SfEP conference 13-15 September 2014. Proofreading e-books. Gareth Haman.

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Information about SfEP conference 13-15 September 2014. Proofreading e-books. Gareth Haman.

Published on September 30, 2014

Author: TheSfEP

Source: slideshare.net


Interested in proofreading e-books, but not sure what it entails? This slide deck provides an overall introduction to the topic. It includes the various formats of e-book you might encounter and where they;re used, suggestions as to the hardware and software you'll need to take on this work, and of course what clients may expect you to do when they ask you to proof e-books (and what you shouldn't be expected to do!). Proofreading content in this format is different to proofreading material in other formats; in what you should be looking for, how you'll have to work, and the various ways you may be asked to record what you find.


WHAT WILL WE COVER? • Hardware and software you'll need • Files, formats and useful resources • What to look for and how this differs from 'regular' proofreading • What you shouldn't have to do... • Unless you want to offer extra services!

WHY DOES IT MATTER? The case of the Casual Vacancy… View slide

HARDWARE View slide

HARDWARE (VIEWING ON A NATIVE DEVICE) • Amazon Kindle range • Apple iBooks device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) • Kobo, Nook, Sony... • ...and of course (if you want to offer more services) a Mac or PC

DO I NEED THEM ALL? • No! (Phew!) • Best single option for hardware proofreading: iPad • Can use software tools to plug gaps: • KDP Previewer & others (Amazon's KDP tools page) • ebook format conversion software such as Calibre (calibre-ebook.com) • ...or book creation tools themselves • BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR CLIENT!


MAIN FORMATS ARE: • EPUB (open standard) • IBA (iBooks Author) • AZW/KF8 (Amazon - same as Mobi, different DRM) • MOBI/PRC (open standard, but older and now less popular - PRC the same but with DRM) • PDF • TXT • HTML (EPUB and MOBI are basically HTML) • Wikipedia page on ebook formats is a great resource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats

SOME POPULAR EBOOK CREATION TOOLS/SITES • KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing: kdp.amazon.com) • Smashwords (www.smashwords.com) • BookTango (http://www.booktango.com) • Kobo Writing Life (http://www.kobo.com/writinglife) • Blurb (www.blurb.co.uk) • iBooks Author (www.apple.com/uk/ibooks-author) • ...and about a million others!

SO WHY DO SO MANY SITES JUST ASK FOR MS WORD? • Simplicity, BUT… • This is simplicity for the author • …but this is where you come in (if you want to!)

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO LEARN? • Trial and error - cut & paste some text, convert it, see what you get from various sites • Good tips on creating EPUB files on: http://www.agentquery.com/how_to_create_e pub_file.aspx

GOING INTO MORE DEPTH • Many ebook formats are essentially self-contained websites • For real control, get hands-on with HTML • Some errors in 'meatgrinders' just won't go away - conversion is imperfect


WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR? • Formatting is usually the biggest problem - in the original and in the end product(s) • Function also needs to be checked - hyperlinks • Remember, ebooks are dynamic - you need to check the same thing at different sizes • Tools have their own issues - the same source file can create different errors in different formats



HOW DO I MARK IT UP? • Varies by client but can present its own issues - some ideas are: • Spreadsheet • PDF sticky notes/markup • Comments in Word file (if you have one) • Hardcopy as a last resort! • Use a two-screen setup • Remember: ebook are dynamic - page numbers are meaningless!

REMEMBER • The simpler the formatting, the more likely you’ll get a clean conversion - if in doubt, strip it out • Make notes by Chapter/subhead etc. - not page number as it’s meaningless for ebooks • Give it a go! People pay for expertise, so become an expert!

“Touchscreen e-readers will never catch on” –Bill Gates (1998)


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