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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: iil07


Serious Games: Present & Future BY TOM CRAWFORD CEO, VIZTHINK SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

Agenda  Definitions  Who are Gamers?  Why use Serious Games?  What are the Current State of Serious Games?  What is the Future of Serious Games?  What Resources are Available?  Q&A

A Few Definitions  Video Game – Console, computer, or handheld game  Console Game – Played on a dedicated gaming device and displayed on a TV  Computer Game – Played on a PC (or Mac), and displayed on a computer monitor  Handheld Game – Played on a very portable, dedicated gaming device and displayed on a built in screen

A Few Definitions  Video Game – Console, computer, or handheld game  Casual Game – A game that is easy to start, can be quick to play, and generally does not have a metaphorical abstraction  Serious Game – A game or simulation of any type used for learning or communication.  Game – competition? goals? rules? fun? learning? I know it when I see it?

Are YOU a Gamer? When did you last play… a game…any game?  a video game?  a console game?  a casual game?  a serious game?  When did you last buy… a game…any game?  a video game?  How would you describe the typical gamer?

Who are Gamers? Are You Sure? What is the average age of game players? Greater than 49 24.2% 33 18 to 49 47.6% Less than 18 28.2% Source: Entertainment Software Association

Who are Gamers? Are You Sure? What percentage are female? Women over 18? 31% 38% Male, 62% Female, 38% Boys under 18? 20% Source: Entertainment Software Association

Who are Gamers? Are You Sure? Are gamers lazy, anti-social slackers?  93% read books or newspapers regularly  79% of all ages exercise at least 20 hrs/month  78% vote regularly  Gamers spend triple the time on sports, community, religion, creative, cultural, and reading compared to non-gamers Source: Entertainment Software Association

Who are Gamers? Are You Sure?  What is the average age of game buyers?  40 years old  Who plays more hours per week adult men or adult women? Women = 7.4 hours/week  Men = 7.6 hours/week   How do they expect that to change?  53% expect to play as much or more in 10 years Source: Entertainment Software Association

Who are Gamers? Are You Sure? Source:

What Games Do They Play? Best Selling Console Games of 2006 Madden NFL 07 - PS2 Final Fantasy XII - PS2 1. 6. New Super Mario Bros - NDS Brain Age - NDS 2. 7. Gears of War - 360 Madden NFL 07 - 360 3. 8. Kingdom Hearts II - PS2 Tom Clancy's GRAW - 360 4. 9. Guitar Hero 2 - PS2 10. NCAA Football 07 - PS2 5. All Ages Games Sports & Racing Games Youth Games Action/Shooter Games

Why Use Serious Games?  Practice (Learning by Doing) Martin, Klein, Sullivan from Arizona State  Objectives, Information, Examples, Review, Practice  Repetition/Habit William James   In a realistic, time compressed, risk free environment  Freedom of movement leads to retention Itiel Dror 

Why Use Serious Games?  Progressive competency Source: T. Crawford concepts by J. Gee

Why Use Serious Games?  Telling your own story leads to ownership Jim Gee, David Shaffer  Source: Halo, Indiana Jones, Project Gotham Racing 3

Why Use Serious Games?  Theory of Transfer Source: T. Crawford

Current Uses: Cooking Skills Source: Cooking Mama 2

Current Uses: Biology Source: Zoo Tycoon 2

Current Uses: History Source: Civilization III (K. Squire), Revolution (mod)

Current Uses: Thinking Source: Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster, Brain Age

Current Uses: Political Statement Source: Persuasive Games

Current Uses: Social Causes

Current Uses: Social Causes Source: Food Force

Current Uses: Health Source: +???, Persuasive Games

Current Uses: Health Source: Dance Dance Revolution, Yourself Fitness!

Current Uses: Health Source: EdHeads, +???, Breakaway Games

Current Uses: Simulations  Enspire  NexLearn  Forio  Adobe Captivate  BTS Source: Enspire, NexLearn, Forio

Current Uses: Retail Training

Current Uses: Machinima  The Movies  The Ill Clan  Red vs. Blue Source: The Movies

Current Uses: Other Serious Games  Game Shows, Quizzes Marc Prensky’s Challenge Game   Classroom Jeopardy  Metaphors for Practice Dr. Jim Rosser’s Super Monkey Ball  Source: Games2Train, Classroom Jeopardy, Super Monkey Ball

Future Uses: Alternative Devices Source: Nintendo Wii, Wii Bowling, Guitar Hero 2

Future Uses: ARGs & Geo Games  I Love Bees  Lost Experience  World Without Oil  Pac-Manhattan  Tourality  Sidewalk Squirrel  Geocaching

Future Uses: Virtual Worlds Source: Created by T. O’Driscoll, Revised by T. Crawford

Future Uses: Virtual Worlds Source: ProtonMedia

Future Uses: Virtual Worlds Source: Second Life

Future Uses: Visual Realism Source: Madden Football 2007, Madden Football circ. 1998

Other Topics  Debate: Serious Games are Neither Serious Nor Games Debate: Should the Word Game be Used  Debate: What is a Game Anyway?  Debate: Do Games Have to be Fun?  Advergaming 

What Books are Available?  Required Reading  Theory of Fun  Hamlet on the Holodeck  What Video Games Have to Teach Us  Why Video Games are Good for Your Soul  How Computer Games Help Children Learn  Digital Game-Based Learning  Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning  Persuasive Games  Got Game  Interactive Storytelling

What Websites are Available?             


Contact Information Tom Crawford CEO, VizThink VizThink ’08 January 27-29, 2008 San Francisco, CA

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