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Development of Adolescence

Development Across the Life Span Adolescence

Adolescent Development Physical Emotional and Social Cognitive


Onset of Puberty Pituitary Gland activates testes and ovaries Pituitary Gland Produces Growth Hormone Testes produce Testosterone Ovaries produce Estrogen

Growth Hormone Naturally produced Stimulates muscle growth

Too Much HGH ● Gigantism ● Enlarged Heart ● Diabetes And this guy

Testosterone Present in men and women, but more in men ● Hair growth ● Voice deepens ● Sex drive ● Changeable moods ● Aggression

Estrogen Present in men but more in women ● Physical Changes ● Menstrual cycle ● Sex drive ● Changeable moods

27 year-old never reaches puberty

Changes to the Adolescent Brain ● Frontal lobes have not matured ● Limbic system (motivation) is still in charge SO……...Teens can think critically and consider consequences…...


They frequently don’t

Emotional Development Psychosocial Stages What is my place and role in the world?

Emotional Development Psychosocial Stages

Emotional Development Gender Identity: at 1.5 years Socialized gender roles during childhood Gender individualization during adolescence


Transgender Identity

Emotional Development Ethnic Identity Belonging to a group Belonging to a culture

Emotional Development Ethnic Identity How am I perceived by society How does that affect me?

Acting White

Emotional Development Rebellion and Groups Individualization: The process of becoming your own person

Emotional Development Rebellion and Peers Cliques Groups

Emotional Development Rebellion and Peers Gangs

Influence on Identity

Cognitive Development Morals and Dilemmas Kohlberg’s Moral Development

Cognitive Development Pre-conventional morals: Self-interest, punishment avoidance. Conventional: Obedience. Approval vs disapproval of others. Post-Conventional: Abstract moral reasoning. Rules are put into situational context.

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