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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: VolkodavKO



Unusual explanation of why all the evil came to pass.

September 11th , 2001 – Hellish Indications in Movies About Legal statement: The text of this document only represents the private opinion, fantastic imaginations and subjective feelings of an individual. The author disclaims any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by the use of and/or manipulation with this document and he does not warrant the correctness, trueness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it. The author apologies to the creators of movies "11'09''01 - September 11", "World Trade Center", "9/11", "Fahrenheit 9/11", and "The Last Hour of Flight 11" for the use of the sample of their work and in negative context. The author also apologies to George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden for calling them "Hellish people" and that he has mentioned their names in negative context. Notice for readers: Please accept my apology for the lower quality of the language. I have written the text myself, although I do not speak English very well. Thank you for understanding. Mankind consists of normal people (having normal human soul) and Hellish people (having Hellish humanoid soul). And because Hellish people reign our human society, there is a rule that almost every single action - out of the most important ones - is directed by them, which should also apply for September 11th , 2001 (the leadership of Hellish people must have at least been aware of what is planned to be done, since they know all the comings and goings of people, or they even directed it). I know a little bit about "Hellish indications" in cinematography and that is why I have noticed some Hellish subtext in several important movies about that sad day. However, because these movies are documentary and/or based on real events and I do not exactly know the indications in this type of movies, I can be somewhat wrong. (In a "personal note", so far I did not study the relationship between Hellish indications in movies and the look of their covers. But it seems that the covers are not "obligated" to display the degree of "Hellish content" in movies, so that they are not so important.) ____________________________________ Anyway, in order to make the main part of this document more understandable for you, please firstly become familiar with these helpful texts: 1. Sample from "The Origin of Hellish Indications" In the beginning of "Hellish indications" there was one simple idea. Hellish people love to leave their "signature" on their works and because they like to be reminded of their different spiritual essence and of their Hell, they have started to use the indications of it a very long time ago already. But they could not have used anything "striking" because it would be too suspicious. For example, if all the famous people on the highest positions in human society would wear a red circle on their upper clothes with an eye in the middle of it, even stupid normal people would immediately notice such a "fishy" thing and they would ask: "How come that everywhere on the highest places there are people with such a red circle on their clothes?" And that was the reason why the management of Hellish people has decided to only use normally-occurring things, movements and looks in order to prevent their true origin from being discovered by stupid normal people. 2. Sample from "Reminder of Hell" Generally, "reminder of Hell" is anything what reminds Hell. In fact, it is many things and circumstances, but I am not going to list them all here. Nonetheless, I have tried to set up some definition of "reminder of Hell" in movies that I however did not manage to do well yet: "Reminders of Hell" can be divided into three main groups: 1. Those that remind Hell without emphasis on (and looks toward) directions downwards (and upwards), which usually means several Hellish circumstances at once. 2. Those that remind Hell by emphasis on "direction downwards" (which is a direction toward it) and that are completed by some Hellish circumstance(s). 3. Those that remind Hell by emphasis both on direction downwards and upwards. It usually deals with looks toward the both directions (and possibly also with a pointing to these directions). At least one of those looks is aslant and often they are completed also by looks to the sides. Often component is a raised finger(s) or hand and, of course, necessarily there are some Hellish circumstance(s), too. This group of reminders reminds not only Hell (= down), but also Heaven (= up), whereas the "raised component" perhaps indicates things like "one law", "victory", "number one", "all for one", "to get to the top" and similarly. It all together means the dominion of Hellish people over the normal, but probably also that that out of Hellish and Heavenly beings, the Hellish want to be the dominating (for example, these reminders we can find in "To Be" of "Highlander" or "Endgame" of "Star Trek: Voyager"). However, the "reminder of Hell" must be easily distinguishable from all the other what occurs in (the given scene of) the story. Only then we can recognize the reminder among the rest of what we see in the movie. And one more thing. Sometimes already the

