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Published on May 10, 2013

Author: Demetrio_Maguigad


Measuring Social MediaMarketing

You you need marketing analytics• Identifying what’s working• Identifying what’s not working• Identifying ways to improve• Implementing more of the tactics that work toimprove marketing performanceThe Four benefits of measuring is knowing the following:

PurposeThe idea is about quantitative growthand qualitative perception of brand.

Much of your analytics monitoring will orshould be in the form of a feedback loop:CreateContent& EngageListen &MonitorMeasure& EngagePlan &Set Goals

Your Social Media Metrics• Audience Growth & Reach• Engagement• Visibility & Brand Perception• Traffic Pull• Conversion Rate

Audience Growth & Reach

Audience Growth & ReachDefinition: The total number of people engagingwith your brand in social media channels.#People + #Reach / Time = GrowthI like to call this, Influence in the Groundswell


EngagementDefinition: The number of interactions generatedas measured by specific metrics: FB Likes, TwitterRTs and Replies, Comments, Shares, etc.I like to think of this as quality ofcontent, measuring the relevance, interest ofcontent and conversations.

Visibility & Brand Perception

Visibility & Brand PerceptionDefinition: All the mentions of your brandthroughout social media channels and qualitativeanalysis of whether the mentions are positive,negative or neutral.Requires the use of monitoring tools and listeningto the groundswell. Know where you are beingtalked about and respond appropriately, whethercustomers have a problem, needsomething, engage with new prospects and more.

Traffic Pull

Traffic PullDefinition: The percentage of unique visitors toyour website that comes from social mediachannels.If your traffic from social media isn’t growing, thenyou should examine your social media strategy. Doyour tweets or Facebook posts include relevantlinks back to your website, where readers can getmore information on a particular topic or takeadvantage of a special offer on a landing page?

Conversion Rate

Conversion RateDefinition: The percentage of visitors from socialmedia that convert into lead or customersThis metric is critical for measuring the value ofyour social media reach. Comparing thepercentage of leads or customers you generatethrough social media vs. other channels will helpyou determine the ROI of your social mediaoutreach.

Tools for Measurement• Tweetdeck• Hootsuite• SproutSocial• Radian6• PeopleBrowsr• Spredfast• Google Analytics

Career NarrativesThe old industrial, nuclear family narrativeThe new dynamic, networked narrative

Career PathsSocial Media:• Social Media Manager, Coordinator,Community Manager• Professional Blogger, Personality• Strategist, Analyst, Communications expert• Content Auditor, Specialist, Content Writer forthe Web• SEO Marketer, SEO Specialist

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