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Published on January 2, 2017

Author: albertramanujan


1. Introduction • Founded in June 1971, by Frederick W. Smith • Revenue as of 2014 :$11.5 billion • “Federal” nationwide economics “Express” means speed • Federal Express Corporation was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas • The headquarters then changed from Little Rock to Memphis

2. Introduction Business Segments FedEx Express FedEx Ground FedEx Freight FedEx Services Corporate Strategy “Compete Collectively, Manage Collaboratively”

3. Brand Elements Brand Name - FedEx Corporation URL - Logo - Color - Purple Tagline Slogan - “We Understand”

4. Logo Transformation 1974 1978 1994 2000

5. Brand Growth Analysis FedEx – One of the Worlds most respected brands 1994 – Rebranding of Federal Express •Formalize the unofficial abbreviation •International Comp. & distinguish Express Services

6. Brand Growth Analysis 1997 – 2000 • FedEx acquired a number of companies Transportation, Freighting, Customs information, ect. • Created a“branded house” under the FedEx name – Objective: To be credibly perceived as a diversified transportation services provider with global reach.

7. FedEx – A Branded House •FedEx developed a brand architecture and naming system that extended the FedEx brand without compromising its integrity. •The system uses a different color and descriptor to distinguish each operating company. •By retaining the well-known wordmark’s letterforms and white space, each operation benefits from identification as part of FedEx. • Showcases the broad diversity of the product offering while building the core brand.

8. Products & Service Offerings

9. Place

10. Place & Time Regional Facts about Fedex Corporation • Asia • Europe • Middle East Africa • Latin America • North America Services Provided: 24*7 Almost Everywhere and at any time !

11. Promotion

12. Promotion Key Marketing Activities •Fedex Uses Sports as a medium for promoting its services Eg:Motorsports(F1),Golf(PGA tour),Tennis(Roger Federer) •Alliances with NFL, NBA, FedEx cup, FedEx racing, the FedEx orange bowl, and the FedEx field •Senior Vice President of International Marketing, Rajesh Subramaniam, said, “FedEx sponsors and associates with several sports that share its attributes of speed, reliability, precision, teamwork and flawless execution.” •Fedex Promoted its brand through Cast away,one of the Oscar Nominated Movie •Other Movies like :Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani +-

13. Promotion •In Nov 2003,Fedex Along with University Of Memphis,started Fedex Institute Of Technology •Since 2003 Fedex has contributed $5 million in R&D •Fedex Centre For SCM is helping organizations to meet key Supply Chain management challenges globally.

14. Price

15. Price • The main factors that influence the price charged by FedEx are the costs of gas, promotions, and market research • Charges premium prices for quality services • In China FedEx is slashing its prices for market penetration • As FedEx management's policy is to maximize profits, they use the cutthroat business technique by pricing their services at high prices and hoping the consumer will use it based on the company's reputation and their unique and detailed tracking system • It provides booking facility through internet.

16. Physical Evidence

17. Physical Evidence The staff members & vehicles as well as aircrafts plays an major role for providing services Buildings, landscape, interiors etc are least important for FedEx For direct customer interaction they recruit front desk executives & provides coded information for their parcels.

18. People

19. People FedEx employees provide both pre service as well as post service FedEx seeks to employ staff from its surrounding communities FedEx hires people who have enough experience in transportation and SCM.

20. Process

21. Process Procuring Products from the Clients Procurement and order management Functions Delivering products & Services to customers For complexities EDI,EFT Bandwidth &DSS for planning & execution

22. Positioning The FedEx Position Who is the target market? “anyone who needs to send something anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the one and only package you'll ever ship in your life or you have 1000 packages to ship every day.”

23. Competitors The FedEx Position Who are the main competitors? United Parcel Service Founded in 1907, UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. DHL DHL is part of the world's leading postal and logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL

24. Competitors What are the points of parity? -Both companies ship packages -Both online services allow you to track packages, order supplies and pay bills. What are the points of difference? -FedEx has 3 times as many planes -Print and ship from anywhere services -FedEx has been known to update technology more frequently than UPS

25. Competitive Edge Unique events Quality Standards Packaging & Solutions Technological Innovation

26. Achievements

27. Technology & Differentiation

28. Technology • FedEx has always been a technology trailblazer, and the success of is testament to that • The company was one of the first to harness the power of the Internet, launching its Web site in 1994 with a bold new package tracking application one of the first true corporate Web services. • In 1997, FedEx foresaw the opportunity of Internet commerce and its implications on the shipping industry • FedEx became the first transportation company with Web site features that allowed customers to generate their own unique bar-coded shipping labels and request couriers to pick up shipments. FedEx Ground is taking advantage of the wireless LAN technology by expediting the movement of shipping information from delivery workers' terminals to a central database. • FedEx is positioning themselves as the future leader, with sustained competitive advantage, in the international market of the shipping industry

29. Differentiation • FedEx foresaw the importance of differentiation early on, as did most of the sector players. FedEx realized that it was in the information business • To support this need, and differentiate itself from competitors, FedEx created state-of-the-art technology for customers to track and validate shipments. Shipments are virtually traceable from their origin to their destination all with the convenience of the personal computer • Additionally, FedEx has forecasted the important strategic trend of a continuously global shipping market. The differentiation of products is a continuous process in this competitive industry as innovations are often quickly imitated. FedEx strives to develop innovations and listens to customers wants and needs.

30. The extensive infrastructure and resources FedEx has compiled are quite impressive The company has added several optimum hubs, the Euro One Hub in Paris, the Asia One Hub at Subic Bay, and the new Iraq hub to increase the reach and accessibility in blossoming new economies and manufacturing locations. This infrastructure, coupled with FedEx’s continuous innovations and fulfillment of customers needs, is what will create continued success, and eventual sector competitive advantage in the years to come. FedEx Express now delivers about 3.7 million packages per day throughout the United States and to some 210 countries worldwide.

31. Brand Recommendations Social Marketing Campaigns

32. Brand Recommendations Business Twitter Campaign Register with Twitter to get discounts on services offered at FedEx Office deliver tips for small business owners •Tax tips •Networking Opportunities

33. Brand Recommendations Marketing to help reinforce the brand •Viral Video Ads that reinforce image of speed and agility •Development of a FedEx Application on people’s pages Research and Development Efforts •Corporate Page for people to join and provide feedback and ideas for products or services to improve

34. Brand Recommendations Marketing to help reinforce the brand •Banners to help market services for professionals and small business Research and Development Efforts •Host a group for small business owners to share tips and needs •Review the posting to determine potential marketing opportunities

35. Brand Recommendations Reinforce the US Brand Further develop correlations that reinforce the speed and agility theme •TV shows that reinforce importance of timely and speedy delivery •EX: “24”

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