story of the movie itself can function like a "Hellish indication" that reminds Hellish people of their nature and their Hell. Above all, it deals with two parallel worlds (either by space or by time), with the combination of humanity and bestiality (for instance vampire, werewolf, terminator), with the combination of humanity and superhumanity (for instance demigod), with heroes having several versions (for instance dual role) and similarly. Oh, I have almost forgot to say, that under the term of "Hellish circumstance" I have in mind things like fire, emphasized eye(s), flashes (of lightning), Hellish word, red color, Hellish combination of colors, Hellish animal (dragon, snake, raven, black cat or "something horned"), (black night and) moon and similarly (maybe also raised finger belongs among Hellish circumstances in a way, similarly like negatived, dark, quickly-moving, flicking or blurred figures). 3. Sample from "Secret Signs in Movies" As far as emphasis on the direction down toward Hell is concerned, it is possible to use many elements. A pointing downwards (e.g. with finger), a falling with hands (as a rule with palms) into the ground, the putting or throwing of something on the ground, a squatting, a forward bend, a look downwards, a crawling on all four, the touching of the ground with a cane or stick, shoes, legs (their lower part, above all), the closing of eyes with the bend of the head, a fall down from above and similarly. Of course, to make this emphasis become a part of "reminder of Hell", it must be accompanied by another "indicative elements" and the given scene must differ from the other, what is in the movie. 4. Sample from "Hellish humanoid soul" The soul of Hellish people in human body looks like a figure within figure and it is connected to it only partly. And this is one of the reasons why Hellish people in movies they have made sometimes display themselves with "two faces", like "two in one" or "body within body". 5. Sample from "The Required Bad Things" And now we are getting to the heart of the matter. We may have noticed, that there are several bad things that regularly occur in human society such as warlike conflicts, unbearable intensive suffering of incurably ill people that is not ended by merciful euthanasia, soul stealing (which officially does not exist at all yet it is periodically committed on the whole planet), abused & maltreated and beaten people, extremely poor and starving people, the persecuted living in fear, lunatics obsessed with demons and so on. It is known that bad beings from Hell can partly feed on the energy produced by suffering living creatures and people. We also know that Hellish people have positive relationship with various Hellish beings and demons, and they wish them to be satisfied and full up (that is why they have gifted them by Second World War, for example). That is the reason why Hellish people take care of the regular occurrence of the above-mentioned evil things in the world. The question is only their amount required by Hell. If it is small, then such things will only occur now and then and in a little measure. But if it is big, God help us. 6. Sample from "To Kill a Dragon" What Hellish people do is that that they use normally looking things and gestures, but in such an order, combination or circumstances that will make them look little indicating, but not straightly suspicious. Only then it won’t look too noticeably and only then the existence of the hidden meaning in such things cannot be proven. „When Hellish people use some indications (registration number of cars, color of personal baggage, color of clothes, gestures and similarly), they cannot use too conspicuously looking things. What do you think: Should their prominent members wear a big poster where there is written “I am a prominent Satanic person!”? Or should all of them wear red trousers, the left leg of which is green with a picture of one eye on it? Or should they use one only simple gesture in all the movies that they have created so that everybody would immediately notice this extremely suspicious thing? Of course not! Hellish people are very proud of making all the things they do look naturally to normal people and of their ability to hide the true purpose of what they are doing. They are always able to explain anything they do, to introduce a good and naturally looking reason for it. They lie like the Hell that they came from. And normal people always believe them. 7. Little lesson about emphasis on eyes The look at emphasized eyes gives Hellish people different meaning than to us. It reminds them of their different soul (that is differently connected to the physical body and its eyes) and of their ability to release negative energy by means of them. So now let's have a look at the couple of movies that I have seen about the sad day. But I will only show several Hellish indications and/or few interesting scenes from them, but by far not all of them. Shortly something what would give you a piece of related knowledge and understanding.

11'09''01 - September 11 One of the first movies about the sad day. The movie starts with emphasis on the direction toward Hell. Apart from the other, then there is a talking about how God kills some people and creates new ones and similarly, emphasis on one finger and smoke (in given circumstances, the emphasis on finger & the finger up and the look upwards toward the chimney stack with smoke means the "victory" etc. of Hellish people).

This scene is a clear "reminder of Hell". First the woman is squatting. Then we see a lot of emphases on eyes including smoke and fire in the TV, piece of a red-about color and flash of lightning. Please see this picture again and enlarged. Look closely at the emphasized eyes that are on it. There appears a soldier looking like a "figure of soul", half visible only. All falls on the ground and then there is the "jumping" picture of the walking soldier (it has got "skipped frames").

With tears in eyes: "Bin Laden, come back, please. We all need you here." Before this little emphasis on mouth and eyes (a bit of a crazy & "Hellish" expression), there were drops of water down, razorblade down, one finger on the razor, shaking with razor down in the washbasin and that person's body from behind where were seen his legs but not head. We see several emphases on the "direction toward Hell" that alternate with normal scenes that I did not show here (+ closed eye + one finger down + knocking by palm downwards), talking like two (as if the man was two times) and then there goes the picture in mirror. Shortly after it that man is seen two times and even raises his hand (= the "victory" of Hellish people, who are "two times" and/or who have "two faces").

Here that man sleeps, his eyes are closed, his leg is seen too. In the TV the WTC goes down and as it disappears the sun starts to shine into that man's room. He wakes up, faded flowers come into bloom (by the way, it seems to me as if the music in this scene was in no disagreement with the horrible thing that has happened). They have much of red color and the man smiles down at them. Suddenly, he indicates "two faces of Hellish people" followed by another emphasis on the direction toward Hell. (Now a little "translation" of the scene above, or, if you like, the explanation of its hidden inner meaning: Those with "two faces" – Hellish people – smile because the terrible WTC event happened. They wanted it. Or they have at least agreed with it.) And this is the last part of the movie. First we see a snake and then a man that behaves like a snake. They says: "He goes off to war a soldier, comes back a snake." And this last part also ends by the picture of snake. (Please note that snake can be used as Hellish indication. Revelation: 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years... This movie starts with emphasis toward Hell and ends with the snake, which means Hell.) In view of the style of this movie and of the presence of so-called "Hellish indications" occurring in it, we can recognize its hidden meaning. ********** Events like September 11th are the work of Hell, more precisely the work of Hellish people who rule this world. They have wanted such terrible things to happen, although the majority of them always externally pretend, that they are against them. Considering (their position and) how they have looked like, it seems to me that both George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden - as well as many other top persons in this field – were Hellish people who have had their silent agreement then. The reason is that that in order to be completely transformed and eternally kept the same, the Allorganism needs extremely negative feelings of living creatures (and Hellish beings need to feed on their suffering), which are the opposite & balance of extremely positive feelings of living creatures. Shortly: Those who rule here need some terror, but they keep it secret. And if they did not have it at all, they would have to increase the amount of personal unhappiness of particular people.

