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Published on November 9, 2016

Author: bdorland


1. It May Have to Be You. Brody Dorland Co-Founder – DivvyHQ @brodydorland SEMPO Cities Kansas City October 27, 2016

2. A Little Background •  Built my first corporate website in 2000 •  Started freelancing in 2005, digging into SEO, mostly B2B •  Fast forward 10+ years and a few hundred websites… I’ve learned three important things. 2 #SEMPOCitiesKC

3. 3 Consumers are in control.

4. It’s crowded and noisy. (harder than it used to be) 4

5. Google is controlling the game. 5

6. Content is the fuel that drives today’s marketing engine. 6

7. The Reality Communications and marketing teams are still struggling with this content thing. •  No coordinated strategy •  No proactive planning •  Silos = Poor communication •  Inconsistent brand messaging across channels •  Insanely chaotic content production processes •  Not using the right tools 7

8. The Organic Content Process 8 Strategy Ideate Plan Produce Optimize Publish Promote Analyze Most marketing software tools help here.

9. The Organic Content Process 9 Strategy Ideate Plan Produce Optimize Publish Promote Analyze This is the hard, manual part and where we need to improve.

10. Strategy •  You need to insert yourself into the strategic conversation •  Get cozy with buyer intent so you can boost relevance •  Map keywords to content (niche properties and individual assets) 10 Awareness What is an editorial calendar? Content planning best practices Discovery Editorial calendar software Top content calendar apps Validation DivvyHQ case studies DivvyHQ vs. CoSchedule

11. Ideation •  Use your keyword suggestion tools •  Encourage (force) regular ideation sessions •  Introduce a shared, centralized place for idea storage •  Be a dependable source of new content ideas 11

12. Planning This is where most of us suck. And there are consequences. •  Get a recurring planning meeting on the calendar and stick to it (frequency varies) •  Nail down a planning meeting agenda •  Setup and use an editorial/content calendar •  Plan ahead! 12

13. Production Workflow •  Define your process (creation, editing/review, approvals) •  Lead time per step •  Who does what? 13

14. It may have to be you. You may have to lead the charge. You may have to drive change. You may have the biggest impact on success. 14

15. Thank You. Brody Dorland - @brodydorland 15

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