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Published on February 27, 2013

Author: Demetrio_Maguigad


Client Analysis

“8.9 Million Oscars-Related Tweets Sent Sunday”

Pulled by Jacki Bubis

POST-A: 5 Steps for developing your social media plan 1. PEOPLE 2. OBJECTIVES 3. STRATEGY 4. TECHNOLOGY 5. ASSESS

Key Objectives & Strategies Nurturing A Community: Building authority Sustainability strategy: Allowing supporters to help each other Energizing Supporters strategy: Rallying key supporters towards an action or cause tools Conversing & Buzz strategy: Building relationships by creating and participating in conversations--direct engagementListening & Monitoring strategy:Collecting info and insights through conversations time

Key Objectives in the Groundswell & BusinessBUSINESS GOALS SOCIAL OBJECTIVES SOCIAL STRATEGIESResearch Listening MonitoringMarketing Talking ConversingSales Energizing RallyingSupport Supporting SustainingDevelopment Embracing Nurturing

Group Exercise 1. Alliance Bakery 2. Specimen Guitars 3. Rotofugi 4. White Birch Trading Co.

Group ExerciseReview your client and their basic needs. Dig a bit deeper at understanding theirGeneral and targeted audiences and audit their current online presence.Based on what they need and assessments of their online activities, do thefollowing:1. Identify business goals and basic social objectives and order them in priority.2. Based on the objectives, provide a recommended strategic path3. Then identify some specific social technologies and how they can tactically use them to achieve their objectives.4. Finally, discuss in your group how you would determine success— what can be measured in both quantity and quality?5. Be prepared to present your ideas to the class as a group.

Assignment due next week1. Objective: Deepen your understanding of your client and their industry. Assignment: Audit and chart your client’s online and social media communications channels, identify and define audiences, identify competitors in the market and narrow your client’s social media objective. Format should be an outline. This will help prepare you with your midterm project. Due in next week as a printed document. 20 points2. Objective: Understand more about Social Media and company culture. Assignment: Read chapter 11 of Groundswell, provide a brief response on your blog. Due next week. 10 points

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