SEO Tips to Improve Ranking of Your Website

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Information about SEO Tips to Improve Ranking of Your Website

Published on September 19, 2017

Author: mathewreynold


VA DIGITAL STUDIES : VA DIGITAL STUDIES 1 Slide2: Who is VA Digital Studies? VA Digital Studies is training institute which provide various courses and implements your entire web promotion strategy. We are based in Delhi, India. Our Cources : Web design. SEO,SMO,SEM.PPC Web development . Email Marketing Digital Marketing Content Marketing Blogging 2 VA Digital Studies SEO Score: VA Digital Studies SEO Score 3 Slide4: SEO is not a magical trick to improve your search engine visibility. Rather, it is a genuine process that requires dedication and commitment to get better ROI. . 4 Is SEO a Magical Trick? : 5 SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it performs well in organic search which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. What is Search Engine optimization? On Page and Off Page Optimization: On Page It refers to all the things that we do within our website such as title, description, content, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking, etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your website to be search engine friendly. On Page and Off Page Optimization Off Page Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet. Only   off-page SEO techniques  will help improve your website position in SERP. >Question and Answer >Forum Submission >Article Submission >Blog Directory Submission 6 Slide7: Social Media Optimization (SMO) 7 When 93% of your target audience lives, eats and breathes social media, you cannot afford not to have a dedicated social media strategy that includes social media tools, networking sites and communities to create a buzz about your product or services . Social media optimization builds bridges between brands and customers, starts enduring conversations about brands in the Internet ecosystem to garner greater and more comprehensive brand visibility. Few Techniques to Improve Site Ranking: Few Techniques to Improve Site Ranking 8 Slide9: Anyone can get the top spot in Google, if they target the right keywords . We want to rank for keywords that people are actually looking for. Real queries that someone typed in their browser. 9 Choose R ealistic K eywords Slide10: Keyword in URL . Keyword in Title Keyword in Description Use of Heading Tag Alt Image Tag 10 Optimize content for your keywords Slide11: 11 Add Lots of Content to Your Site This involves variety of content type- Blog Post, News Letters, Videos, Infographics etc. Adding new content in your site regularly. Means high quality contents that actually provides value to your customers. It help two ways :- first more content means more keywords. Chance to place more internal and external links. getting visitors to stay on your site longer. Slide12: Page speed of your website plays good roll as google prospective. Google is acutely concerned with the user's overall experience. Use tool such as Google's Page Speed ,  GTMetrix to analyze the load speed of your websites. 12 Improve Page S peed Slide13: 13 Errors and Their Fixes Image Alt and Inline CSS Slide14: 14 Errors and Their Fixes JS Minification & CSS Minification Slide15: Over All Benefits: After SEO, your company gets the ability to: Drive high quality customers to your website. Increase sales leads from customers looking for your products and services. Build your brand online by communicating marketing messages to your target audience. Increase your profile against your competitors . Target a global audience via international search engines. Cost-effective advertising. Be accountable with ROI tracking. 15 THANKS!: THANKS! 16

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