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Published on February 12, 2008

Author: Viviana


Slide1: Mick Eekhout Professor of Product Development Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology Director Octatube Space Structures BV Working on Safety 2006 WORKING ON SAFE BUILDING SITES FOR ARCHITECTURAL INNOVATIONS 14 September 2006 Even innovations have to be safe Design & Development:  Design & Development Innovations are necessary to increase the state of technology Innovations often exists on several levels: multiple innovations Success has to be earned Everything goes wrong unless it is consciously designed Architects are confronted with unwanted effects if they are not involved during the construction period Design & Development both have value The building is the primary end result CCTV, Peking | OMA/Rem Koolhaas:  CCTV, Peking | OMA/Rem Koolhaas Dutch architecture sets the world level: often conceptual Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence:  Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence Brunelleschi foresaw suspended scaffolds and cranes with gears 1423-1461 Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence:  Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence Proposals for execution Several hoisting machines These proposals depend on the innovations in the building process Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence:  Dome of Brunelleschi, Florence But also the building technology remains impressive The lesson of Brunellesci:  The lesson of Brunellesci The gap between design and building has to be bridged in order to come up with and realize new building technology Safety vs. Experiment:  Safety vs. Experiment Safety vs. Experiment When it comes to conventional construction, the architect generally does not have to worry about the “buildability”, safety and health issues When it comes to experiments, many architects prefer the easy way out by avoiding the responsibility towards other members of the building team State of Technology:  State of Technology Two ways to increase the state of technology through product development Incremental: small steps forward with always a limited risk Integral: more than the usual responsibility: the integral ‘design & build’ approach as the ultimate attitude Design & Build:  Design & Build The solution for a ‘safe’ experiment is: the ‘DESIGN & BUILD’ approach Gustav Eiffel (1832 – 1923):  Gustav Eiffel (1832 – 1923) Arequipa, Peru Corsica Design & Build (±1890) Felix Candela (1910-1998):  Felix Candela (1910-1998) Prototype of ‘The Umbrella’ Oceanic Park in Valencia Design & Build (±1950) Pier Luigi Nervi (1981-1979):  Pier Luigi Nervi (1981-1979) Design & Build (±1960) Possible, Probable & Desirable:  Diagram: Taeke de Jong Possible, Probable & Desirable possible probable desirable Designers are supposed to strive for the desirable and possible future, but also for the improbable future: They have to follow a different way Design & Build by Octatube:  Design & Build by Octatube At Octatube we follow the same path of the incremental and integral ‘Design & Build’ Product Development Developing spatial structures Synergy between architecture, structural design and industrial design Integration of design, production & building Developing new building products and building systems Prinsenhof, Delft (1996):  Prinsenhof, Delft (1996) Dome in Bremen 50m (1990):  Dome in Bremen 50m (1990) Assembled on ground level, hoisted by cranes Slide18:  Rabin Center , Tel Aviv (2003-2006) GRP roofs assembled on the ground, hoisted by crane and installation by alpinists Danger on the Building Site:  Danger on the Building Site 1. HEIGHT Height above reach (say 2 meters) Through movement unable to remain in balance Without protection on the edge of great heights Unexpected movements Danger on the Building Site:  Danger on the Building Site 2. OVERLOAD Maximum strain for lifting (per person) Maximum strain for dragging (per person) Maximum strain per 2 persons for lifting and movement; singular or repetitive Mechanical tools for repetitive lift, movement, positioning and fine-tuning Danger on the Building Site:  3. OUTDOOR CLIMATE Cold, wind and rain Too much sun and draught Working on site could lead to an RSI problem Unexpected movements Danger on the Building Site RSI caused on the Building Site:  RSI caused on the Building Site Solutions: A climatologically sheltered work environment Utilizing mechanical aid in order to lift, hoist, move and adjust heavy elements and components Account for the ergonomics of the construction worker RSI caused on the Building Site:  RSI caused on the Building Site Further Solutions: Building will be more expensive: invest in the realization Increasing prices for real estate prove that we are prepared to pay higher prices The number of construction workers decreases significantly (in the future) The profession of construction worker needs to be attractive, also in an increasing virtual society Garden Road, Hong Kong (1992):  Garden Road, Hong Kong (1992) The construction process sometimes amazes Main Activities on the Building Site:  Main Activities on the Building Site Can a robot substitute all? Information Coordination Accommodation Transportation Hoisting Measuring Positioning Joining Integration Finishing Equipping Delivering Could robots combine these functions? MEZZ, Breda | Erick van Egeraat:  MEZZ, Breda | Erick van Egeraat In the meanwhile new challenges have arisen like Blob architecture How to build? How to maintain? Station CS, Arnhem | UN Studio:  Station CS, Arnhem | UN Studio Blob architecture provokes our ingenuity for technology and safety Curently under construction Life will never be simple again Conclusion:  Conclusion Safety The concept of realisation of a building has to be included in the design Health Ergonomics, detailed infill of tools and protection for the construction workers have to be optimized Design & Build approach for innovations All risks and responsibilities are centralized. We are not afraid!

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