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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Haggrid


SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc.:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. #1 in Personal Protection Slide2:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. J. “7” Evans., MEOD, CEO S. “Mongo” Brachmann, SEAL, EVP G. Gillispie, RECON, COO Slide3:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Founder, President, CEO, SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc., retired United State Navy Chief Master EOD Warfare Specialist.  Mr. Evans has over 14 years of US Secret Service (USSS) EOD Team leader experience.  Over those years operating with USSS, he coordinated and supervised the security sweeps of Airports, hotels, vehicles and all routes of travel for the President and Vice President of the United States. Mr. Evans also has over 16 years of Bomb Squad Experience.  Trained and experienced to search, locate and disarm improvised explosive devices (IED’s), conventional and non- convention chemical, biological and nuclear terrorist devices on both land and underwater. Over Ten years of “A” list Celebrity protection (Bodyguard) experience. Mr. Evans specializes in all levels of protection ranging from Anti-Paparazzi to Anti-Kidnapping. During his distinguished 25 years of Honorable Active Duty Service he was awarded the following citations: The Bronze Star Medal with the Combat “V” device for "Valor", Three (3) Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, Four (4) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Two (2) Combat Action Ribbons,  Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Eight (8) Good Conduct Service Medals,  Humanitarian Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Two (2) National Defense Service Medals, Four (4) Battle "E's", Two (2) Southeast Asia Service Medals, Two (2) Naval Unit Commendation Ribbons, Expert Pistol Medal, Expert Rifle Medal and Four (4) Flag Letters of Commendation.  Inc. Slide4:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Executive Vice President, SEVEN VIP Protection Inc., retired US Navy SEAL (21 years active duty Navy), with over 19 years 10 months as a US Navy SEAL. During his career he deployed with eight (8) SEAL platoons; one deployment as SEAL Team Headquarters element. He also served a total of six years as a SEAL Team training cell instructor, teaching all aspects of Naval Special Warfare, including range safety officer, weapons, explosives, diving, air operations and small unit tactics on a Global level. Mr. Brachmann was also the Advance detail member for Ambassador Bremmer Advance, detail member for Ambassador Negropante, Shift Lead for Ambassador Negropante’s close protection detail, Team Leader of training, and responsible for the training of 400 DSS contractors from Blackwater (Largest US Protection Company in the Middle East) and 200 DSS contractors from DYNCORP (Fortune 500 US Protection Company). Tactical Commander for new QRF for all of Blackwater operations in Baghdad, Iraq. Made over 200 combat high-threat PSD missions all around Baghdad Iraq in the past year. Middle East Combat PSD operations Instructor. Mr. Brachmann’s superb honor, undaunted courage and commitment while serving as a US Navy SEAL, earned him the following commendations: Navy Commendation Medal with “Valor”, Joint Services Achievement Metal, Three (3) Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Combat Action Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Expert Pistol Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Seven (7) Good Conduct Service Medals, Two (2) National Defense Service Medals. Inc. Slide5:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Inc. Director of Operations, Shadow Seven Division., Greg “Wolf” Gillispie served over 30 years as a Master Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps (27 years Service), with 25 years of continual Special Operations experience.   Mr. Gillispie brings a wealth of operational and training experience to the Company.  He has Coordinated and supervised countless security sweeps of aircraft, vessels, motor vehicles and all routes of travel for General / Flag Level Officers, foreign and domestic dignitaries and Media personalities in permissive and hostile combat environments. Trained to conduct surveillance / counter surveillance operations, all forms of information gathering, search, locate and disarm improvised explosive devices on land and sea, in-extremis hostage rescue, direct action close quarters combat. Mr. Gillispie is currently leading a Special Operation Task Force on his fourth (4th) tour in IRAQ providing protection for VIP visits and surgically removing terrorists cells. His steadfast devotion to duty and commitment to "Total Mission Accomplishment" has lead to him receiving the following citations in the Special Operations Community: The Bronze Star Medal with the Combat “V” device for "Valor“ (Second Award Pending, Two (2) Purple Heart Medals, Five (5) Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Three (3) Combat Action Ribbons, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Eight (8) Good Conduct Medals, Two National Defense Service Medals, 10 Expert Rifle Badge Awards and Nine (9) Expert Pistol Badge Awards.  