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Published on March 21, 2008

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Slide1:  ICT for the Future of Local Government Massimiliano Claps, Program Manager, IDC EMEA Government Insights March 14th, 2007 Slide2:  No citizen left behind – by 2010 all citizens benefit from trusted, innovative services and easy access for all Making efficiency and effectiveness a reality – significantly contributing, by 2010, to high user satisfaction, transparency and accountability, a lighter administrative burden Implementing high-impact key services – by 2010, 100% of public procurement will be available electronically Putting key enablers in place –enabling citizens and businesses to benefit, by 2010, from convenient, secure and interoperable authenticated access across Europe to public services Strengthening participation and democratic decision-making – demonstrating, by 2010, tools for effective public debate and participation in democratic decision-making. Source: European Commission i2010 eGovernment Action Plan - EU Asks for High Quality and Accessible Service Policy and IT Executives Agree with EU:  Policy and IT Executives Agree with EU Note: LRG IT managers = 48; LRG business / policy managers = 30 Source: IDC LOB Survey Q3, 2006 and IDC Vertical Market Survey, Q2 2006 = Low = Mid = High 10 Marketing effectiveness 9 Business performance monitoring 8 HR management 7 Efficient sourcing 6 Supply chain efficiency 5 Service innovation 4 Mobile workforce 3 IT organization responsiveness and efficiency 2 Regulatory compliance 1 Citizen Care / Service Priority ranking for IT Managers Which of the following initiatives are leading your organization business / policy strategy agenda? 5 8 7 10 4 6 9 3 2 1 Degree of Alignment Priority ranking for Business / Policy Managers Joining Up Services to Improve Satisfaction:  Joining Up Services to Improve Satisfaction Putting Services Online Isn’t Enough:  Putting Services Online Isn’t Enough Western Europe, Level of Sophistication of Online Services Note: includes EU-15 and Norway, Iceland and Switzerland Source: European Commission Western Europe, Level of Usage of Online Services Citizens Businesses Service Delivery Must Be Joined-Up:  Service Delivery Must Be Joined-Up Case & Record Management Are Key …:  Note: local government respondents = 109; regional government respondents = 67 Source: IDC Vertical Market Survey 2006 % of respondents that plan to invest in the next 12 months Case & Record Management Are Key … Slide8:  Content Access, Change, Rights, Security Management … to Automate Collaborative Workflows Consolidate and integrate Architectures :  % of Respondents Note: local and regional government respondents = 57 Source: IDC Vertical Market Survey 2006 Consolidate and integrate Architectures Managing Resources Efficiently:  Managing Resources Efficiently Precious Competencies Will Be Lost:  Precious Competencies Will Be Lost Sweden, Breakdown of Government Sector Employees by Age Source: Statistics Sweden, 2005 2002 2004 Resource Management Virtuous Cycle:  Resource Management Virtuous Cycle Different Shared Services Models Will …:  Mandated geo-political aggregation Partnership Consolidation Specialization Internal vs. external sourcing Service delivery vs. back office support functions Different Shared Services Models Will … … Contribute Achieving Higher Productivity:  … Contribute Achieving Higher Productivity Stand-alone units Shared Services Economies of scale Bargaining power Standardization of processes and IT systems Focus of people skills Optimization of quality of service/ customer orientation Thorough governance Flexibility to local needs Low High Low High Low High Low High Moderate-high High Low High High Low PM Will Support Decisions:  Financial Accounting PM Will Support Decisions IT Solutions Will Streamline PM:  % of respondents that plan to invest in the next 12 months IT Solutions Will Streamline PM Note: local government respondents = 109; regional government respondents = 67 Source: IDC Vertical Market Survey 2006 Cities Go Virtual:  Cities Go Virtual The 10 Largest Urban Areas in Europe:  The 10 Largest Urban Areas in Europe Source: UN and Total European population 728.39 million 714.96 million Trivia: what cities are we talking about?:  Trivia: what cities are we talking about? Population: 1.8 million Access to the city for cars is quick through spacious avenues laid out in a grid, but moving around can be difficult in and around the city centre because of the many one-way streets and traffic jams. The city installed around 200 radars. This technology uses sensors under the pavement which trigger a digital camera if the car is above speed limit. The picture, including the date and time it was taken, is sent to the driver's home, as a ticket, anywhere across the country. Public transportation consists entirely of buses. 