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Published on October 23, 2014

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Avaya Aura

1. Asko Hotakainen Senior Sales Engineer March 2014 CS 1000: Paths to the Future

2. Avaya Aura® integration Single SIP routing engine Consolidated mgmt platform Hybrid network support for advanced telephony features Single presence / IM server for hybrid network Accelerate collaboration for targeted users with easy starter package Avaya CS 1000 R7.5 Avaya Aura Integration Collaboration Pack for CS 1000 Prepare for video with network wide bandwidth management via Session Manager. Enhance serviceability response time and quality Additional use cases for Collaboration Pack Enhanced Serviceability, Quality and Avaya Aura integration Avaya CS 1000 R7.6 Q1 CY2013 Avaya CS 1000 CY2010 to CY2014 Collaboration Pack v 1.1 & 1.2 for CS 1000 Generally Available Committed Future – Not Committed Continued improvements to quality and stability Improved Quality and Stability Current & Future – Avaya CS 1000 7.6 Service Packs Enablers to help transitions to Avaya Aura or IP Office Additional Collaboration Pack Enhancements Other Futures Timing TBD

3. CS1000: R7.6 and Beyond CS1000 R7.6 released March 2013 CS 1000 R7.6 will be the last feature release We will continue to support and maintain the platform with a continued focus on Service Packs: –Improve quality and stability –Keep the platform current –Enable Transitions No End of Sale is planned for the CS 1000 We will continue to support the CS 1000 platform beyond the year 2020 Existing CS 1000 customers have many options

4. CS1000: R7.6 Current status HW & SW CS1000 R7.6 released March 2013 ( SP 5 latest Service pack) CS 1000 CPPM ,CPDC , CPMG, MGC, MGXPEC all current CP PIV will be EOMS 2015 EoS DECT HW March 2014 ( DMC8 and SIP DECT ) EoS DECT handsets (all models) September 2014 EoS 2033 Conference phone, replacement with B179 (Konftel based) New COTS servers in H1 2014 based on HP DL360G8

5. CS 1000 Lifecycle Status Release 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Rls 3.0 Rls 4.0 Rls 4.5 Rls 3.0/4.5 DSN Rls 5.0 Rls 5.0 DSN Rls 5.5 Rls 6.0 Rls 7.0 Rls 7.5 Rls 7.6 Software GA (POI) GA (POR) EoS Notification EoS EoMS EoSS Notes: 1 – In order to align with the standard hardware lifecycle management policy, software expansions will be available on Rls 6.0 and newer SW for the 2 years following SW EoMS. These expansions will be subject to hardware availability. 2 – Subsequent lifecycle milestone dates still to be determined. See Note 2

6. CS 1000 Lifecycle Status Processors Processor 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 CP-PIV CP-PM CP-DC MGC MG-XPEC CPMG 32 CPMG 128 GA (POI) GA (POR) EoS Notification EoS EoMS EoSS See Note 2 See Note 2 See Note 2 See Note 2 See Note 2 See Note 2 See Note 2 Notes: 1 – EoS for hardware is explicitly End of Sale for new systems. Units will still be available for repair and expansions post EoS up to EoMS and sometimes beyond depending on HW availability. 2 – Subsequent lifecycle milestone dates still to be determined. 3 – In order to align with the standard hardware lifecycle management policy, software expansions will be available on Rls 6.0 and newer SW for the 2 years following SW EoMS. These expansions will be subject to hardware availability. 4 – Hardware expansions and hardware repair and return will be limited to availability after hardware EoMS.

7. SCENARIO 1: Extend Life Critical Communications CS 1000s (R3.0); 60% digital phones What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today Customer Drivers Action Value Hospital seeks to ensure support for life-critical telephony while preparing to trial UC capabilities. •Keep CS 1000s –upgrade to R7.6 •Retain support for TDM phones •Existing software support for current TDM allows for transition planning. •Maintain support/stability and user experience while increasing security, control and speed of delivery •Take advantage of Pass Plus as the basis for a long term transition to Avaya Aura FUTURE:

