Session 50 - High Performance Computing Ecosystem in Europe

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Information about Session 50 - High Performance Computing Ecosystem in Europe

Published on July 15, 2009

Author: ISSGC


High-Performance Computing Ecosystemin Europe July 15th, 2009 Kimmo Koski CSC – The Finnish IT Center for Science

Topics Terminology and definitions Emerging trends Stakeholders On-going Grid and HPC activities Concluding remarks

Terminology and pointers HPC High Performance Computing HET, High Performance Computing in Europe Taskforce, established in June 2006 with a mandate to draft a strategy for European HPC ecosystem Petaflop/s Performance figure 1015 floating point operations (calculations) in second e-IRG, e-Infrastructure Reflection Group. e-IRG is supporting the creation of a framework (political, technological and administrative) for the easy and cost-effective shared use of distributed electronic resources across Europe - particularly for grid computing, storage and networking. ESFRI, European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures. The role of ESFRI is to support a coherent approach to policy-making on research infrastructures in Europe, and to act as an incubator for international negotiations about concrete initiatives. In particular, ESFRI is preparing a European Roadmap for new research infrastructures of pan-European interest. RI Research Infrastructure

Terminology and pointers (cont.) PRACE, Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe EU FP7 project for preparatory phase in building the European petaflop computing centers, based on HET work DEISA-2, Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications. DEISA is a consortium of leading national supercomputing centers that currently deploys and operates a persistent, production quality, distributed supercomputing environment with continental scope. EGEE-III, Enabling Grid for E-sciencE. The project provides researchers in academia and industry with access to a production level Grid infrastructure, independent of their geographic location. EGI_DS, An effort to establish a sustainable grid infrastructure in Europe GÉANT2, Seventh generation of pan-European research and education network

Computational science infrastructure

Performance Pyramid National/regional centers, Grid-collaboration Local centers European HPC center(s) e-IRG PRACE TIER 0 DEISA-2 Capability Computing EGEE-III TIER 1 Capacity Computing TIER 2

Need to remember about petaflop/s… What do you mean with petaflop/s? Theoretical petaflop/s? LINPACK petaflop/s? Sustained petaflop/s for a single extremely parallel application? Sustained petaflop/s for multiple parallel applications? Note that between 1 and 4 there might be several years Petaflop/s hardware needs petaflop/s applications, which are not easy to program, or not even possible in many cases Do we even know how to scale over 100000 processors …

Emerging trends

ResearchCommunity-2 ResearchCommunity-1 ResearchCommunity-3 Human interaction Human interaction Human interaction Workspace Workspace Workspace Labs Labs Labs Scientific Data Scientific Data Scientific Data Computing, Grid Computing, Grid Computing, Grid Network Network Network Global Virtual Research Communities

VirtualCommunity VirtualCommunity VirtualCommunity Human interaction Human interaction Human interaction Workspace Workspace Workspace Virtual Labs Virtual Labs Virtual Labs Scientific Data Scientific Data Scientific Data Grid Grid Grid Economies of Scale EfficiencyGains Network Network Network Global Virtual Research Communities Scientific Data Grid Network

Data and information explosion Petascale computing produces exascale data


HPC Ecosystem to support the top The upper layers of the pyramid HPC centers / services European projects (HPC/Grid, networking, …) Activities which enable efficient usage of upper layers Inclusion of national HPC infrastructures Software development and scalability issues Competence development Interoperability between the layers


Stakeholder categories in PRACE Providers of HPC services European HPC and grid projects Networking infrastructure providers Hardware vendors Software vendors and the software developing academic community End users and their access through related Research Infrastructures Funding bodies on a national and international level Policy setting organisations directly involved in developing the research infrastructure and political bodies like parliaments responsible for national and international legislation

Policy and strategy work HET: HPC in Europe Taskforce e-IRG: e-Infrastructure Reflection Group ESFRI: European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures ERA Expert Group on Research Infrastructures ESFRI

Some focus areas Collaboration between research and e-infrastructure providers Horizontal ICT services Balanced approach: more focus on data, software development and competence development Inclusion of different countries, different contribution levels New emerging technologies, innovative computing initiatives Global collaboration, for example Exascale computing initiative Policy work, resource exchange, sustainable services etc.

On-going Grid and HPC activities

EU infrastructure projects GEANT Number of data infrastructure projects

22 Supercomputing Drives Science through Simulation Environment Weather/ Climatology Pollution / Ozone Hole Ageing Society Medicine Biology Energy Plasma Physics Fuel Cells Materials/ Inf. Tech Spintronics Nano-science

23 PRACE Initiative History and First Steps Production of the HPC part ofthe ESFRI Roadmap;Creation of a vision, involving 15 European countries Signature of the MoU Submission ofan FP7 project proposal Bringing scientists together Creation of the Scientific Case Approval of the project Project start HPCEUR HET 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

24 HET: The Scientific Case Weather, Climatology, Earth Science degree of warming, scenarios for our future climate. understand and predict ocean properties and variations weather and flood events Astrophysics, Elementary particle physics, Plasma physics systems, structures which span a large range of different length and time scales quantum field theories like QCD, ITER Material Science, Chemistry, Nanoscience understanding complex materials, complex chemistry, nanoscience the determination of electronic and transport properties Life Science system biology, chromatin dynamics, large scale protein dynamics, protein association and aggregation, supramolecular systems, medicine Engineering complex helicopter simulation, biomedical flows, gas turbines and internal combustion engines, forest fires, green aircraft, virtual power plant

25 First success: HPC in ESFRI Roadmap The European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures is the first comprehensive definition at the European level Research Infrastructures areone of the crucial pillars of the European Research Area A European HPC service – impact foreseen: strategic competitiveness attractiveness for researchers supporting industrial development

strategic competitiveness

attractiveness for researchers

supporting industrial development

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