A second book is currently being written on Mr. Gillispie. Slide6:  Mission Statement The mission of The SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. ( SVP) is to establish and maintain the highest possible standards in the complete Management of Personal Protection worldwide.   To ensure 100% mission success, the company will provide opportunities for the professional enhancement of their employees and will promote the "highest level" of loyalty by exercising the “The Client come first” concept. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide7:  SEVEN’s Security Specialist are "hand selected" from U.S. Navy EOD, U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, U.S. Marine RECON , U.S. Secret Service, F.B.I., U.S. Army Special Forces and a variety of protection agencies. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide8:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide9:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide10:  We are highly trained and experienced in all levels of protection. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide11:  An Ounce of Prevention, is worth a Pound of Cure. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Equals the “Very Best” in Protection Our Protective Experience:  Our Protective Experience 6 of 7 Continents Over 110 Countries All 50 States Security Experience Ranges From Providing Protection to “A” List Celebrities to Presidents and Kings…from Providing Protection Against the Lowest (Paparazzi) Threat Level to the Highest (Kidnapping/assassination/counter-terrorist) Threat Levels. While Maintaining the Highest Level of Confidentiality. We Can Handle Any Job. Period! SEVEN Services:  SEVEN Services Bodyguard/ Security Specialist Currency & Jewelry Transporter Movie Set Technical Adviser Special Event Security Risk Assessment Security/ Protection Consulting Residential (Mansion/ Estate) Security Concierge/ Escort VIP Chauffer/ Tactical Driver Movie Set VIP Security  Meet and Greet Crowd Management Concert VIP Backstage Security Anti-Paparazzi Anti-Kidnapping  Death Threats Protection Urban counter-terrorism  Maritime counter-terrorism SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Public Relations and Crisis Management:  Public Relations and Crisis Management Concert & Autographing Crowd Control Paparazzi Control Communications and Speech Writing Spin Control Work with Lawyers and Publicists “Integrity has no need of rules.” - Socrates SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Technical Security :  Technical Security Explosives and Hazardous Material Detection and Mitigation Fire and Life Safety Structural Integrity Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures Information Assurance/Security SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide16:  We can protect you from what you cannot see, hear, or touch SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide17:  Information assurance stops public relations disasters. We can provide the highest level of computer security commercially available. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Intelligence:  Intelligence Vast Experience and Knowledge dealing with stalkers, assassins, and terrorists Extensive Interview Skills Provide Law Enforcement Liaison Provide Judicial Liaison SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Threat Assessment:  Threat Assessment Determines a client’s vulnerability to the outside world Offensive and Defensive Countermeasures Worldwide Experience – Low Threat and High Threat Areas Comprehensive Report and Recommendations SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide20:  Proper Protection and Advance… …Prevent Danger and Humiliation. No one is immune. - Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest man, with pie in his face Got Security? SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide21:  Physical Security SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Residential or Commercial Slide22:  Physical Security SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Armored Vehicles Slide23:  Installation Monitoring Company SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Low Threat Slide24:  Access Control Enhance Widow Protection Electronic – Voice, Retina Scan, Fingerprint, Armed Guard Alarms and Sensors Magnetic, Motion, Microwave, Infrared, Thermal, Weight, Nuclear, Chemical Detection Cameras, Night Vision Equipment Secure Internet, Computer and Voice Provide Cutting Edge Technology SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Once ADT is done installing your Re-Active Alarm system, we will Enhance your system into a Pro-Active Alarm system. Slide25:  Door Guard 3 ½” Hinge Screws Door Viewer or or or or Deadbolt Door Stop Door Lock Latch Strikes SEVEN’s Physical Hardening We add al the Bells and Whistles Existing Door SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide26:  Aesthetically Beautiful The Fort Knox Door SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide27:  