look. The images focus on what the product does and what you can do with the products. Where as the Mua cosmetics shows the different products you can buy but also promotes that they are having a sale on so they are basically promoting the prices of their products rather than the quality and value.

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