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Published on January 2, 2017

Author: albertramanujan


1. My Favorite Service Brand

2. • An airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. • A subsidiary of The Emirates Group, wholly owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai. • On 25th October 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircraft—a leased Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4. Emirates Story

3. • During the mid-1980s, Gulf Air began to cut back its services to Dubai as it was concerned it was providing regional feeder flights for other carriers. As a result Emirates was conceived in March 1985 with backing from Dubai's royal family. • The largest airline in the Middle East, operating nearly 3,400 flights per week from its hub at Dubai International Airport, to more than 142 cities in 78 countries across six continents. • Cargo activities are undertaken by the Emirates Group's Emirates SkyCargo division.

4. Marketing Mix (7P’s)  Product  Price  Place  Promotion  Process  People  Physical Evidence

5. • Emirates is always the first to offer the high- quality, latest technologies and services to their customers in airline industry. • It is the first airline to show the BBC world news updates in flight, the first to give travelers the ability to send and receive emails and SMS messages from any class and the first airline to implement TVs in all classes. • It is known of its high standard safety and security flights since it is implementing many security programs and safety systems. Product

6. A - Fleet and Schedules-Related Product Features 1 – Fleet of Emirates • Emirates A380 • Boeing 777-300ER • Boeing 777-200LR • Boeing 777-300 • Boeing 777-200 • Airbus A340-500 • Airbus A340-300 • Airbus A330-200

7. 2 – In-Flight Services First Class A mid-flight shower and spa

8. OnAir Inflight Wi-Fi system In every cabin, telephone, SMS and email services, along with an in-seat power supply, make it easy to stay in touch. For personal comfort — from extra seating space and massage functionality, to lighting designed to reduce the effects of jetlag.

9. Offers large-screen personal entertainment system, along with the built-in mini-bar in every seat, personal storage area and privacy divider

10. Delicious canapés, hot and cold drinks and on-demand dining are the touches one enjoys when dining in First Class

11. Access over 1,800 channels of entertainment, from news to movies to interactive games on ice entertainment system

12. Young Flyers • It renders offerings from dedicated children's channels and brightly coloured headsets to complimentary birthday cakes, also with great selection of radio, podcasts and CDs, the best in interactive games or exclusive children’s magazines. • Offer own Airshow channel, so child can experience a pilot's-eye view of takeoff and landing and follow the aircraft’s progress.

13. Offer complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers to our First Class and Business Class passengers in more than 70 cities. In Dubai, First Class customers are provided with specially- commissioned Mercedes vehicles, and Business Class customers are served by luxury Volvo cars. Chauffeur-drive

14. In-Flight Lounge in the First Class of A380 fleet

15. Offers exclusive new private jet service

16. For fast and convenient airport-to-airport transportation of all goods For fast and convenient airport-to-airport transportation of all goods

17. In-flight Magazine Featuring in-depth profiles of interesting public figures and a cross section of articles featuring travel, technology, health and business

18. Price  It is using the premium pricing strategy, which is to offer a higher price than what other airlines in the market offer, because it serves luxurious excellent and high quality services to their customers that merit more money than other airlines who offer regular standard services.  Hence the predominant Pricing tactic is ‘Value-added Pricing’.  It targets the niche market of people from medium to high- income level who are willing to pay more in order to receive better services.

19.  Even the element of ‘cuisine’ in Emirates is positioned exquisitely. There are services available that enhance the travel value of the passenger and contribute to ease and convenience.  Another prominent pricing tactic adopted by Emirates is Peak / Off-peak Season Pricing. The Airline taps various festivals around the globe like Christmas, Eid and Diwali and hikes its prices to a ready customer base.

20.  Apart from the tactics mentioned above, Emirates Airlines introduces new offers on its price and services on a regular basis.  An important factor that has influenced the Airline’s pricing is the rise in jet-fuel prices. With rising crude-oil prices making a dent in almost all respects of the economy, Emirates has always been vary of this factor affecting its prices and profitability.

21. Place  Today, Emirates Airline has about eleven travel shop branches in the UAE and about 122 branches outside the UAE all around the world that provides superior services.  Besides, plus the physical distribution shops, Emirates Airline has also an online website presented in about nine languages in order to reach all its target segments from different nationalities. Through the website, customers can book their flights, check the latest offers and book an accommodation in a hotel during his travel.

22.  The Emirates Group owns and operates a sister company to Emirates Airlines which also acts as its direct Travel Agency extension – Dnata  Most of the booking takes place in this portal. As a result, the customer can avail the ticket without parting with a commission amount that he/she would otherwise have to incur at a foreign travel agency.  This perfect amalgamation of an Airline and a Travel Agency results in higher revenue for the Emirates Group and increased convenience and satisfaction to the customers.

23. Promotion Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) for an Airline can take place in the form of – • Advertisements • Public Relations • Sales Promotions • Sponsorships

24. Advertisements • Emirates Airlines releases a series of multi-media advertisements under its popular taglines. • Some of those slogans/taglines are – - Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering - Fly Emirates. To over 100 destinations -Fly Emirates, in six continents – Fly Emirates. Hello, Tomorrow

25. In-flight Advertising  Open Skies  Portfolio TV Advertising In-flight Media offers a unique "single-cell" environment, giving a distinct advantage over other forms of mass media.

26. Sales Promotion Offers privilege card for its customers, the more miles the customer travel the more benefits they got such as free ticket at Emirates airline. This offer will increase its brand loyalty.

27. Public Relations • It seeks to be an active participant in key public policy debates impacting the international aviation industry. • Its' operations act as an important catalyst in developing strong relations between Europe and Dubai. • Emirates Airline and Dubai Airports have commissioned a comprehensive study from leading global research firm Oxford Economics that examines Dubai’s aviation model.

28. • Open Sky is a Public Affairs journal of Emirates Airlines • Emirates fully supports the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s ‘Agenda for Freedom’ programme, which seeks to promote consensus among liberal-minded governments to reduce the barriers to cross- border business in the international aviation community.

29. Sponsorships • Emirates has been committed to sponsorship in both the UAE and around the world for over twenty years, beginning with the first powerboat race held in Dubai, in 1987. • The two disciplines under the ambit of Emirates Sponsorship are – Arts & Culture and Sports & Races

30. The various sports that avail sponsorship from Emirates Airlines are - • Football • Rugby • Tennis • Horse Racing • Golf • Cricket • Sailing • Australian Rules Football

31. Ryder Cup Deccan Chargers-IPL

32. Arsenal ICC World Cup

33. Process • Emirates Airlines services includes the following key operating departments such as the First and Business Class Lounges, Special Services like assisting disabled passengers and unaccompanied minors, Customer Relations, Baggage Services, Check-in and Boarding, and any Emirates Wing hotel. • Airport services play a major role in the overall customer experience. Check-in at the airport is often the first contact our customers have with staff, and it is also the start of travel experience with Emirates.

34. People

35. Physical Evidence • Fly planes and planes release carbon dioxide through fuel burning. • However, while flying planes, Emirates wants to make a difference by focusing on how to be an ecologically-efficient organization. • They use fewer resources, creating less waste and pollution. They believe, if they achieve these aims, they would win for customers, environment and their business. That’s why, their A380 airbus is the most efficient aircraft flying today.

36. STP • Segment – Passengers preferring comfort and reliability • Target – Corporates, Upper Middle Class / Middle Class • Positioning – Premium Airline

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