8. SCENARIO 2: Add Lync Integration CS 1000s (R7.5) What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today Customer Drivers Action Value Medium Enterprise with a multiple sites has decided to implement a 3rd party Lync client. Lync CAL licenses have already been purchased •Keep CS 1000s –upgrade to R7.6 •Add Collab Pack 1.1 •Integrate to Microsoft Infrastructure via Avaya Client Access •Existing CAL licenses do not need to be upgraded •R7.6 ensures CS 1000 is on latest , and Extended support, release. •Collab Pack 1.1 extends the diversity of clients supported and framework for future evolution •ACA extends Lync: telephony presence, AAC7 can present video for active speaker in conferences •Introduce new features provided by Collab Pack 1.1, extend collaborative feature set through Aura Architecture FUTURE:

9. SCENARIO 3: Increase Collaboration - Refresh to SIP One CS 1000 (R3), evolving to 2000+ Users Customer Drivers Action Value Get the value of a SIP-based infrastructure for current savings and future growth •Replace older release of CS1000 with SIP-based Avaya Aura CM •Establish SIP-based core •Centralize management/applications •SIP end points (Avaya Flare for PC) •Implement Avaya Aura Conferencing •Deploy RadVision Scopia solutions •Upgrading to Avaya Aura could be less than maintaining/upgrading a current CS 1000 system •Use ASIPP to protect software investment. •Gain immediate efficiencies •Establish infrastructure for mobility, collaboration •Extend collaboration and mobility to additional employees as requirements change FUTURE: What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today

10. SCENARIO 2: Graceful Migration CS1000s (R6.0) supporting 3,500+ users What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today Customer Drivers Action Value Extend life of CS1000 during Contact Center transition. Replace Octel. Enhance integrations to 3rd party applications. •Upgrade to R7.6 and Avaya Experience Portal •Dual-server high-availability CM implemented for scalability. •Session Manager for applications support and interoperability. •Avaya Aura Messaging deployed •Graceful migration to Avaya Aura •Collaboration Pack for applications not on CS 1000. •License value transferred using ASIPP. •Reuse of 1100-series handsets (via future SIP firmware upgrade) = massive investment protection. •Migrate users over to Avaya Aura environment with G-series gateways •Re-deploy Call Center onto Avaya Aura FUTURE: SCENARIO 4: Graceful Migration to Aura CS 1000s (R6.0) supporting 3,500+ users What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today

11. Customer Drivers Action Value Enhance UC capabilities Reduce operational costs Ensure clear delineation with outsourced data infrastructure •Avaya Aura/CM beside main CS 1000 with upgrade to 7.6, integrated via SIP. •Main site only upgraded to R7.6—all that’s needed. •G450s with Survivable Remotes at all branches for 100% feature availability during outages. •Enhances employee collaboration •Avaya Aura with new IP phones = same price as upgrading CS 1000s. •No cost to move licenses • Avaya Aura infrastructure effectively a “single instance” of software—less complexity: only 2 system admins. SCENARIO 5: Controlled Evolution Large Branch Network Networked CS 1000s (R5.0) supporting 6,000+ users What CS 1000 Customers Are Doing Today •Replace legacy branch solutions with survivable remote solutions. •Re-deploy call center onto Avaya Aura •Replace Call Pilot with Avaya Aura Messaging FUTURE:

12. Avaya Software Investment Protection (ASIPP) . Protect the value in your existing software licenses Get choices in how you innovate Migrations can be done all at once or gradually Hardware and 96x1 and 94xx phones (plus other select phones for IP Office) Avaya Aura core Avaya Aura Messaging Contact Center Elite and CMS or IQ Avaya Aura Conferencing Data Networking Hardware and Software CS 1000 or Meridian Meridian Mail or CallPilot Session & System Manager Avaya Aura Messaging Communication Manager 6.x ASIPP ASIPP Credit for Your Existing Software Licenses

13. Avaya Aura Core platforms

14. CM Evolution/Feature server Session Manager System Manager Presence Services Application Enablement Services ACE / Collaboration Environment APIs Avaya Aura® - The platform core Enabling the User Applications and User Experience Common User Experience

