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Published on April 14, 2008

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Ways to drive traffic to your website or lead capture page. Sponsored by - Internet Marketing based on Michael Dell's Content, Commerce, & Community.

The Currency Traders

www.wealthbuilderfx.comThis presentation is solely for information purposes and is not to beconstrued as a solicitation, advice or recommendation to buy anysecurity or make any investment. An investment in a Forex TradingFund is classed as an alternative investment and carries substantialrisks. The nature and extent of some of these risks differ from traditionalinvestments. In particular, the performance of an alternative investmentmay vary substantially over time. Investors bear the risk of losing all orpart of their investment and thus should carefully consider theappropriateness of such investments for their portfolio. While theinformation contained in this document has been obtained from sourcesdeemed reliable, no representation is made as to its accuracy orcompleteness, and it should not be relied on as such. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Executive SummaryWe are an experienced and dedicated team of FX traders whosesole purpose and goal is to achieve above average returns forour clients by trading the major currency pairs.The FOREX market is the largest and most liquid marketavailable to the average investor. Our traders know how to makethe most from the volatile movements you see in the currencypairs every day, taking good profits on a daily & weekly basis.It is our sole objective to take as much profit as possible from themarket utilizing our proven and proprietary trading methodologieswhile at the same time managing the risk to preserve yourcapital.

Director Profile: Robert PamplingRobert has been involved in the financial industry since 1985.Financial Consulting - Investment Advice and Planning - Funds Management,Information Technology Consulting - Corporate Development - BusinessOwnership, Real Estate Investment Advice & Consulting from taxation,financial and operational perspectives.As a licenced financial advisor, he has worked with MacIntosh Stockbrokers,Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.Preferred financial advisor for the leading accounting firms in Australiaincluding Coopers & Lybrand (1980’s) Arthur Anderson, and KPMG.FOREX Trading since 2001- Market experience since 1985.Works very closely with the trading team.Australian and British Citizen currently residing in Perth, Australia.Desire to provide a high quality boutique style FOREX Fund thatconsistently outperforms any other investment class.

Director Profile (Continued)Robert designed and managed client investment portfolios including selffunded investment strategies that are still in use by accounting groups todayfor certain qualified investors.From 2000 to 2004 Robert was involved in advising companies in theirglobal taxation strategies and worked with a number of organizations torestructure them for maximum taxation and distribution advantage whichincluded extensive travel through S.E. Asia.In addition to the above, Robert has also been involved in giving advice onand facilitating wealth creation through direct real estate investment. As alicensed real estate representative, Robert has helped many clients withtheir property investment strategy.Robert describes trading currencies as his passion and has a vision ofseeing Wealth Builder FX Group as a global leader in FX fundsmanagement through conservative risk management & consistent returns.

Meet the TradersJarratt 25 years old Respected trainer and FX Coach at Peter Baines’Forex Mentor Published Forex Training CD Course Trading Forex for over 4 years for private clients Resides in The United KingdomAnthony 42 years old Over 20 years market experience Trading Forex for over 6 years for HNWI & private banking clients Resides in The United KingdomOnce a trading opportunity is identified our traders act upon it without reservation orhesitation, completely accepting the risk which enables them to trade without emotion.

JarrattJarratt tends to concentrate on the 4 major pairs:EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.His strategy involves trading from universally recognised levels of Support &Resistance in the direction of the daily trend.Entry points are carefully selected levels at which he expects price to react fromallowing him to utilise a very small stop loss and keeping initial risk on each tradedown to an absolute minimum.In addition to the initial small risk on each trade, Jarratt is also extremely aggressive inremoving his risk from the trade, meaning that most losing trades result in tiny lossesin comparison to the much larger gains achieved on the successful trades.Profit targets are typically 3 – 5 times larger than the initial risk.Price measurement tools include Fractals, Fibonacci studies, average daily rangefigures and pivot points to analyse the market with and base entries and exits on.Below is an example of Jarratt’s price chart studies to give an idea of what kind ofthings he is looking at on a daily basis.


AnthonyAnthony trades on an intraday basis using Fibonacci Retracement and FibonacciExpansion tools to capture short term trends overlaid on a range of EMA’s.He first looks for a break of a previous swing high/low and then establishes aFibonacci grid. Next he places the Fibonacci Expansion tool on the move to givehimself a take profit target using the 1.272 expansion level. A Limit Order is placedto enter the market when price retraces to the 0.382 Fibonacci level with a protectivestop loss 15 pips beyond the 0.618 level using 1% risk. This way, which everFibonacci level price reacts to, Anthony is in the market.Reward/Risk on each trade must be at least 2:1 for him to consider the trade.The chart following shows Anthony’s setupEntry on 0.382 Fibonacci Retracement.Stop Loss is 15 pips beyond the 0.618 level.Take Profit at Fibonacci Expansion 1.272 level.


Robert PamplingRobert generally trades on an intraday basis using Fibonacci tools, MACDand Stochastics and will stay in a trade as long as the profit keepsimproving.Robert considers price trend and direction on the Daily & 4 hour charts andpicks his entries based on Pivot Points and Fibonacci studies on the 1 hourand 15 minute charts and uses MACD and Stochastics as confirming tools.He is aggressive in removing risk for the trade as soon as possible andconstantly moves stops to manage the trade.Risk to profit ratio is generally 3:1 or better. Stop Loss and Take Profit targetis predetermined using the above tools and included in the market order.The following chart is a GBP/USD example.

