SEO and Internet Marketing - SEDCorp Bootcamp 2014

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Information about SEO and Internet Marketing - SEDCorp Bootcamp 2014

Published on May 22, 2014

Author: coryonredd



Discover what it takes to build a website for business and get it found with SEO. This presentation is part of the SEDCorp Business Bootcamp for Citrus Heights, CA. Topics covered include website design, internet marketing, SEO, Google marketing, content marketing & more.

1 Presented by: Coryon Redd Win the Internet Marketing Game Introduction to Online Marketing View this presentation online at:

What is Internet Marketing?

3 Let’s Start with the Basics • Start with a Persuasive Website • Website Visits from Many Sources Search Engines (SEO) Social Media Pay for It – Facebook, Sponsored Search Video Email Affiliate Marketing Lots More Options…

6 CEO of & Internet Marketing – Founder of and Internet Marketing Over 15 Years on the Top of Google Who is Coryon Redd?

7 We’re Ready to Roll! What will be covered: • What a website is supposed to do and how to do it. • The basics of marketing • Real world examples and low hanging fruit. • Lots of references for you to learn on your own. • How people make money with social marketing and videos - cute cats and blended iPhones. (Go watch “Will It Blend” on Youtube…)

What is Marketing?

9 Here’s What! Marketing 101 (in 1 slide) Who is your Market? Branding What is your Mission? - Why Are You in Business? • Simon Sinek TED Talk - Manage your Message – Takes Time and Effort Features vs. Benefits Marketing is Not Selling!

10 Is My Business Ready to Compete Online? Market Research Do you have a product or service that people are looking for? Keyword research – Google Keyword Planner Keyword Planner is part of Google Adwords Determine Products and Services Do competitor research to help guide and inspire you. Determine Business Feasibility Is being in business worth the risk? Can I do it? Resources and Your Why Do I have enough time, knowledge, passion, work ethic and money to succeed? What’s your WHY?

11 Online Marketing Glossary • SEM / SEO – Search Engine Marketing • Organic vs. PPC – Pay Per Click • Keyword – One Keyword or Phrase • Landing Pages • Tag –Title, Headers (H1), Meta Tags • SERP – Search Engine Results Page • Google PageRank • Linkjuice – External, internal links • Wireframe • ROI – Return On Investment • Content Marketing

• (Directly) sell your goods or services? • Generate leads (potential sales)? • (Simply) provide contact info? • Build relationships with other websites • Make your business look good What’s a Website Supposed to Do? 12

13 Brainstorm - Competitive Advantages & Benefits: Class exercise What Makes Your Business Special? Years of experience Unparalleled expertise Friendly customer service – given! Quality product Reliable Warranty and Guarantee Discounts to qualified customers The best, the brightest, the coolest…

14 • Wide audience reach • Reach local audience • Better ranking from social • Lots of resources and support • No cost per click for SEO • Targeted traffic • High conversion rates • - Watch the video Why Do Search Marketing?

15 Set Goals for Your Success Better Website Learn It Yourself Top Rankings on Google More Online Traffic More Revenue, More Profit

16 A Brief Overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4 Simple Steps to SEO Keyword Research Competitor Research Website Design and Landing Pages Enter the Google Popularity Contest - Short Description of SEO

17 How Does Google Crown a Winner? Incoming links and social engagement Get the Votes that Matter… Social signals from popular social sites Shares, likes, comments Links from quality, related websites Not the Ones that Piss Google Off Google can smell out low quality links Winning the Google Popularity Contest Google is an 800 lb Gorilla

18 People are Searching for your Business… Right Now! What are Keywords? The Exact Ways People Search Google What are People Searching for? Use the Google Keyword Planner Also Check Out What are Target Keywords? The Most Important Keywords – Relevancy and # of Searches What does it mean for my Website? Create Keyword-Focused Landing Pages

19 Look at Local (United States) Monthly Searches. Download spreadsheet and edit in a spreadsheet program like Excel. Go back to Keyword Planner with more specific searches and download again. Create a keyword spreadsheet with groups of keywords that will be used for landing pages. Keyword Research Best Practices Login with an email address used for a Google Adwords Account. Start searches look at related keywords then narrow down searches.

The Lens of SEO Sharpens All of Your Internet Marketing

21 What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is: Content Marketing isn’t: Audience Focused Communication Branding Relevant and Valuable Informative and Interesting Worth Sharing!

Find Your Audience, Plan Your Content Check out: Who’s Your Audience? Fish Where the Fish Are Brainstorm Interesting Topics Keyword Research Survey Customers Social Listening Tools Google Alerts, Swayy,

24 Marketing Strategy Starts with Content Goals of Content Marketing: Educate and Entertain Link Bait for SEO Build Trust and Relationships Answer Questions Branding Generate Traffic, Leads, & Sales

Make your Blog the Hub of your Online Marketing

Blogging Basics Blog Should Be On your Website Use Keywords in your Blogs (Don’t go nuts) Set a Goal for Frequency of Posts Plan Out your Content Check Spelling and Grammar Promote in Social Media Read more -

Find your Audience, Plan your Content Who’s your Audience? Fish Where the Fish Are Brainstorm Interesting Topics Keyword Research Survey Your Customers Social Listening Tools • Google Alerts,, Check out:

28 Find Forums and Blogs • Search for “keyword” – add forum or blog Find Related Pages on Facebook • Interact and Tag Friends, Allies and Pages Find Top Users • Who posts/comments the most Create a Profile • Be honest and add link to your website Find Your Fish Research Your Market

Get the Word Out Blogger Outreach Answer Questions in Forums Register in RSS Directories Press Releases Social Media • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Tie Blog into your Website and Email

30 Tie your Blog into your Existing Marketing • Events, Website, Social Media, Emails Engage your Readers • Reply to comments, promote conversation Seek Out your Audience • Find influencers and interact • Follow them, connect, comment, work at it! Build Community, Recruit Evangelists • Guest Blogging - Offer to contribute and ask for guest blogs too. • Email everyone mentioned and ask for cross promotion Build Community Connect Your Blog to Your Website

Content Creation vs. Content Curation Source:

Editorial Calendar (Oh no, it’s a spreadsheet)

Blogging Tips and Tricks Answer Questions • Questions Audience is Asking and Should be Asking Cross Promotion and Co-Marketing Contests and Giveaways Use Blog to Create Content on your Website Use Stock Photography

34 Blogging and SMM References Create compelling content for your blog – Lots of ideas Blogging glossary blogging-terms/ 21 Tactics to increase blog traffic 7 tips to increase your blog comments Tips and lots of links for small business owners

35 More Blogging and SMM References Why a blog should have an editorial policy Blog Commenting to increase PageRank increase-page-rank/ How to find dofollow blogs: Ad Age list of top marketing blogs 2011 review of best blogging software

36 Internet Marketing Resources Resources page • • Training videos SEO for Beginners Guide • SEMPO Learning Center • Discover what really works in optimization • Online marketing magazines / articles • • SEO Glossary • article about Google Algorithm factors •

37 Content is King Blogging, Video, Web Pages, & More

38 Distribution is Queen Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Press Releases, Blogs

39 SEO is Your Ace in the Hole Win the Game and Make More Money


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