15. Avaya Aura Core Platform

16. Avaya Aura® Virtualization Enhancements •Avaya Aura support for vSphere v5.0 and 5.1 (FP2) •Interoperability with new VMware enabled Avaya applications •New Avaya Virtualized Application Manager for turnkey deployment •Avaya Contact Center Applications •Avaya Messaging •Avaya Aura Conferencing •Avaya Collaboration Pod for Aura® •Avaya Unified Communications as a Service •Flexibility footprint per OVA based on number of users 36K 30K 25K 20K 10K 5K 2.4K 1K 500 Number of users Server size Price vSphere 5.0 vSphere 5.1

17. Core telephony, messaging, SIP- enabled, with desktop soft clients, supporting all phones Additionally empowering roaming users, road warriors and teleworkers with UM, mobile clients and secure BYOD access Additionally empowering power and visual collaborators with video and multi-modal conferencing Optional Video Room connectivity Avaya Aura® Suite Licensing Driving user profile-driven collaboration-oriented customer conversations Foundation Suite Mobility Suite Avaya Aura CM, SM, SMGR Avaya Aura Presence, IM Flare for PC Voice, p2p Video one-X Communicator Voice, p2p Video CM Messaging ACA MS Lync plug-in w/video ACE ACE 6.2 Collaboration Suite Scopia /user * Desktop & Mobile (Room systems extra) Conferencing 7 Full Voice/Web/Video Distributed media architecture Optional al-la-carte Conferencing 7 or Scopia (/port) Optional al-la-carte Conferencing 7 or Scopia (/port) one-X Mobile SIP/iOS/CES Flare for iPad Voice, p2p video Avaya SBCE Avaya Aura Messaging EC500 Avaya Aura CM, SM, SMGR Avaya Aura Presence, IM Flare for PC Voice, p2p Video one-X Communicator Voice, p2p Video CM Messaging ACA MS Lync plug-in w/video ACE ACE 6.2 Avaya Aura CM, SM, SMGR Avaya Aura Presence, IM Flare for PC Voice+Web+Video one-X Communicator Voice, p2p Video CM Messaging ACA MS Lync plug-in w/video ACE ACE 6.2 one-X Mobile SIP/iOS/CES Flare for iPad Voice+Web+Video Avaya SBCE Avaya Aura Messaging EC500 Mix & Match per user across the enterprise

18. Unified Communication & Collaboration

19. Avaya Collaboration Portfolio Avaya Proprietary & Confidential - Use Pursuant to Company Instructions Audio Conferencing Voice + Video Video Conferencing Messaging/Presence Optimizes bandwidth for each user ensuring performance Users can join inside or outside firewall, with single URL click to join Share desktop/content, escalate to video, whiteboard, sidebar Web Conferencing & Desktop Sharing Awareness Assistant Answer Ignore Products Avaya Flare® One-X Communicator One-X Mobile VDI Communicator MS Lync Integration Aura Conferencing Avaya Radvision Scopia Meeting Exchange Aura Messaging

20. Avaya Aura Conferencing

21. AAC R8.0 AAC (Single Box, Virtualized) DMZ Internet Enterprise – Main Site Avaya Aura SM Avaya Aura CM or CS1000 HTTP Reverse proxy (customer provided) Remote member & guest access Web CA Remote Site (s) Private Network AAC Media Server Avaya Flare Remote worker Avaya SBCE (Optional) Avaya Flare/Communicator Mobile CA Lower TCO & Simplification 1. DCS server requirement removed 2. WCS can be co-deployed w app server 3. Support customer provided Proxy server 4. Single Box construct - 5000 users , 5. Supported on Vmware

22. Avaya Collaboration Client Experiences Conferencing and Collaboration services across multiple devices Avaya Flare Experience Apple iPad Avaya Aura Conferencing Client for Apple / Android Avaya Aura Conferencing Collaboration Agent in Browser Avaya Aura Conferencing integration with Avaya Video Avaya Communicator for Microsoft Windows

23. AAC 8.0 – Continuous Presence w content sharing

24. Avaya Radvision Scopia

25. “Meet Me” in My Virtual Conference Room! Install, Get a Conference Code, Invite Anyone BYOD -PC, Mac, iOS, Android Easily Join Invite Anyone High Quality Experience Rich Data Full Interoperability Connect from Anywhere Easy, Full Moderation Secure Streaming (to 600) Recording

