Seven keys to your best health ever

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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: drleonduplessis



Seven keys/steps to get to your best health ever. Steps to put in place to life at your optimum.

SEVEN KEYS TO YOUR BEST HEALTH EVER Regaining and growing your inherent Super Hero powers.

1. Set Goals • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. • Setting goals not just important for financial goals, but essential for all areas of your life especially for health, fitness and weight loss. • Get specific about your goals. • What do you want to accomplish-is there specific race you want to compete in, on a specific date and run it in a specific time. • Set goals that are measurable and establish a time frame for accomplishing them. • For example, set a goal to lose four kilograms in the next three months, or to finish your first race by the end of June. 2

2. Keep Track • Keep detailed record of what you eat and exercise. • Keeping a paper based food and exercise logs that are easy to do, but any system you’re comfortable with—on a computer, phone, or even an app will do. (Will provide a download link in future video as well as some app reviews.) • Record all your exercise activity. (After a while, the empty spaces that denote sedentary days will drive you nuts—and motivate you to keep moving.) • With food logging, you don’t have to do it for your whole life. But doing it for a week at a time at different times during the year can help keep you committed to healthy eating and quickly point you in the right direction if you have any food allergies. • I also recommend recording your weight, body measurements and taking some photos. If you are currently taking medication or suffer from any metabolic disease there is some blood work I recommend. (Will provide a download link in future video as well as some app reviews.) 3

3. Plan Ahead • Schedule your exercise a week in advance as unmovable appointments. • Plan your meals well ahead of time, I recommend spending time on a Sunday and planning the whole weeks meals.(Makes food shopping easier too.) • If you don’t plan and if you’re left wondering at the last minute what's for dinner, you can end up eating fatty, high-calorie unhealthy foods. (If you fail to plan you plan to fail.) • Pull out your calendar once a week and write in your workout times. • Also, make meal plans for lunch and dinner, write a shopping list, buy the ingredients, and set aside time for cooking. • (Will provide a download link in future video for weekly plan as well as some recommendations.) 4

4. Have reasonable expectations. • From experience I know that not every workout is going to be easy or enjoyable. • There will be some weeks when you get sick, get stuck at work late, or simply don’t feel like exercising. • During those times, do whatever exercise you have time to squeeze in, don’t beat yourself up, just do the best you can. • So you set out to exercise five times this week and only got to it twice? Fine. • Resolve to try harder the following week, but don’t give up entirely. • Same thing with eating. If you eat a food that was more caloric than you wanted, it doesn’t mean you should fall off the wagon completely. • Just try to control your intake the rest of the day or weak and do better tomorrow. • Remember you have a new change every day to make it your best day ever. 5

5. Stay consistent. • Rome was not built in a day. • How do you eat an Elephant ? Bit by bit. • How do you cover a thousand miles ? One mile at a time. • To improve at anything, you’ve got to put the effort in, week in and week out. • Going through periods of high intensity, followed by periods of injury and time off, won’t make you fitter or faster. • Come up with a training and eating plan that you can stick to. • Radical exercise plans and restrictive diets won’t last. Look for small changes you can make that will be sustainable for the long haul. • Doing a little bit every day adds up at the end of the year. 6

6. See the value and celebrate. • Exercising regularly and eating right shouldn’t feel like suffering and deprivation; they’re about taking good care of yourself. • You need to change your habits and behavior as well as your mindset. • You deserve the time to exercise and eat well. You owe it to yourself. • Make taking care of yourself, by allowing yourself time for exercise and eating right, a priority. • If you are not at your optimal health you can not function properly in any other parts of you life. • But you need to take responsibility for your own health and make this a priority. • I can help you with the strategy, tactics and process but you need to want to take responsibility and do it as well as be prepared to set goals and time aside. • This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. 7

7. Create a support network or your own tribe. • Make friends to meet for workouts, share victories with, and comfort through setbacks. (Online forums, Facebook groups) • A like-minded peer group is a powerful motivating force. Get your spouse, your children, and your friends on board with your exercise and weight-loss efforts. • They’ll give you positive feedback for your efforts, and they’ll be less likely to sabotage your healthy eating efforts. This also makes you accountable. • Surround yourself with people pursuing similar goals. • If possible, recruit a training partner. You’ll never skip a workout if you know you’re leaving a friend waiting for you at the park. • Get involved, join a Park Run, go and run every Saturday morning. • Good way to measure progress, get exercise and spend time with people with a similar mindset and goals. 8

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