Session leader presentation pt. 1

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Published on October 22, 2017

Author: Agaffney0611


Teacher Retention and Attrition: Teacher Retention and Attrition Alexandra Gaffney About me: About me Started teaching in 2015 I taught 2 years in a high school and this is my first year in a middle school setting. I am a resource special education teacher and intervention teacher. Goals for the presentation: Goals for the presentation What is teacher attrition and retention? Why is this an important topic to discuss with educators? Who does teacher attrition and retention affect? What is teacher retention and attrition? : What is teacher retention and attrition? Retention- “stayers”- teachers remaining in their current teaching placement. Attrition- “leavers”-teachers leaving the profession Mobility or Migration-”movers”-teachers moving or changing schools Teaching area transfer- switching from general education to special education or special education to general education.

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