26. Scopia release 8.3 New Video layout for single screen systems

27. Multi-modal collaboration experience Very high scale (tens of thousands) Rich video conferencing Comprehensive interoperability Point-to-Point The Best of Both Worlds – Avaya Aura and Scopia Evolution to real-time collaboration at your path, pace and choice Conference Conferencing Radvision Scopia iView Management

28. Endpoints & SoftClients

29. Continued General Availability As Demand Persists 96xx Series Evolution New Capabilities Functional Improvements Innovations Newest 9600 Models Recommended Going Forward Newest models offer considerably better price/performance; features/functionality already surpass older models: Recordable agent greetings for contact center IM and Presence integration Outlook Contact List ,Calendar integration AAC7 Conference Client Newest 9600 Models; H.323 and SIP Desk Phones deliver high performance and exceptional customer experience Newest 9600 models offer extended lifecycle for future innovations **Early 9600 Models inhibited by memory, processing capacity; considerably constraining any new feature development for these models Early 9600** Models 2007-2009 Newest 9600 Models Introduced September 2010

30. •Additional ‘critical features’ •Shared Call Appearance / Bridged Line Appearance * •Out of dialog REFER •Other •Corporate Directory (Avaya PPM) •Multiple SIP Logins* •Presence •SRTP •One-X soft client pairing •Telecommuter mode with CC Agent •Maintenance Release for IP Office, CS1000, and CS2100 •11/1200 “SIP 4.3” Interworking with Avaya Aura – existing features that do not require additional development •APS Migration Tool •Device Configuration & User Profiles Models Q4 CY12 Q1 CY13 Q2 CY13 Q3 CY13 Q4 CY13 Q1 CY14 Q2 CY14 Q3CY14 1100 1200 1110 1120E 1140E 1165E 1150E 1210 1220 1230 11xx/12xx Endpoints Roadmap and support w/Avaya Aura 1100 SIP 5.0 2H CY2014 *Dependent on Aura 7.0 SP# commitment 11/1200 SIP 4.4* Q3 CY13 * Dependent on Aura 6.2 FP2 with Parallel Forking 11/1200 SIP SW Interop UNIStim 5.5 11xx/12xxSIP4.4 with Aura UNIStim 5.5 1100 SIP 5.0 11xx/12xxSIP4.4 with Aura 1100 SIP 5.0 SIP 4.4 (IPO) SIP 4.2 (AS5300 R3) SIP 4.4 (IPO)

31. Avaya B100 Series • Analog • Conference guide • Expansion microphone* • Call recording on SD memory card Avaya B149 • Analog • Line mode: Analog, USB, GSM/DECT • Conference guide • Expansion microphone* • PA system connection* • Call recording on SD memory Avaya B179 SIP Avaya B159 • SIP • Conference guide • 5 way calls • Expansion microphone* • PA system connection* • PoE Class 3 • Call recording on SD memory card • (Succesor for 2033 phone) Featuring patented OmniSound® wideband audio technology Material Code 700504740 Material Code 700501530 Material Code 700501533

32. B189 Based on 96x1 H.323 (R 6.3) code base with the addition on new GUI layer Same installation and configuration scheme as the 96x1 Failover support Phone app, Contacts, CM features and Settings are the supported apps Last number redials is supported. Guest login and unnamed registration are supported (Succesor of 1692 phone)

33. one-X Mobile Evolution

34. Avaya Client Applications for Microsoft Lync 2010/13 Preserves user experience •Click-to-call, telephony/video presence, multi-call handling •Choice of Calling Modes •Escalate from IM to Avaya voice / video call •Lync sign-in, simple install •Mid Call Control (Release, Hold and Retrieve, DTMF, Transfer and Conference) Client-side integration •No Lync voice licenses or devices •Uses Lync Client SDK Multi-platform support •On-premise & Office 365 options •Avaya Aura® CM •CS 1000/Aura Extends to Microsoft stack •Click to Call from Office, Outlook, and Internet Explorer

35. Integration with Avaya Aura Conferencing Avaya Communicator for Windows

36. Avaya Communicator


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