SenchaCon 2016 - Turbocharge Your Ext JS App Performance

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Information about SenchaCon 2016 - Turbocharge Your Ext JS App Performance

Published on November 11, 2016

Author: SpeedmentUS


1. Turbo-Charge Your Ext JS App Per Minborg, Speedment & Jon Jarboe, Sencha featuring Anselm McClain, xh.ioNovember 9, 2016

2. You will learn: • About Ext JS and Ext Speeder • How to make the back end development process faster • How Ext Speeder improves your performance 2

3. Ext Speeder Related Sessions • 2:00 PM, Using Ext JS Components to Turn Big Data into Actionable Intelligence • Olga Petrova, Sencha, Starvine 3-5 • 4:10 PM, How to Auto Generate a Back-end in Minutes • Emil Forslund, Per Minborg, Starvine 1-2 3

4. About Ext JS and Ext Speeder

5. Fast Development and Extreme Performance Front end Back end One end

6. Ext Speeder • Database back end tool for applications • Simplifies development of database applications • Quickly design, develop and deploy Ext JS applications • Automatic generation of code, no need to worry about the back end • In-memory acceleration EXT JS Application

7. Sencha Ext JS Rapidly build feature-rich, data intensive cross-platform enterprise applications • High performance, customizable widgets • Backend agnostic data package • Responsive layout manager • Advanced charting package • Easily customizable themes • ARIA / 508 Compliance

8. Accelerating Back End Development

9. Web ServerApp Client Data in Ext JS Apps Server UI Components Data Manager Local data Pages, Assets, etc. Data Services REST SOAP etc. Database

10. Traditional Back End Development Process • Model the database 5h • Secure Connection 1h • Parse http command 1h • Deserialize parameters 1h • Manage database connections 1h • Convert into SQL 2h • Optimize queries 3h • Parse database response 2h • Format into JSON 1h • Send back to Client 1h • Write XML config 1h • Deploy in Java EE 1h • Fix bugs 4h • Run Application 0.1 h 24 h

11. Web Server Client Data in Ext Speeder Server Complete REST API In-memory Object Store (entire db) Database Automatic Refresh Logic Introspection Data Services

12. Web ServerApp Client Data in Ext JS + Ext Speeder Apps Server UI Components Data Manager Local data Pages, Assets, etc. REST Obj Store Database

13. Ext Speeder Back End Development Process • Install Ext Speeder 0.4 h • Connect to database 0.1h • Select tables and columns 0.3 h • Press ”Generate” 0.0 h • Deploy in Java EE 0.1h • Run application 0.1h 1 h

14. Ext Speeder • REST API automatically generated • In-Memory Technology for High Performance • Deployment stand-alone or in Java EE server like Oracle WebLogic or Tomcat.

15. Ext Speeder Back End Development Process 1.Connect 2.Generate 3. Use

16. Ext Speeder Acceleration • Convert large databases into In-memory Objects • Extreme Performance, real time Big Data

17. • Downloads a copy of the most recent database state in the background • Seamlessly switches over to the copy • Configurable in-memory reload time -Default reload each hour -Configurable per second, minute or hour • Multi-versioning concurrent control (MVCC) Automatic Data Reload

18. Deployment Scenarios • Stand Alone Java SE 8 • Java EE Application Server - Oracle WebLogic - Tomcat / TomEE - Glassfish / Payara - Wildfly / JBoss - Jetty

19. IDEs

20. Databases

21. Ext JS Versions • No change in Ext Speeder - Works for these versions: -Ext JS 6 (BufferedStore) -Ext JS 5 (BufferedStore) -Ext JS 4 (Use regular Store with buffered = true)

22. Accelerating Run-Time Performance

23. How Ext Speeder improves your performance • Data Database objects are stored in-memory • Sort A sorted view of every column resides in-memory • Filter Resolved without querying the database. In-memory filtering lookup. • Skip In-memory dictionaries improve skip performance • Total Number of results are cached for each set of parameters

24. Performance Test : Open database • Open database with US doctors • 40 million objects • Comparison with and without Ext Speeder See full video on

25. Performance Test : Pivot Grid See full video on

26. Case Study : Portfolio IQ by See full video on

27. Ext Speeder: Summary • Data-driven apps developed faster with less effort • Seamless integration with Ext JS Grid • Improved User Experience with apps accessing large amounts of data • Lower effort to create and maintain comprehensive REST APIs

28. How to get Ext Speeder

29. Want Maintenance & Support? • Up to 5 Developers $ 2,475 / Year • Every Additional Developer $ 495 / Year • Renewal: 50% of regular price

30. Need Custom Features Tailored for Your Project? Contact Sales Additional Database Connectors Scale-Out Over Multiple Nodes Aggregating Operators Create, Update, Delete... Connect Several Databases Reactive WebSockets

31. Learn More Ext Speeder Ext JS

32. Please Take the Survey in the Mobile App • Navigate to this session in the mobile app • Click on “Evaluate Session” • Respondents will be entered into a drawing to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards

33. Thank You!

34. Ext Speeder Example • ~25 million rows • User Interaction “scrollbar” - Sort by price - Skip to row 15,342,132 - Show 50 following rows

35. Ext Speeder Example • Use the sorted view “price” in descending order (instant) • Use the dictionary to find the closest token for 15,342,132 (instant) - Closest token might be $30.23 at 15,342,102 • Find that token (instant) • Skip (15,342,132 – 15,342,102 = 30 rows) (30 operations) • Retrieve the following 50 rows directly from memory • Convert to JSON

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