The Fort Knox Windows Existing Windows SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide28:  Proactive Protection Mace and other Booby Traps * It is reliable and immediate, though it's effects wear off within 24 hours. The primary purpose for this system is to mark the intruder and incapacitate him, thereby thwarting a successful home invasion and helping the police apprehend the would be invader. SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Reactive Alarm System Vs. Proactive Alarm System Slide29:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. It can be installed on any fencing media, including chain link, welded mesh, barbed wire and razor ribbon wire, wrought iron fencing and even concrete walls. It can integrate other devices such as CCTV cameras into one system, centrally controlled from a single PC. Weather compensation and sensitivity settings can be fine-tuned by zone to minimize false alarms. It's easy to use - operates with Windows 2000/NT software. Includes on-screen video of alarm zones Infinity 2000 Series is the ultimate in perimeter security systems. The system is used in Residential, military bases, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants and industry worldwide. It's called the “Smart Wall” because of some very important features: High Threat/ High Value Slide30:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. The weather station monitors wind speed and precipitation intensity and constantly updates the system software to help eliminate the generation of environmentally induced false alarms. The sensor is a weather sealed, UV resistant, high impact injection molded assembly permanently attached to the sensor cable at regular intervals. The sensor can be mounted in any position and will respond to vibration in any axis. The infinity 2000 Smart Wall sensors can be mounted on almost any surface including chain link or welded mesh fencing, razor ribbon, barbed wire and even concrete walls. Slide31:  SEVEN Gear SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. 5 foot projected Mace Ring Slide32:  SEVEN Gear SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. 20 foot Projected Mace 13 foot Projected Mace 950,000 Volts Slide33:  My neighborhood is safe… It will never happen to me… Nothing has happened to me yet… That cost to much… Wish I would have… If we only knew… I would Pay anything to bring them back… No wisdom: 20/20 wisdom: All the money in the world cannot bring that Love one back or erase that emotional scar you You are left to live with… SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Personal Protection is Priceless… Slide34:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. SEVEN ‘s uncompromising loyalty coupled with highly skilled and experience Security Specialist equals the “Worlds Best” in field of security management. Slide35:  The added bonus is: Our 300 lb. Security Specialists can blend into any environment Mr. “Solo” Royal SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide36:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Civilian trained security/protection personnel have a major disadvantage when it comes to providing successful security/protection; They are basically trained to be a “re-active” protection force. On the other hand Military trained security/protection personnel have a great advantage when it comes to providing successful security/protection. They train and operate to be “pro-active” and “re-active”. The above statements can be validated by answering a few simple questions; Who was Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Kobe Bryant’s security team mostly comprised of? Well, try and guess, the answer is current and former police officers. Police Officers are primarily trained to operate in the re-active protection mode. Not a good mix when it comes protection. True protection = prevention…That old saying is as true today as it was yesterday; “You get what you pay for.” The Truth Slide37:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Although the United States Secret Service (USSS) is the #1 security/protection organization in the World today, who must they always call and have present in order to ensure the President of the United States has the best possible protection available. They call on EOD. With that said, how many terrorist chemical devices, biological devices, suicide bombs, car bombs, etc.. have been successful in getting to the President of the United States. The answer is ZERO (0). The Fact Slide38:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Although the United States Military has the #1 fighting force, technologically advance, protection force in the World today, who must they always call and have present in order to ensure the most dangerous missions are completed to their fullest; the answer is Navy EOD, Navy SEAL Teams, Marine Force RECON, and Army Special Forces. Enough said… The Bottom Line Slide39:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. 310-741-2760 SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Slide41:  SEVEN VIP Protection, Inc. Enough Said

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