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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: poulamiseo


SEO TRENDS 2014: SEO TRENDS 2014 Designed By: Introduction: Introduction Nowadays, SEO is a constantly developing process. Each year, it is essential for business organization to stay on high ranking of their SEO strategies due to changes in Google algorithm. The changes made in Google algorithm can't be foreseen, but the most prospering business should imitate rising directions and reorganize processes to modify online marketing plan of actions. The Changes Made in 2013: The Changes Made in 2013 In terms of Google updates, the year 2013 was the most important year. The Google are attempting to provide users the most latest Hummingbird updates and with the Penguin and Panda updates. While unnatural links and keywords are not so important, hence business requires to concentrate on quality content which is useful to target out their audience. PowerPoint Presentation: Use of Quality Content Forthcoming improvements to Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda are probably to toughen the link between the quality content and SEO. Google will also appreciate variety of content as well as well searched articles. The use of keywords are also becoming less important. PowerPoint Presentation: Google Invention and Google + Google giving more importance to influential sources as it struggles to provide users with better web browsing experience. It helps to links quality content to an author's name with the help of digital signature. PowerPoint Presentation: Good Quality Link Business should give more focus in creating quality links. Google have declared that it no longer accepts poor quality sites as per the Panda updates. Any SEO marketing company can be affected by posting links and spamming on unrelated sites. Business should be focused to build more authorized sites and relationships. PowerPoint Presentation: Website Design The way you design your website is still an essential part of the user experience, Google is penalizing those sites that fails to take account website practicality. More number of people can be attracted towards your site if you use top quality design and they will motivated to share their content. PowerPoint Presentation: SEO marketing company can be risen with the help of social media. As Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,Linkedin and other social media sites spreading out their online existence, business organizations require to focus on the popular platforms that their expected customer uses. Social Media PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion Apparently, SEO will change time to time. But at this time, one should concentrate on knowing the expected customers, establishing your authority with the help of social media and presenting top quality content. For more information,you can contact here: PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us

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