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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: MarketLeaderInc



These slides accompany our webinar featuring top home stager Maureen Bray, with Room Solutions Staging, where she shares her industry expertise, as well as how staging can help you make a fantastic impression on would-be buyers and get a great return for your sellers.
Watch the webinar:

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Set the Stage for a Successful Home Sale Host: Jennifer Tervo Market Leader Trainer

Setting the Stage… • How staging can help you prepare for the spring selling season • Why home staging is so important in today's market • Common misconceptions about staging • Tips and best practices for taking listing photos • Questions

Welcome Maureen Bray! • Full-time home stager since 2006 • President of the National Board for the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) • 2014 & 2013 Top 10 Professional Stager of the Year in the U.S. • 2012 Professional Stager of the Year (Western U.S.) Maureen Bray Room Solutions Staging Portland, Oregon

Staging in today’s Real Estate Market

What is Home Staging? • A marketing tool that savvy Realtors can use to encourage more viewings and a faster offer • Goes far beyond the old advice to “de-clutter” • Highlights the home’s best architectural features with correct placement of furniture & art • Staging has evolved to appeal to a specific demographic

Home Staging Benefits • Staged homes typically sell faster than un-staged homes • Homes that are staged can fetch top dollar • Staging shows buyers the property’s potential • Online & print photos will stand out more and encourage more viewings • Staging helps buyers visualize themselves living in the home

Occupied Home Staging – Before

Occupied Home Staging – After

Numbers Tell the Story … (RMLS Portland, 2013) All homes: Average 83 Days on Market Homes Staged by Room Solutions: Average 18.5 Days on Market

Occupied Home Staging – Before

Occupied Home Staging – After

Vacant Home Staging – Before

Vacant Home Staging – After

Common Misconceptions About Home Staging

“Staging is too expensive.”

Staging Costs Less than a Price Reduction • Carrying costs of a mortgage, property taxes, utilities and services add up quickly for your seller • Staging encourages viewings & turns prospects into buyers • Leaving a home “as is” only sells the competition • The longer that a home lingers on the market, the lower the eventual selling price will be

“I have a good eye, so I can do it myself.”

Tidying-Up is Not Staging • Sellers are more emotionally attached to their home • Agents are typically too busy marketing homes • When an agent does staging, they can risk offending the seller • Stagers here the home is staged with the target buyer in mind, selling a lifestyle that the buyer aspires to • “Vignette staging” is not effective

Occupied Home Staging – Before


Don’t be Misled by Staging on TV.

Staging & Real Estate Agents

Staging Makes You Look Good • Positions you as an expert • Provides an effective marketing tool • Gets more buyers in the door!

Staging Consultation • Less expensive than full staging • Helps preserve relationship between the agent and the seller • Three scenarios for payment: 1. Homeowner pays and agent reimburses seller at closing 2. Homeowner pays for the consultation 3. Agent includes a staging consultation with every listing

Get the Most From Your Listing Photos

Photos are a Vital Marketing Tool • 92% of buyers search online • Hire a professional photographer when needed • Use a free, easy photo editor like Picasa or Ribbet to edit and enhance photos

Listing Photos – DO’s • Use a wide-angle lens camera if you can • Fully open all blinds, shades and window coverings • Turn on every light fixture and lamp in every room • Take photos only when the home is “show ready” • Take exterior photos from an angle

Listing Photos – DON’Ts • Never take photos when it’s dark outside • Avoid taking photos of the bathroom • Make sure no pets or people are in your photos • Avoid messy kitchens, unmade beds, and unkempt yards • Don’t capture other mess or clutter

Finding a Home Stager • Ask other agents in your company, or other local agents • Ask for references from clients • Very they have liability insurance • Check these online directories: – – –

Set the Stage for Success • Homes that are staged typically sell faster, and can fetch top dollar • Staging costs less than a price reduction, and goes far beyond “decluttering” or “tidying up” • A staging consultation costs less than full staging, and is a great marketing tool to include in listing presentations • Staging makes you look good, and positions you as an expert • Listing photos are vital for today’s online consumers

Your Next Steps… Set the Stage for a Successful Home Sale • Think about your listings…Would a stager help? • Evaluate your recent listing photos  Can they be better?  Do they paint the right picture? • Fill out the survey to receive today’s class notes • Register for next week’s Power Hour!

Join us Next Week! Winning with Awesome Listing Presentations, with featured guest Lindwood Parker! • Seven tips to win more listings • Secrets to minimizing objections • Steps to handle objections that do arise Wednesday, 2/26 at 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern To Register:

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