(Hellish people sometimes use to sacrifice something they have got to create some impression. In small terms, for instance one Hellish person breaks the window of his or her Hellish neighbor or the two make a little fight to create the impression of a bad relationship between them. Or some Hellish person will let some other Hellish person rob him or her of private possession or damage it in order to get a very understandable reason why to buy a hidden camera to record that place, but the true hidden reason is to record - together with that place - something or somebody else. So, in large terms, the sacrifice of several important big buildings and few thousands of people would gain a perfect reason to make some new war-like conflicts, to intervene into "Islamic countries", to change the world's politics. And, apart from it, to feed some Hellish beings by people's suffering caused by all the terrible events.) World Trade Center Being "two times" and shades of blue with white, red and (close-to-)black complement can symbolize Hellish people somewhat. The movie starts with red color (completed by a blue-like color plus some addition; it has reminded me of the beginning of "Expendables", although it is different). One of the things that are shown in the beginning is this horny creature, but it alone (= not accompanied by Hellish circumstances) probably does not mean anything. The "dark part" of the movie starts with darkness and eyes.

This is a "fire scene" with a piece of red color (and "flashes of lightning" from a gun that started to shoot). After it, there is a woman (firstly looking down) in (about-)red clothes who is displayed two times. In the "dark ruins" there is also said "We are alive in Hell" and repeatedly are mentioned (trapped & injured) legs. 9/11 This cover has similar colors like that of movie "World Trade Center". Emphasis on "direction downwards" (the firefighter on the left is doing movements with his right leg), a piece of red and then the plane hits the first tower (= fire and smoke). Before it there was pointing with one finger, which perhaps had no meaning, but I do not know whether or not the sequence of the entire scene was purposely put together in the way to show these things before the plane hits the first tower. Things happen both naturally and artificially. But everything is 100% predestined, so that if this entire scene - such as it is in the movie - happened naturally, it can mean some projection and/or sign of almighty Destiny & higher powers, which probably happens only rarely.

The following scene looks like something what is between normal and Hellish. Someone has mentioned legs and feet and then there is a guy bended down (who will look aslant upwards). After it he speaks with somehow closed eyes and he says word "Hell". Then we see a very little emphasis on direction downwards and somehow-raised hand. Fahrenheit 9/11 The cover of this movie has got a red title and emphasis on eyes. In the very beginning we can see several small things that are somewhere between absolutely normal matters and Hellish indications - fireworks and raised hand (it made me remember "Star Trek - Voyager - Endgame"). It very little reminds the "victory" of Hellish people, therefore I have mentioned it here, even though it is not accompanied by other supplements that would make it a "reminder of Hell".

Another thing are emphases on eyes. However, before the "main movie" starts, George W. Bush (slowly moving to emphasize the scene) shows something, what can be a very small Hellish indication. Look down, emphasis on eyes (a "press on eyebrows" and two slow looks sideways) and one finger. Then there is darkness and the disasters (= Hellish things in a way). When he is noticed about the attack on the WTC, every now and then he looks downwards and then he is repeatedly displayed in the transitions that makes him be seen, for a little second, "two times".

The Last Hour of Flight 11 Please forgive me a bit of humor and let me give you strange question. Because we do not see the face of the other guy, how can we be 100% sure that it does not look like that of the first guy? This movie starts with a view of luggage and then there are seen legs walking along the floor (there is also color not too distant from red), and after it we see a finger pointing down and hand going down for luggage that is standing on the floor. Such scene (in the beginning of movie) can sometimes be a very little "herald" of something Hellish (in it), but otherwise it is a normal & innocent thing. One of the hijackers goes down with his hand for a mobile phone placed in his luggage on the floor, then he uses the phone (later the conversation is finished by look downwards), two people are somewhat gazing (= emphasis on eyes), then the plain starts to move and then there are seen "two faces of Hellish people" (before them there is a raised eyebrow).

Very shortly before the plane hits the first tower, there is emphasis on eyes (the quick changes in dark and light can be a possible replacement of flashes of lightning). By the way, I did not mention any movie about Flight 93, because it did not hit the White House (I have read that it was its target) like it was supposed to. ******* Anyway, in order for you to understand my viewpoints more deeply, please see my works about Hellish people at

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