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Information about Servers

Published on September 26, 2016

Author: NysonCloud


1. Published By Server basket Team Contact Us:

2.  Introduction  What is Server And Hosting  Products  Our Brands  Server Images  Services  Customer Support  Contact Us

3.  ServerBasket was started in year Feb 5th 2014 with great expanding for all Servers and Hosting's.  It is a huge online store which all type of servers are provided as per customer requirement and budget specifications.  We are providing Instant Shipping across India with low price compared to other distributors/dealers In India.

4.  A Server is a computer program that provides that provides functionality for other devices.  The computer that a server program runs in is also frequently referred to as a server.  In client/server programming model, a server program awaits and fulfills requests from client programs, which may be running in the same or other computers.

5.  Web Hosting is a place where to store their websites and data with security.  Hosting allow you to put all your website content up on the internet. It allows every one to view what you had uploaded on there, whether it is a blog, professional website.  Instead of sending files to people, it allows you to host those files online.

6. Great availability for Servers and Hosting with more customer requirement. We are also having servers with rack, mount, tower, blade, managed hosting, dedicated hosting etc. Many clients are visited to our serverbasket product website. Please find the below link

7. We are Providing servers and Hosting services such as 1.HP Servers 2.IBM Servers 3.Dell Servers 4.Fujitsu 5.Super Micro 6. Cisco

8. Hosting:- 1. Cloud Hosting 2. Dedicated Server Hosting 3. VPS Hosting 4. Linux Server hosting 5. CMS Hosting 6. Reseller Hosting 7. Shared Hosting 8. E-mail Hosting

9.  Windows Server Management, Linux server Management are also available.  To secure data with high security we are also good at having Networking servers such as FortiGate Firewalls, Ethernet switches, Routers etc.  We are also good at providing servers for rent, second hand servers/refurbished servers, servers providing across India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai etc.

10.  If you buy any server from Server Basket you will receive a 3 years onsite warranty. The warranty is available as replaceable onsite limited warranty that takes effect within 9X5/next-business-day (NBD) responsive time.  The warranty is liable only on the hardware. With 3 years warranty available the server has become the sale dominated server in the market.

11.  We deliver the ordered server to every nook and cranny of India in maximum 3 working days without charging even a single penny. We send acknowledgment after delivery in form of email or message. Since our headquarters ware house is located in Hyderabad, local customers can even get the delivery in less time as well if required.  We guarantee the lowest online price available for server via the Internet for every booking made through ServerBasket. If you wish to book a server via our website but have found a price on the Internet lower than the price we listed, we’ll surely approve the more favorable price you found.

12.  We are here to support every time by our technical team 24/7 support will be present  If any doubt regarding on server or for any software installation query you can just ping up a mail or in chat.  We will respond your mail within 15 minutes and resolve query.

13. We are present all over India with technical support. Main branch is present in Hyderabad where all type of servers are provided You can contact through website or call Toll Free No: 1800 123 1346

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