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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ahmedelmeghiny



JNCIA-Junos - 3

JNCIA - JUNOS Eng. Ahmed Nosehy

Firewall filters

Firewall filter overview (1/2) • In Cisco; * you configures access lists by numbers or names. * numbers dictate the type of access-list (standard or extended) * you can configure the access list either in-bound or out- bound • In Juniper; * access list named by firewall filter * can be configured as Cisco either in-bound or out-bound * firewall filters are being configured under <edit firewall family inet>

Firewall filter overview (2/2)

Firewall filter terms(1/10) • Remember that in Cisco, the match and action are being in the same line • Whereas in Junos, the match is separated under TERM

Firewall filter terms(2/10) • There is an implicit deny at the end of access list in both Cisco and Junos • The deny action in JUNOS is either DISCARD or REJECT

Firewall filter terms(3/10) • Example to block all ipv4 traffic for subnet

Firewall filter terms(4/10) • JUNOS offer great flexibility in access list, we can re-write the previous filter as follow; • The only difference between this example and the previous one is that , here packet will be discarded(silently with no error) not rejected.

Firewall filter terms(5/10) • We can add and modify an existed access list; • We can also add describtion using annotate command

Firewall filter terms(6/10)

Firewall filter terms(7/10) • Moreover a prefix list can be used in the source addresses,

Firewall filter terms(8/10) • Question, make an access list with a prefix list as match condition • Prefix list should at least containing three prefixes • The Filter will allow the prefixes only • Answer:

Firewall filter terms(9/10)

Firewall filter terms(10/10) • Junos can support not continues prefixes,

Firewall filter Performance (1/2)

Firewall filter Performance (2/2)

Firewall filter change (1/5) • In CISCO if you want to insert a line, you will remove the whole access list then re-write it again • Engineers most likely using a text file to optimize their work and that may cause problems, the access list are being applied in order(what if you allowed undesired traffic or vise versa) • JUNOS offers great flexibility in changing an access list

Firewall filter change (2/5) • An example of changing an access list. Adding additional web server

Firewall filter change (3/5) • Remember ;

Firewall filter change (4/5) • The Junos equvlant filter;

Firewall filter change (5/5) • Only one set command; • Mission accomplished,

Applying Firewall filter (1/2) • You can apply the access list direction(inbound or outbound) under the interface configuration;

Applying Firewall filter (2/2)

Routing protocols


Routing Table(1/3) • JUNOS is using inet.0 as the global routing table • JUNOS is using _juniper_private1_.inet.0 for management traffic • If you created another routng instance it will show like <vrf name> inet.0

Routing Table(2/3) • Connected and locals routes;

Routing Table(3/3)

Troubleshooting routing problems(1/2)

Troubleshooting routing problems(2/2)

policy based routing(1/4) • Before the troubleshooting, we should understand the concept of PBR. • PBR is a technique used to make routing decisions based on policies set by the network administrator. • When a router receives a packet it normally decides where to forward it based on the destination address in the packet, • However, in some cases, there may be a need to forward the packet based on other criteria. For example, a network administrator might want to forward a packet based on the source address, not the destination address • Here comes the benefit of the PBR.

policy based routing(2/4) • Example of using PBR, lets assume that the traffic will go to the internet through e0/0. it’s required to force it to go through the firewall filter.

policy based routing(3/4) • Here is the solution; access-list 111 permit ip any ! route-map net-10 permit 10 match ip address 111 set interface Ethernet0/1 ! route-map net-10 permit 20 interface Ethernet3/0 ip address ip policy route-map net-10

policy based routing(4/4) • Here is the solution in Junos; set access-list extended 10 src-ip entry 1 set match-group name ahmed set match-group ahmed ext-acl 10 match-entry 1 set action-group name ABC set action-group nosehy next-hop action-entry 1 set pbr policy name pbr_policy set pbr policy pbr_policy match-group ahmed action-group ABC 1 exit set interfaces e-3/0 pbr pbr_policy

OSPF routing protocol

Configuring OSPF(1/1)

Configuring OSPF(2/2) • Remember, you can navigate down to area or interface configuration level. [edit protocols ospf] lab@router # edit area [edit protocols ospf area] lab@router # edit interfaces [edit protocols ospf area interfaces] lab@router # set fe-0/0/0.0

Area types • Junos also support different types of OSPF as Cisco do (stub , so stubby , not so stubby area). You can configure it using;

Injecting routes to OSPF(1/2)

Injecting routes to OSPF(2/2) • An example;

Area Authentication(1/2)

Area Authentication(2/2) • When we show the configuration

Monitoring OSPF(1/4) • Many commands used by Cisco will be used By Junos after removing the IP parameter. show ospf database show ospf interface show ospf interface <interface_name> extensive show ospf neighbor show route protocol ospf >>>>>> show ip route ospf

Monitoring OSPF(2/4)

Monitoring OSPF(3/4)

Monitoring OSPF(4/4)


BGP differences

Configuring BGP • Before the start of configuring the BGP parameters you must dictate AS number. [edit routing-options] lab@router # set autonomous-system 64532 [edit routing-options] lab@router # top [edit routing-options] lab@router # edit protocols bgp

Defining BGP peers(1/4)

Defining BGP peers(2/4) • Here is an example of configuring two BGP sessions to two neighbors from the same AS; • Note my AS is 64532

Defining BGP peers(3/4) • Here is an example of configuring two BGP sessions to two neighbors from two different ASs;

Defining BGP peers(4/4) • When combining the previous two examples

Sending BGP routes(1/2)

Sending BGP routes(2/2)

Writing policies(1/8)

Writing policies(2/8)

Writing policies(3/8)

Writing policies(4/8)

Writing policies(5/8) • Defining simple export policy;

Writing policies(6/8) • Defining a policy to set the local preference to 110 and two policies to filter routes from two peers;

Writing policies(7/8) • How to apply a policy to set the local preference to 110 and two policies to filter routes from two peers;

Writing policies(8/8) • We can use a prefix list to simplify the operation of the policy. • You can see, the same prefix list used in a policy to accept the prefixes and in another one to reject them;

Monitoring BGP(1/4) • Many commands used by Cisco will be used By Junos after removing the IP parameter. *show bgp summary *show bgp neighbor *show route receive-protocol bgp <neighbor ip address> In cisco : show ip bgp neighbors <neighbor ip address> revieved-routes *show route advertising-protocol bgp <neighbor ip address> In cisco : show ip bgp neighbors <neighbor ip address> advertised-routes

Monitoring BGP(2/4)

Monitoring BGP(3/4)

Monitoring BGP(4/4)


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