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Information about SEO Checklist before Publishing a blog - WittyPen

Published on November 30, 2016



1. Do you check this Important things before publishing a blog?

2. Structure of URL Always include primary (focus) keyword or phrase in your URL. Use hyphens (-) instead of Underscore (_) to separate words in URL Try not to include numbers and symbols

3. Title Tag Always begin your title with your primary keyword. For eg : Primary Keyword | Company name Limit your title characters between 50-70 words Always create a unique and eye- catchy title tag

4. Meta description tag Limit your meta-description upto 160 characters. Searched keywords appear in bold, so include primary and long-tail keywords in Meta tag. Meta description serve as a preview to what the page is about, include phrases accordingly.

5. Keywords Target keywords should not exceed more than 5 for a 1000 words post Always focus on creating a quality of content rather than targeting specific keywords

6. Internal Linking Link targeted long-tail keywords or phrases as anchor text to other pages which will decrease the bounce rate. Per 1000 words post, don’t include more than 5 internal links Link long phrases or terms rather than targeting single keyword

7. Image alt tag and Description Alt tag help search engine understand what image is about Add a relevant description to help understand user what the image is about Use relevant titles for your Images to understand them more easily

8. After Publishing the Post : ● External Link / Sharing - Use Social media like Twitter, LinkedIn to reach out to people within your niche. Reach as many relevant audience as you can. Add a Dofollow link so that the link value can be passed to your domain from another website. ● Guest Posting - Post on relevant and reputed websites as Guest to create a great presence among a huge amount of audience

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