Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit - Introduction

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Information about Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit - Introduction

Published on February 13, 2009

Author: juicywebdesign



Juicy Web Design provide distinctive custom website design. At juicy, we believe that every website should bear fruit in terms of building brand awareness, generating leads, improving customer loyalty or increasing revenue.

Our free audio series will take you step by step through all the necessary stages involved in creating and maintaining a website that bears fruit.

Each step has a 10 minute audio and a powerpoint presentation to watch. The audio contains sound advice, useful information and a host of tips that you can implement immediately. One step will be sent to you each week until you have the entire series.

Get the Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit Course here

Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit Introduction

Important marketing tool  More cost effective than many other advertising  media Return on Investment  - How do I know it is bearing fruit? A Website is an Investment Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit Introduction

Tilling the Ground (Planning)  Sowing the Seeds (Preparation)  Watering the Soil (Building the Website)  Tending the Young Plant (Promotion)  Fertilizing (List Building and Conversion)  Pruning (Maintenance and Update)  Harvesting and Preparing for Next Season  (Analysis and Fine Tuning) The Seven Steps Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit Introduction

Click on the link below to get your FREE e-Course Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit So sign up now- It’s FREE! Seven Steps to a Website that Bears Fruit Introduction

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