Session 1 - Introduction to launching your e-course

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Information about Session 1 - Introduction to launching your e-course

Published on October 9, 2009

Author: ivarsity



The presentation will be useful to those faculty who would are new to e-teaching and would like to understand how convert their regular course into e-course

Guidelines for creating a successful course

Follow-up programs Objective of the proposed course Course completion Criteria Laying down the minimum Guidelines for criteria for learners to join the Launching e-course course Tools for tracking the learning Identifying suitable learning formats Understanding Learners background & profile Guidelines for Launching e-course.mmap - 10/9/2009 - Mindjet

Objective of the course ??

“Cheshire Puss” She began rather timidly as she did not at all know whether it would like the name, however, it only grinned a little wonder. Come, it’s pleased so far thought Alice and she went on “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here? “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to” Said the cat.

CFA Could CIMA be a CA professional certification CFP exam CAIA GMAT Help learners for Could be CAT pass a standard admission IIT-JEE exam test AIEEE CBSE Could be ICSE/IB board exam State Boards Could be university Sample Course exams objectives Using spreadsheet Writing Software code Help Learners Operating SAP System Describe general recommendation acquire a Creating a website and treatment for Skill Learn a Foreign Language children with Help learners build knowledge autism Data gathering techniques and awareness How capital structure decisions are taken Tax Laws Sample Course objectives.mmap - 10/9/2009 - Mindjet

Minimum Criteria for joining • Course objective will lead to Minimum Criteria – Exam Preparation: Aspiring CPA candidate may have to be a graduate – Skill Building : There could be many levels in skill building Beginners,Advanced etc.. to join advanced skill building program candidates need to have completed beginners program – Knowledge Acquistion: Knowledge acquistion could also be at different levels – Awareness level, understanding level, application level, suvervisory level

Recap • Categorise your • Seting minmum entry objective criteria – Passing the exam – Education Qualification – Skill building – Skill level – Knowledge development – Knowledge Level

Understand the learner's background • K12 Kids – What interests him, how do they spend time, what are the sites frequented by them, their favorite charachetrs, the language they use • Working Adult – What are the challenges faced by them, when do they get time to study, what is their motivation, how to motivate them, their attitute to computers & internet • College Grads – Career Aspirations? Their immediate concerns? Priorities ?

Best done by talking to individuals whom you think should do your course

How does it help ? • Understanding learners socio-economic profile helps you in determining – The language you should use in your course content – Proposed break up in terms of • Reading assignments • Online interaction • Follow-up assignment • Personal attention • Pricing the program • Recommendations on reference materials

Learning Formats • Fully Online Learning – Online Classes – Online Reading Material – Online Assignment Submission – Online Groups – Online Evaluation • Blended Learning – Regular Classrooms – Online Classrooms – Online Assignment Submissions – Online & Physical Groups – Online and in class evaluation • Completely Classroom – No online component at all

Tracking the learning • Once during a session • Many times during a session • How many per unit ? • How many per Module ? (Comprising of many units) • How many per Course ? (Comprising Many modules) • Comprehensive at the end • No of Assessments • Duration of Assessments

What is the best way to track ? • Q&A? • Multiple Choice • Confidence Based Testing • Reports & Findings • Assignments • Group Activity

How to end the Course ? • Issue a Course completion certificate ? • The final assessment itself is an indicator ? • What if student does not complete the learning as per the objective? • Does student need to repeat the course or only assessment ?

Follow-up programs • What after the course ? • Any reading material to keep in touch • How can the learning be put into way of life ? • Is there next level that student can aspire for ?

Word Doc Web Meeting with groups Group Interaction PDF Get together with Group Self - Study Materials Flash Spreadsheet Recorded Lectures Learning components needed to manage an e-course successfully Quizzes Group Assignments End Exam with Grades Award of certification Course Completion Criteria Assessment Tools Presentation by candidates Project Submission Grading of Project Activities - - Mindjet

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