Robert Pampling

Organisational Chart Fund Manager CEO Robert Pampling Broker Services Office Admin AUDIT Traders Fund Administrator CFH Markets Office Manager Enquiry Financial Reporting aXsgate client & Help Desk Software & IT

why wealthbuilderFX ?• Account traded by experienced professionals• 24-hour secure web access to your private individual account• Carefully calculated risk/reward methodology• Trading system follows our strict money management principles• Uncorrelated to your stock, bonds and property investments

why wealthbuilderFX ?• Trading profit opportunities in both rising and falling markets• You remain beneficial owner of your investment• 24/7 access to your account information & values• Direct contact with the CEO and admin staff• Traders incentive designed around true performance• Philanthropy – Proportion of all profits is donated to selected charitable organizations

why wealthbuilderFX ?Key principles: • Performance • Active trading approach • Capital preservation while trading • Risk management • Transparency • Making the complicated simple

Performance Performance 9000 8000 7000 6000 value 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec % YTD 2008 34.8 35 1 12.1 1 12.5 9 14 29 18.3 4.75 2.73 174.18 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec % YTD 2009 3.7 4.23 26 3 6.22 5.42 1.58 7.59 0.7 1 -1 2.2 60.64 figures shown are net of all fees & charges Past performance is not indicative of future results as each trading opportunity is unique

Trading Methodology & Approach• Discretionary trading only• Strategy based on proven support and resistance• Technical analysis used to calculate entry & exit• Trading decisions based on both technical & fundamental data• Major pairs traded intraday• All traded funds settled daily

Trading Methodology & Approach• Maximum 2% of account at risk, usually less• Minimum 2:1 profit potential to amount at risk• Trading systems developed & used over past 6 yrs• Trades entered in both trending and oscillating market conditions• Strict risk management rules

Risk Management• Maximum 2% of account at risk, usually 1% or less• Therefore, funds are on cash deposit at major bank (HSBC or Barclays)• Minimum 2:1 profit potential to amount at risk• Entry based on multiple of confluencing factors• Stop loss and take profit targets predetermined• Account drawn downs of 2% suspends trader to re-assess approach•Trade activity limited to certain time frame windows

Correlation• Zero or low correlation to other asset classes• Excellent portfolio risk diversification option• Concentrated portfolio in currencies with an active trading approach• Trading both long and short positions• Performance in both rising, falling & consolidating markets

Service Providers• Broker : CFH Markets – London UK• Administrator : aXsgate Fund Administration Services• Legal Advisors : Stephenson Harwood & Lo Hong Kong• Bank : Standard Chartered - Hong Kong

AdministrationSecure reporting andclient statements onlineYou can access your account information anytime 24/7This secure gateway also provides you with private encryptedcommunications to the fund manager and admin staff.

aXsgate Fund Administration Services- Labuan MalaysiaChris Thomson is an accountant and technology entrepreneur and headsthe administration team at aXsgate Administration Services which hasprovided administration services to a number of private and public fundsacross the Asia Pacific region including: •Britannia Asset Administrators Limited •Diversified Investments Ltd •Advanced Software Technologies Inc and Dynacrypt IncChris also acted as a respected consultant and director to a number ofprivate international companies.

aXsgate Fund Administration Services- Labuan MalaysiaChris was intimately in involved in the development of the encryptiontechnology that the aXsgate system now utilises to provide extremely secureand private communications to its clients.He is a respected and highly sought after International Lecturer on Privacyand Computer Security. He has presented lectures in Australia, Vanuatu,Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.Prior to starting his own business, Chris was employed as an Accountantwith McConachie, Stedman and Co, Chartered Accountants in Australia. Hisduties included Audits, Company Returns and Taxation AssessmentReconciliations.Chris is passionate about internet technologies and good business practice.

Investment Terms• Entry – Exit Fees Nil. There are no entry or exit fees*• Management Fee: 2% per annum charged monthly (0.17%)• Performance Fee: 30% with High Water Mark• Currency of Deposits: USD – EUR – GBP – CHF - AUD• Minimum Subscription: USD$50,000 or equivalent• Subscription Deadline: 10 business days before month-end• Subscription Frequency: weekly• Redemption Frequency: weekly• Notice Period: 7 days• Lock-Up Period: 30 days *• Domicile: Hong Kong• Legal Structure: Limited Company• Management Company: Wealth Builder FX Group Limited* USD$500 exit fee applies on withdrawals inside the first 30 days.

ConclusionSpecialist FOREX Fund Manager Experienced Dedicated Team Transparent Accessible Performance Liquid

Company DetailsWealth Builder FX Group LimitedHong Kong Limited Liability Company3905 Two Exchange Square, Suite 81588 Connaught PlaceCentral, Hong info@wealthbuilderfx.comE: admin@wealthbuilderfx.comPh: +852 2522 1114Fax: +852 2521 1190Bank: Standard Chartered - Hong KongBrokers: CFH Markets – London England

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