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Published on July 24, 2014

Author: VaibhavTripathi2



Data Power

The following list provides a high-level description of each of the main: • Front Side Handler— 1. The Front Side Handler (FSH) object is the first point of entryinto the DataPower service. It is kind of like the gatekeeper for your service. 2. It is the object that is configured to listen on a specific IP and port combination for incomingrequests (or poll for messages) and perform some level of validation on the request.Most of the validation being performed is protocol-specific, based on the protocol thatthe FSH object is configured to handle. For example, an HTTP Front Side Handlerobject can be configured to allow only HTTP 1.1 requests as well as restrict the requeststo specific methods such as GET and POST. 3. There is a different FSH type that can be configured for each protocol supported on thedevice. For example, there is an MQ FSH, HTTP FSH, HTTPS FSH, and FTP FSHs. 4. Asingle service can reference more than one FSH object enabling the service to receiverequests on multiple IP address:port combinations or from more than one protocol. • SSL Proxy— 1. An SSL Proxy is an object that is configured to handle the SSL communicationand negotiation.

2. This object can be referenced by a Front Side Handler object toprovide the SSL connection to the client, or it can be used on the backside of the serviceproviding the SSL connection to the backend server. 3. The SSL Proxy determines the SSLversion as well as the keys and certificates that are used in the SSL handshake. 4. Basically,everything required to establish SSL communication is defined in this object. • Processing Policy— 1. Processing Policy is whereall the message processing takes place. 2. It is a single object that references processingrules that apply specific processing actions to the request and response messages. • Processing Rules— 1. A processing rule is simply an execution path that a request orresponse follows as it flows through the service. 2. The processing rule references asequence of processing actions that perform the actual processing. 3. Separate processingrules can be configured to handle the request and the response. 4. A processing rule canalso be configured to execute in the event that an error occurs in the processing of themessage. • Actions— 1. Each execution step along the processing rule is called an action. 2. An actioncan be any type of processing that can be applied to a message. 3. There are many differenttypes of actions that perform different functions. 4. Some of the different types of actionsinclude XSLT transformations, encryption, decryption, signing, logging, and AAA. • XML Manager— 1. The XML Manager is responsible for managing many things across the entire service. 2. There is typically only one XML Manager configured for a service. 3. Some of the responsibilities of the XML Manager are controlling document caching,XML parser options, XSLT compile options, and much more.

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