Serendip Magpie Geese

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Information about Serendip Magpie Geese

Published on May 22, 2008

Author: guest94e73f



magpie geese are Australian wetland species

Magpie Goose By H.S. & T.W.

The magpie goose habitat is tropical wet lands in large flocks. Like this picture. Did you know? Did you know that the magpie geese are also known as the pied goose and is a favorite food of the north Australian aborigines. Habitat

The magpie goose habitat is tropical wet lands in large flocks.

Diet The magpie goose diet is aquatic plants and some small invertebrates and they also eat certain crops particularly rice. Did you know They call magpie geese this name because they are the same colors of a magpie's.

Behaviour Huge flocks of magpie geese come down to feed on the flood plans at certain times of the year . They prefer open country where approaching predators such as dingo's and wolfs can be easily seen so they don’t get killed.

Breeding During the breeding season magpie geese build there nests in warn places usually close to the wetlands. The nest is almost single-handedly built by the male.

These two are not magpie geese, they’re just normal ‘gooses’!

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