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Published on May 27, 2008

Author: resatsch



This is the presentation I held at the inaugural event for the mobile monday in warsaw. Excellent location and excellent crowd.

Warsaw as NFC city! Potentials and Pitfalls Vision 2010 picture © istockphoto

picture © istockphoto

Vision 2010 Warsaw introduces an NFC-based multi function public service infrastructure! picture © istockphoto

picture © phototram

Questions… •Why NFC? •Why warsaw? •What‘s next? picture © phototram

picture © ChristOFF

Near Field Communication (NFC) • Short-range wireless connectivity technology • Chip (13.56 RFID), phone, mobile internet • Fast, reliable, easy to use • Current applications incl. Tests with: Payment, Ticketing, Parking, Smart Poster • Nokia 6212 NFC picture © ChristOFF

NFC has no actual age limit… picture © istockphoto

NFC makes technology easy for everyone picture © istockphoto

picture © Jarosław Pocztarski

Cities • Urban centers • Dense • Complex • Information need • Facilitation of daily life picture © Jarosław Pocztarski

Berlin (© 2008 Deutsche Bahn) Tokyo (© 2008 Felica) Frankfurt (© 2008 RMV) Theater, Parking, Info Tags NFC in Schools, Hybrid Food Market, Blood Glucose Meter, City of Oulu (© 2008 CoU) Elderly Meal Services

picture © Guru Guru

picture © david.crowley66

picture © ChristOff

picture © tiloe

Application examples for Warsaw picture © tiloe

picture © istockphoto

picture © istockphoto

picture © euroIL

Warsaw • Use learnings from other cities • Holistic approach • Quick and dirty applications • Let user make the decisions • Build the ecosystem picture © euroIL

picture © istockphoto

Pitfalls • The classic: no handsets (the solution: order!) • Wrong marketing communication (It‘s not NFC as technology, it‘s easier, faster, convenient) • Application choice (Payment & Transport need many partners and is super difficult) • Operators think in their old world (Closed Systems) picture © istockphoto

picture © f.resatsch

Potentials • EASY • FAST • FUN • CONVENIENT • CREATIVE • … picture © f.resatsch

picture © ctosee2sea

Recap •Why NFC? •Why warsaw? •What‘s next? picture © ctosee2sea

Recap • Why NFC? – NFC provides easy access to mobile internet and is fun to use – Many possible applications for everyone to gain revenue • Why warsaw? – Very innovative city– be first! – Lot of mobile phone afficionados • What‘s next? – Start small: Prototypes – User Tests picture © ctosee2sea

Motto for Vision • Just do it • Use universities! • Let people know about the options! • Have fun! picture © ctosee2sea

Contact Florian Resatsch (+49 179 200 6180)- Philipp Lehmkuhl (+49 171 545 0 455) servtag Gmbh Berlin Germany

Media Sources • Jarosław Pocztarski (Warsaw Financial District) CC-Licence (Source: • burge5000 (Warsaw Old Time) CC-Licence (Source: • Jarosław Pocztarski (Plac Zamkowy Pod Kolumna Zygmunta) CC-Licence (Source: • ChristOff (Warsaw Downtown) CC-Licence (Source: • ChristOff (Warsaw Central Station) CC-Licence (Source: • ChristOff (Warsaw Trade Tower) CC-Licence (Source: • phototram (Not working in Warsaw) CC-Licence (Source: • euroIL (Warsaw Lights) CC-Licence (Source: • tiloe (Warsaw Centralna) CC-Licence (Source: • Guru Guru (Berlin – Warszawa – Express) CC-Licence (Source: • david.crowley66 (Warsaw Centralna) CC-Licence (Source: • ctosee2sea (Robotboy) CC-Licence (Source: • Other pictures: f.resatsch /

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