85% of the city's population uses the system The main airport is located in a nearby city, but it is integrated into transportation system, with rapid buses and executive buses connecting the airport to the city. Source: wikipedia and other Trivia: what cities are we talking about?:  Trivia: what cities are we talking about? Population: 1.3 million Traffic is a major cause of pollution: in 2005 for around 100 days, levels of PM10 were above the limit. Every day almost 800,000 cars and trucks enter the city; 70% of them commuting from the boroughs. The municipality is planning to tackle traffic problems by building tunnels and underground parking spaces. The city has a taxi service operated by private companies and licensed by the municipal government. Prices are fairly high (significantly higher than, for example, in New York) and finding a taxi may be difficult in rush hours. The city has three nearby airports, the largest one is 60km away, but reachable by train in 40 minutes from the city center. Source: wikipedia and other Reducing Traffic in Congested Areas:  Reducing Traffic in Congested Areas Drivers in central London used to spend 50% of their time in queues Traffic speeds in central London dipped below 10mph in the period 1998-2000 for the first time since records began It was estimated that London was losing more than £2 million every week in terms of lost time caused by congestion From introduction in 2003 through to March 2006, operating costs were at a total of £289 million, total income at £592 million and implementation costs at £162 million In 2005, typical delays were 1.8 minutes per kilometre vs. 2.3 minutes in pre-charging conditions The combined effect of charging and improved vehicle technology is that NOx emissions within the charging zone fell by 13% and total PM10 emissions fell by 15% Neutral impact on London Central economy Source: Transport for London Parking Made Easy:  Parking Made Easy 650,000 registered drivers in Vienna Any of 126,000 short-term parking spaces can be paid through mobile phones 48,000 users one year after launch Source: Siemens Business Services Meshing Buses and Bus Stops:  Meshing Buses and Bus Stops The City of Porthsmouth – 186,000 residents – equipped the city’s 308 buses with “ruggedised” PC, running a version of Windows. Each bus is able to monitor its precise position with GPS and upload information about its accurate arrival time using a mesh mobile radio data modem. Information is transmitted to the bus stops. The network cost £4.2m. The scheme moves urban traffic control data from fixed-line networks to the mesh network, saving the council more than £70,000 a year in telephony charges. The city also expects that if public transport is more predictable more people will use it, thus reducing traffic on the roads. Abating Cost of Waste Collection:  Abating Cost of Waste Collection BigBelly Cordless Compaction System is a garbage bin equipped with a solar panel powering a motor that compacts 680 liters of waste into 18kg of easy-to-collect bags. Queens, New York City, deployed 44 compactors between July and September 2005. The compactors reduced trash collection frequency by approximately 70% or more for workers. Workers can spend more time on other cleaning tasks The required number of diesel-burning trucks (or travels per truck) is reduced With an average 4:1 compaction ratio, the solar compactors significantly reduce the amount of sidewalk space taken up by bags of trash The bins are currently equipped with a LED that indicates when the trash is ready to be picked up. Wirelessly-enabled BigBelly is planned, which will reduce even further the need to travel to check the bins Source: Seahorse Power Co. Local Economies Grow with Broadband:  Local Economies Grow with Broadband In 2004, the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) approved funding of £20 million for Project ACCESS and Cumbria to deploy broadband telecommunications network Gleaston Watermill café, shops and holiday cottages Set up an e-commerce site for Pig’s Whisper, a novelty pig business, which now brings in about 10% of sales Cottage is more appealing to people that have to work while there Inquiries and bookings are managed more quickly Residents can access LearnDirect training material (e.g. European Computer Driving Licence qualification) Textile artist Fiona Nisbet can work from home and be much more effective, both by administering finance and travel online, and by offering online workshops and bookings Source: Northwest Regional Development Agency Summary:  Local governments play a fundamental role in service delivery and that can only increase in the foreseeable future Modernization of service delivery will materialize into joined up IT enabled processes Portals, call centres, digitalTV, etc. will provide usable interfaces Case and record management will streamline workflow Flexible and secure architecture will support integration Efficient resource management will release resources to the front-end Shared back office services will achieve economies of scale Finance, budgeting and performance management tools will support savvy decisions Mobile and other innovative tools will “virtualize” cities to improve quality of life Summary Questions...:  Questions... Massimiliano Claps, Program Manager Silvia Piai, Research Analyst

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