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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Stentore


Slide1:  Envision Solar International, Inc. Parking Lots into Power Plants: Solar Parking Arrays and Solar Integrated Building Systemstm Robert Noble, AIA, LEED AP Founder/CEO Envision Solar International, Inc. La Jolla, CA California Center for Sustainable Energy Solar Energy Week Conference, San Diego, October 25th, 2007 Slide2:  Envision Solar Overview Solar Industry Evolution Solar Parking Arrays and Solar Intregrated Building Systems: SIBStm Examples: Solar Grovestm and LifePorttm The Case for Solar Parking Arrays Slide3:  Envision Solar Overview Slide4:  Envision Solar Overview High Design Architects / Industrial Designers / Contractors / Structured Finance Projects and Products: Solar Parking Arrays On Parking Lots and Parking Structures Project Developers Turn-Key, Single Point of Contract: Plan, Design, Engineer, Build, Maintain Product & Technology Developers: SIBS’stm Comm: Solar Treestm, Solar Grovestm, Solar Rowstm Res: LifePorttm, LifeSourcetm Structured Finance GreenShadetm Agreements (Tax Equity + Shade) Slide5:  2. Solar Industry Evolution Slide6:  The Traditional Solar Industry Located on Rooftops Manufacturers Integrators Property Owner Slide7:  An Evolving Solar Industry Located on Rooftops Manufacturers Structured Finance Integrators Property Owner Slide8:  Access Maintenance Elevator and Stair Overruns Mechanical Equipment Waterproof Membranes Not Visible: No “Green Halo” No additional value: Shade, Other… Space Limitations: Not Enough Area Rooftop Presents Challenges: Slide9:  3. Solar Parking Arrays and Solar Integrated Building Systems: SIBStm Slide10:  Solar Parking Arrays Value of Shade, and Other (Promotion, Information, Sponsorships, Education, News) Highly Visible: “Green Halo” Enhance the built environment - Architecture Provide both functionality and beauty Key Component of Sustainable Design Project Up to 13 LEED Points? SIBStm: Solar Integrated Building Systems Whole System Based: Economies Support (Solar Treestm) and Enclosure Structures (LifePorttm) The Industry is Evolving: SPA’s and SIBStm Slide11:  The New Solar Industry Located on Buildings and other Structures: Manufacturers Integrators “BUILDING” Master Planners, Architects, Structural/Civil Engineers, Geotech, Landscape Architects, GC’s, Lighting/Signage Engineers, Planning/Building Permits A “Sustainable Design” Project Property Owner Structured Finance SPA’s and SIBStm Slide12:  4. Solar Grovestm and LifePorttm Kyocera Solar Grove™ :  Kyocera Solar Grove™ 25 Solar Trees™: 39’-3” x 37’-8 ½” Canopy Each provides shade for 10 vehicles Individual, free-standing trees allow unencumbered use of parking spaces 427,000 kW-hr in first year Sustainable Design Project Minimizes light pollution Filters rain-water through bio-swales Cools parking lot area Provides aesthetically pleasing, modern design …Eliminates thousands of tons of CO2 and Coal mining and burning Slide26:  5. The Case for Solar Parking Arrays Slide27:  In Brief - Solar Parking Arrays Represent the maximum utilization of, and benefit from, shade produced by the photovoltaic panels…benefits which include highly positive environmental effects, quality of life and significant economic return. Are at the Convergence of Distributed - Renewable Energy and Transportation: Plug-in Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, Mass Transit Are at the Convergence of Solar and Design/Construction Industries: Including BIM, Project Delivery Methods and Project Finance Structures . Slide28:  In Brief: Parking Lots and Parking Structures: Have the necessary space (SF), solar access, ease of access, visibility, and shade benefit, and therefore represent the vast majority of distributed solar energy opportunities worldwide Possibility: As the solar industry merges with the design and construction industries worldwide, Solar Parking Arrays will be anchored as the central component of that inevitable massive convergence. Slide29:  Next: the Public Discussion “If all new buildings come with solar arrays, vast parking lots without solar panels could even begin to look antisocial.” “Even those who don’t own hybrid cars can act green by generating some electricity while they are parked in the shade.” “…adding a solar component to the parking requirements for all new commercial buildings will ensure a steadily increasing supply of dependable, clean, renewable power.” “We shouldn’t wait until the next heat wave to think about getting solar power from our parking lots.” San Francisco Chronicle, 10/14/07 By Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning, UCLA Author of “The High Cost of Free Parking” . Slide30:  So… be COOL... …park SOLAR!tm Slide31:  THANK YOU Robert Noble, AIA, LEED AP Founder/CEO 4225 Executive Square, Suite 480 La Jolla, CA 92037 T 858.799.4583 F 858.799.4592

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