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Published on September 4, 2007

Author: Goldye


Search Engine Optimization – aka “Who Are You, and Why Is This Important?:  Search Engine Optimization – aka 'Who Are You, and Why Is This Important? Kevin Dando / Jeannine Harvey What do we do?:  What do we do? Increase Web traffic andamp; users to the site Drive tune-in Build the PBS brand Pitch sites/programs to reporters, bloggers, and other strategic targets Develop andamp; coordinate paid online media campaigns (ads on blogs, Google AdWords) How do we do this?:  How do we do this? Editorial placements SEO Cross promotional partnerships andamp; link building (example: Google Premium) Paid media campaigns through Google Adwords and Blog Ads. Slide4:  Editorial Placement USA Today 5/24 Paid Placement Blog Ad 5/24 Cross-promotional Links Slide5:  Why is search marketing andamp; optimization critical? The number of active broadband users from home increased 28 percent from 74.3 million in February 2005 to 95.5 million in February 2006. According to the Center for the Digital Future (a part of USC's Annenberg School for Communication), American consumers are increasingly relying on the internet for their information needs: 78.6 percent of Americans use the Internet Nearly two thirds of Americans are connected at home (more have it at work) 48 percent of Americans have high-speed access at home (more have it at work) Slide6:  Why is search marketing andamp; optimization critical? Con’t. In January 2006, online search hit an all-time high of 5.7 billion searches, rising 39 percent from January 2005. Therefore, it’s critical that we appear on the first 3 pages of search results. Recent research shows that 62 percent of search users click on a result on the first page; 90 percent click on a result in the first three pages.* Users’ confidence in search engines is increasing.* Search engine results impart brand equity on those companies at the top of search results.* *Source: iProspect/Jupiter Research: 'Search Engine User Behavior Study' – April 2006 Slide7:  Specific Recommendations META TAGS TITLE TAGS COPY ALT TAGS LINKS FLASH, HYPHENS             Slide8:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS          META TAGS – gives you some control but not guaranteed Meta Description – The description of what is on the page. Make sure to accurately describe the content on the site while trying to entice visitors to click. Even if you don’t get into the top search engine listings, the language still needs to say something that will invite the surfer to want to click. Include most important keywords at the beginning of description.     Slide9:  A Google search for Africa brings up … Slide10:  Yay, PBS’s Africa site is #1. AFRICA…Africa. Explore the Regions • Africa Challenge • Photoscope • About the Series •Teacher Tools Resources …. So where did this description come from? Slide11:  andlt;meta name='description' content='AFRICA'andgt; Slide12:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS          Meta Keywords - Choosing the right keywords is essential Use keyword phrases (i.e. crisis in Sudan) Come up with as many keyword phrases as possible that relate to the page you are optimizing Use keyword phrases in all other tags (i.e. alt, headings, title, etc.) Check out competition for ideas. Search for keywords on your list and click on the top sites. View the source code andamp; keywords for more ideas BUT make sure to use only keywords that relate to the site or page     Slide13:  andlt;meta name='keywords' content='Africa, AFRICA, Thirteen/WNET New York, NATURE, Nature, National Geographic, Sahara, The Sahara, sahara, sahel, Sahel, The Sahel, Ethiopia, Ethiopian highlands, Ethiopian Highlands, Great Lakes, Great lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Taganyika, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Savanna, savanna, African savanna, Serengeti, serengeti, rainforest, African rainforest, Congo Basin, Congo rainforest, rain forest, West African rainforest, West African rain forest, pygmy, pygmies, Baka, Swahili Coast, swahili coast, swahili, Southern Africa, southern Africa, South Africa, south africa, AIDS in Africa, African photo essays, African photos, Africa for kids, Africa for Kids, thumb piano, women, environment, African elephants, African masks, dogon masks, Dogon masks, African folktales, African history, African game, African environment, African wildlife, African climate, Africa wildlife, African music, African traditions, African folklore, African storytelling, Morocco, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Republic of the Congo, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Côte d'Ivoire, Cote d'Ivoire, Niger, Botswana, Rwanda, ethnic wars, African tribes, Zulu, Maasai, Kikuyu, Tuareg, Tuaregs, Fulani, Fulanis, Dogon, Dogons, Baka, African pygmies, rainforest dwellers, rainforest inhabitants, Hutu, Tutsi, Hutus, Tutsis, Baganda, Bagandas, San, Xhosa, Xhosas'andgt; And although there is no meta description on the Africa site, they really got it right with keywords. Great use of keyword phrases! Slide14:  The description that shows up in a site search is generally pulled from the Meta description on the index page. Slide15:  andlt;titleandgt;frontline: is wall-mart good for america? | PBSandlt;/titleandgt; andlt;meta name='keywords' content='Wal-Mart, Wall Mart, Sam Walton, Bentonville, retailing, discounters, discounting, outsourcing, chinese trade, foreign trade, trade deficit, shenzhen, manufacturing' /andgt; andlt;meta name='description' content='FRONTLINE offers two starkly contrasting images: one of empty storefronts in Circleville, Ohio, where the local TV manufacturing plant has closed down; the other--a sea of high rises in the South China boomtown of Shenzhen. The connection between American job losses and soaring Chinese exports? Wal-Mart. For Wal-Mart, China has become the cheapest, most reliable production platform in the world, the source of up to $25 billion in annual imports that help the company deliver everyday low prices to 100 million customers a week. But while some economists credit Wal-Mart’s single-minded focus on low costs with helping contain U.S. inflation, others charge that the company is the main force driving the massive overseas shift to China in the production of American consumer goods, resulting in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and a lower standard of living here at home.' /andgt; Slide16:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS TITLE TAGS Search Engines place a high level of importance on keywords found in title tag. Every page should have a unique title with its own keywords that relate to that page. The title of a page isn’t useful if every page has the same one. Title is built around target term for that page and should be between 50 – 80 characters long, including spaces.               Slide17:  Slide18:  Index page: what the viewer sees Slide19:  Ctrl A: Copy: Paste text in Notepad: This is what the Search Engine sees. This is a great use of descriptive text that the search engine sees but the user does not. The text does not compromise the site design. Slide20:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS       COPY - actual text that a visitor sees Each page should have at least 200 words of copy on it. The text should include the most important keyword phrases but should remain logical and readable         Slide21:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS   ALT TAGS – each image on page should include a keyword phrase that relates to the image Slide22:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS LINKS – Crawlers pay attention to the number of links and relevancy of incoming links A few links from what are perceived to be 'relevant' sites are better than hundreds of links from bad sites Context is key. Text in or near the link may be examined in order to determine why the linked-to page is relevant. Slide24:  Link to site from Slide25:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS Flash-based sites are not search engine friendly. If a site in flash is important to the overall site design then make sure to create an HTML version as well.  If the homepage is in Flash, put the navigation outside of the Flash content. Many users have images turned off. Try viewing the site with images turned off in the browser. Can you still see all of the content and links? Hyphens are often better than underscores. Example: african-elephants.html is seen as two words where as african_elephants is seen as one word. Slide26:  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS And Finally… Search engines want to return relevant and useful results for searchers. Look at your site through the eyes of your audience. What do they see when they get to your site? Can they easily find what they’re looking for? If nothing else, include a good, accurate description of the site on the index page. This is what the viewer sees first! Tools:  Tools Page Strength Tool Keyword suggestion tool: Keyword Density Analyzer: Google Rankings: Blog / News Tracker: What Are People Talking About or Doing Online? Search Engine Help: Slide28:  Questions? Call us. Kevin Dando 703.739.5073 Jeannine Harvey 703.739.8134  

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