SEO - a brief introduction

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Information about SEO - a brief introduction

Published on July 20, 2009

Author: Bmcowen



A short introduction to SEO we use at Geronimo
What it means, what can you do to help your website. What's SEM and how does it work (the basics!)

Thanks go to Eaon Prichard

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) A simple introduction

What is SEO? It is the way of writing online to ensure your website comes as high as possible in Google (or any other search engine) rankings. Your Website Here

SEO Benefits It means when people are actively looking for you or something relevant to your company you will appear in their results • Targeted/Contextual • Pull advertising • On 24/7 • Indefinite shelf life • Time is the only cost • Active customers • Nimble

SEO isn’t magic or voodoo… Customers are searching, Pain relief? SEO directs them… • SEO is visibility for your website through a few simple, disciplined practices…..

3 Keys to successful SEO

Let’s look at each area in turn

Can see …your website? Flash sites are not ‘visible’ to Google – websites need to be built with searchable content in mind from the start. If they are beautiful but not searchable there is a much less chance of new people finding you.

3 Keys to successful SEO

Google’s spiders crawl the web looking for new content Regular refreshed content improves page rank

3 Keys of SEO

Links connect one website to another Inbound and outbound links improve page rank

Search Engines read keywords You see… sees…

Search Engines read keywords Behind the words and pictures Google reads the tags and copy. You can see from the example before, CNN uses it’s brand site ( as high currency ensuring that anyone who searches for CNN would be served the correct page. Again the example shows that ‘news’ is the next most valued word for CNN being used 11 times in the copy shown above – and not just as a single word but covering off variants and so a multiple of news searches – breaking news. Video news, U.S. news, world news etc etc

How does Google work out who comes where in the natural search listings? 4/10 Google grades your web pages and displays them in grade order • “Page” – not website • “Rank” – not score • Higher Rank beats quantity and brings you higher in the search results list

How do I get a higher ranking? Create Content • Demonstrate expertise • Solve buyer problems • Generate yourself • Targeted Then turn your content • Syndicate Material into Links • Be relevant • The lifeblood of SEO • Keywords • Links “vouch” for your website • Quality over quantity • Increase Pagerank • Drives traffic

Essential tips and tricks: Use keyword-rich anchor text, these are read by Google so make them relevant and work for you Incorrect: • Would you like to buy a pain reliever? Click Here Correct: • Would you like to buy pain reliever?

Essential tips and tricks: • Create fresh, original content - regularly • Easy to navigate and treat every page as a landing page • Make it easy for people to find everything from everywhere (not only one path through the site) • Find other where people are discussing your product/service and join the conversation. Comment, discuss, question – get involved

Create ownable search terms Rather than buying or creating generic search terms, create urls that are specific to you and your product. Gives a much higher probability that someone searching would have your name and site right at the top of their results

What is Search Engine Marketing? It is the process of paying to be listed on certain search terms (as opposed to natural search which is what we were discussing before). This can either happen as keywords payment or through sponsored links. Sponsored links appear at the top of the search results pages in the tinted area above natural search results. Keywords are displayed to the right of the results page (we will cover this later in the presentation)

What is Search Engine Marketing? Paying to be here

Keyword searches Anyone can bid or buy specific keywords – these appear in a separate area on the results screen

Where do people click? SEM 20% SEM SEO 70% 10%


Who am I? Becky McOwen-Wilson Creative Director Geronimo @BeckyMcB With thanks to Eaon Pritchard Head of Digital Geronimo

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